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  1. humpty_1

    How do you like latest "Space Battle" mode "Torpedo Beat"?

    its fun!! but annoying having to press the mouse button 10 x before they fire sometimes :)
  2. what i don't like is getting 100k xp without flags even if you come top of the team with a win you only get about 2k... what a grind (and with a loss it's just meh.lol.)
  3. humpty_1

    Kick CV out of the game!

    imho the only problem when playing against a cv is when there's more than one.....
  4. humpty_1

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    slightly off topic, but which one would you get alaska or azuma? i'm at 800k free xp i have the krohn.moskva all usa cruisers(salem etc) but no japanese line so i'm thinking the azuma just because of that. any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  5. humpty_1

    eu server offline???

    wowzers, too rich for me :(
  6. humpty_1

    eu server offline???

    i haven't seen that, it's just saying 9 on my launcher. but thanks :)
  7. humpty_1

    eu server offline???

    hi all, is the update finished/server back up as i can't log on.. thanks
  8. humpty_1

    Exeter - Last stage

    last mission can't be done in coop, plus with mine things dont register when using a bb so its cls dds :) lol
  9. well i got everything i could, i even bought the exeter, i thought the extra might of pushed me over.. i must admit that i'm a bit peed off, because i lost 5days of florins/crowns because of the server issues, if that never happened i'd have enough i'd of thought.... STUPID COMPENSATION.lol.. on a side note, i've not had 1 boat etra mission etc etc from any crates, and just bought 11... must be bonkers.lol
  10. humpty_1

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    on a side note, i'm a bit gutted that we who get the exeter for free don't get a chance of doing the side mission for air crates.
  11. humpty_1

    no gun fire sound effect?

    i lost all sound earlier, had to restart to get it bk.
  12. humpty_1

    naval battle

    another loss another star lost.............. imho if you lose but are within the top 5 you shouldn't lose an atempt at getting the required xp for NB...
  13. i doubt i'll be able to get the lvl8 cv, why? i here you ask. because i missed the 1st 5 days due to the server issues. so even though i've gotten every thing that's been offered sine i'd of thought missing 5 days will be the undoing of me... atm i've got 121 crowns and 660 florins with lvl 4-6 in my boat yard..
  14. trying my hardest to cap in a shimm but most don't seem to think we need them..lol. maybe ishould of just retreated and sniped...
  15. humpty_1


    i'm having to restart the game everytime the clock starts counting down on the mm screen (if not connected within 15secs it won't connect me), if i don't i'll just be left there until the game finishes. but after the game restart it will take me back to the mm screen and then connect me so i can play.. i must admit it's getting very anoying now tbh..