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  1. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for the clan to join.

    Still looking since the current clan inst that active and doesnt div with me... Ill look up those who invited me here
  2. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for the clan to join.

    Im not anime fan but i love fun divs and stuff. Discord is a must have for the communication and i have it :)
  3. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for the clan to join.

    I was in some nice clans sometimes i couldnt be active and they didnt keep me so i was few times back in COBRA but they always get in a fight and thats why i dont like that clan. Looking for clan i wont leave and get kicked from now...
  4. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for the clan to join.

    Hello im looking for a clan. my stats aint best but im not a complete bot im 21 years old. looking for an friendly clan to division with sometimes and maybe the clan battles. i mostly play tier 7 because why not got a few tier 10 ships. The clan that seems most interesting to me i will join :)
  5. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for friendly clan

    I see some of you talk about age and language. So im Croatian, 21y old. So i see one clan i cant go in because it needs 26y old and up :) will look u all up today and decide
  6. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for friendly clan

    Looking for clan that doesnt care about my crap WR :) I love to play clan battles, play in divisions and talk to teammates, got a few tier 10 ships and nice number of premiums. Also i would like for clan to be active and play divisions all the time. Hit me up in game or here and ill decide! :)
  7. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for clan. (closed)

    Closed, Joined BOATY
  8. Dumb_Kitten

    Clan [COBRA]

  9. Dumb_Kitten

    Clan [COBRA]

    Hello. clan COBRA looking for active members. Requirements are simple. Have an own tier 10 ship thats not a battleship. Have a microphone and be friendly. We are mostly Croatian clan. We are looking for friendly players,that have microphone,t10 ship and if posible from Balkan countries.
  10. Dumb_Kitten

    Suggestions thread

    I would like to see USN battleship split line. and for them to be secondary build ships here is how it would be good Tier 6 USS Mississippi BB-41 Tier 7 USS Maryland BB-46 Tier 8 USS Washington BB-56 Tier 9 USS New Jersey BB-62 Tier 10 USS Louisiana (BB-71)
  11. Dumb_Kitten

    Azur Lane Collab

    Weeb stuff again
  12. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for a clan

    Send me invites to join a clan in game so i can accept which one i like :)
  13. Dumb_Kitten

    Looking for a clan

    Looking for friendly clan that will accept me :) my stats are crap and i know that so i dont need people to talk about my stats :) https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/545179897-Lexy_CRO/!/pvp/overview/
  14. Dumb_Kitten

    Which cruiser line should I go for?

    I suggest u for german cruisers. Well armored higher tiers and torps for protection, hydro good range, amazing ap
  15. ShockPirat, Tuccy, MrConway and aerroon