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  1. humpty_1

    Subs again, again (sorry)

    i've just got the druid and did think WTF! lol.. i do wonder tbh :)
  2. humpty_1

    Subs again, again (sorry)

    what drives me nuts (one of many) is when hunting a sub in the halland you basically need to be on top of it, which is fair enough. but then you can't bloody kill it because the dcs fire a mile in front of the bloody boat. bloody stupid tbh...
  3. humpty_1

    Subs getting buffs - some quite massive

    i hit one sub with 13 simm DCs and it still lived... lol.
  4. i just left it as it was when clicking the button.
  5. humpty_1

    Anyone else getting weird disconnects today?

    i'm getting pings in the 3 or 4k mark at times.. driving me nuts..lol.
  6. humpty_1

    Wargaming really just doesn't get it.

    i must clarify just one thing, i'm refering to ships boats not cvs. they are just as bad as subs tbh... even more so the new t11 ones omg...
  7. humpty_1

    Wargaming really just doesn't get it.

    tbh i have more of a problem with bloody subs then superships...
  8. got both, but i don't think you can use both coupons together :(
  9. humpty_1

    March Twitch Prime Loot

    i got this too
  10. humpty_1

    Vampire Depth Charge??

    friesland doesn't have any ...
  11. humpty_1

    Issue with RNG

    i was 4km away from a bs petro in the new t10 german bb and i had 1 overpen whilest aiming at the waterline. the other 7 shells went about an inch above the bloody boat....
  12. humpty_1


    had a hayete in ranked today, tbh he had no idea .. :(
  13. humpty_1


    almost £100 for one ship is a total joke imho.. seriously that's a weeks shop etc etc..lol
  14. humpty_1

    Looks like they are selling tier x ships aswell

    YEAH, BUT NOW YOU'LL GET rb POINTS IF YOU ALLREADY HAVE A SHIP UNLIKE BEFORE YOU'D REROLL UNTIL YOU GET A SHIP...LOL. sry caps please correct me if i'm wrong. you could by 25 containers get a ship you allready have thus end up with just RB points.