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  1. humpty_1

    Tier 6 clan battles next

    should make it t9 and t10. would be interesting imho. no?
  2. i hate ranked, 4 hours playing yesterday and ended up with one extra star...lol
  3. this is a big problem with ranked and cvs, one guy can play and the other not so much.. plus you still get ppl who refuse to play the team game and just farm hoping to save the star...
  4. humpty_1

    Ranked Season 17

    it does when the dd gets upset because you hunt and kill him/them in a bayard.. i don't talk poop in chat. only gg/np etc ..
  5. humpty_1

    Ranked Season 17

    tired of losing karma because i play well and the losing team doesn't like it..lol. should it even be allowed?
  6. humpty_1

    Good idea avoiding Weak-End ranks

    not ranked but most of my games lately are like this... 14 losses in a row is not uncommon nowadays..lol
  7. humpty_1

    clan battles and steel???

    i get that, but the wins needed have doubled in the higher 1s too, so swings and roundabouts. tbh no idea why it needed changing...
  8. humpty_1

    clan battles and steel???

    as we did in ours, but now we need to do twice as much is all i'm saying. meaning more grind. a couple of hours weds/thurs/ sat or sun depending on night out or takeaway was enough. but imho this format makes it just worse... :)
  9. humpty_1

    clan battles and steel???

    another problem is with my clan and with others i'd think is that only 10 ppl play cbs regular so we need to rotate so limiting the amount of games one can play so again making it harder to get steel. and it's not just about lower lvls
  10. humpty_1

    clan battles and steel???

    my point/disapointment isn't so much the amount we get but the amount of wins needed. before was 15 now it's 30. granted when you move up a lvl you still get the rewards from the lvl before but what about the ones who don't?
  11. hi all :) am i wrong or has getting steel from cbs become harder? before in squall league you get 100 steel per win, now you get 150 for 3 wins. so for 30 wins we get 1750 in total if my maths is right. but before we got 1500 for 15 wins.. or am i just remembering it wrong and if i'm not why the change? thanks one of the main reason for cbs is to grab steel and after the cv debacle you'd think you'd be trying to entice people back not make us think meh...
  12. humpty_1

    Weekends are terrible for randoms .

    i've been playing for hours today trying to get my daily missions finished..lol
  13. humpty_1

    increasing fps

    i run it at 125, and get anything from 75 to 125
  14. humpty_1

    increasing fps

    took me a while to find where it was moved to, hope it helps .. C:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\2666186\res engine_config
  15. humpty_1

    Clan battles season 9

    i don't know if this has been mentioned but if cvs are going to be in cbs with lets say 7 ships you should reduce the ammount of planes they have, as tthey have enough for a 12v12 match. in 1 cb game our team killed over 150 planes and the cv kept sending full squads and won the game. just insane tbh...