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  1. Closed, Joined BOATY
  2. Lexy_CRO

    Clan [COBRA]

  3. Lexy_CRO

    Clan [COBRA]

    Hello. clan COBRA looking for active members. Requirements are simple. Have an own tier 10 ship thats not a battleship. Have a microphone and be friendly. We are mostly Croatian clan. We are looking for friendly players,that have microphone,t10 ship and if posible from Balkan countries.
  4. Lexy_CRO

    Suggestions thread

    I would like to see USN battleship split line. and for them to be secondary build ships here is how it would be good Tier 6 USS Mississippi BB-41 Tier 7 USS Maryland BB-46 Tier 8 USS Washington BB-56 Tier 9 USS New Jersey BB-62 Tier 10 USS Louisiana (BB-71)
  5. Lexy_CRO

    Azur Lane Collab

    Weeb stuff again
  6. Lexy_CRO

    Looking for a clan

    Send me invites to join a clan in game so i can accept which one i like :)
  7. Lexy_CRO

    Looking for a clan

    Looking for friendly clan that will accept me :) my stats are crap and i know that so i dont need people to talk about my stats :) https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/545179897-Lexy_CRO/!/pvp/overview/
  8. Lexy_CRO

    Which cruiser line should I go for?

    I suggest u for german cruisers. Well armored higher tiers and torps for protection, hydro good range, amazing ap
  9. ShockPirat, Tuccy, MrConway and aerroon
  10. Lexy_CRO

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    well i like the update but bad thing is i have to research LYON even i have Richelieu
  11. Lexy_CRO

    Update 0.7.2


    so its very easy to get to tier 10 :P richelieu and alsace are awesome ship :)
  12. Lexy_CRO

    Update 0.7.2


    So if i got richelieu from missions i keep it for the line?
  13. Lexy_CRO

    High Ping During battle

    now it seems to be ok :)
  14. Lexy_CRO

    High Ping During battle

    servers are down
  15. Lexy_CRO

    About royal navy pack at sale

    So i have belfast currently so if i buy this UK4 Pack that has belfast,hood,warspite and cambletown i get doubloons instead of belfast as i already own belfast?