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  1. humpty_1

    Respond to DD influence how?

    wow a radar ship near a cap, since the update they seem to be kiting 20km away (moskvas anyways) leaving dds to get battered etc.. i also have to agree with your point too. i spent most games pinging radar boats being in a DD and low and behold i'll get killed by a radar boat 10/15 mins into the game..
  2. humpty_1

    Your new ranked system SUCKS

    i got to lvl5 in gold league in 3 days then boom back to lvl 10 once the weekend arrives. how some get to gold boggles me.lol.
  3. a pictures better than 1000 words. lol
  4. humpty_1

    Why play in the weekend?

    the first game we were wining on points but ppl pushed way to far and died... second was close but still a lol game :)
  5. humpty_1

    whats going on in ranked today

    saturday was a bad day, went down to 15% wr... today was better 78.57... lol
  6. humpty_1

    So, How things are going in the bronze sprint?

    trying to quali for silver and this is the mm.lol.
  7. this is ranked... sad tbh... i was sending pings through the whole match for someone to shoot the prinz...
  8. humpty_1

    So, How things are going in the bronze sprint?

    i've given up, got to 3 stars then saved 3 stars then lost 3 stars... the knowledge in some is just laughable tbh...
  9. humpty_1

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    can only access main game, everthing else that needs opening is a no no...
  10. humpty_1

    Losing streak

    tbh i'm not sure, it's just like that at the end.. i think it just gives the standard boat info. but don't quote me on it..
  11. humpty_1

    Losing streak

    5th game like this today, this one lasted 8 mins..lol
  12. humpty_1

    Losing streak

    i've had double that at least...
  13. humpty_1

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    i've played about 5 years and never had a 30|% disscount...