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  1. humpty_1

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    here lies another problem, because if you dont try to cap/push forward as a dd player the abuse you get is just as bad than ever.. wg need to do spacific missions for good prizes to get ppl to learn the other boats maybe :)
  2. humpty_1

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    i'm so tired of dds getting bashed.. today i've lost karma whilest in my haru because i'm unable to chase the shimm down while being perma spotted by 4-5 ships... you try telling ppl it won't happen if he's a 1/2 decent dd player, but all you get is the he's here he's there flashes on the screen. in the meantime i'm getting F.... by their boats.. and when you do get him spotted no body fires at him so I fire at him until i'm dead.. some just don't understand detection range i'm sure of it..lol. oh and still finish in top 3 etc.. tired of it.. whinge over .
  3. humpty_1

    Ere we go again

    i'd like to agree but imho the weekend does crash my wr too.. i seem to get more and more games like this(pics) and when comparing teams the wining team will have four or five ppl with purple clan names meaning they are top teir and ours are well lets say are not..lol (they weren't in a division either :)
  4. humpty_1

    Coal Disparity in Ships Available

    it's how long coal takes to get that drives me nuts nevermind getting steel..lol these two ships will take around 400 days with daily containers only. granted there's other ways but still :) they're free so i guess no need to moan..lol
  5. humpty_1

    Is there an autumn break or something?

    another day and another start to the losing streak. off for a coffee :)
  6. humpty_1

    Is there an autumn break or something?

    10 games today, 9 losses and one win.. the one win was a close/good game the others were just omg wth walkovers.lol
  7. humpty_1

    I have a cat on my ship!

  8. humpty_1

    8.8 sound mod or sound settings to make it bearable?

    i like the rattles you here too. ive not had any probs tbh, apart from prompts not sounding anymore.
  9. humpty_1


  10. humpty_1


    it's working now :)
  11. humpty_1

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    i had a t5 game yesterday i think(getting free port slots) and there was 3 cvs each side. me being in a t4 bb died by cv torps.lol was one of the worse games ever.lol. if i was just starting the game i would deffo be put off playing by this.
  12. humpty_1

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    i'm not sure what can be done with MM but i'm so tired of being in games like this(see pic) and i always seem to be on the losing side too...lol another point is you spot you cap, do all the things a dd should do. but hey no bkup and you die. then there's the oh you suck delete the game etc etc. but the other team shoot at the spotted dd where the green team just admire it for 20secs while it sails away.lol then you get the played badly losses of karma etc etc etc. and the writen abuse (doesn't bother me, to old for that) is just beyond tbh too.lol
  13. humpty_1


    it doesn't work for me, i was in the top 5% with over 11k points.
  14. humpty_1


    top 5% here too and still no tokens.
  15. humpty_1

    Research Bureau

    what really anoys me apart from the grind is that we have to spend 500 doobs or 190k cxp to train our captains for the reset.