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  1. The_fun_police

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    I do believe that WG will balance them 100% and still the arguments will continue, but as someone that has played alot of cvs and enjoy them, they do need to be nerfed especially the HE bombs, the midway and haku are not on even par, its like choose US cv or work alot harder, I'm looking forward to Kots and how They will be balanced (nerfed) after that
  2. The_fun_police

    Server issues (again)?

    I have not had kick issues but check ur connection,
  3. The_fun_police

    Server issues (again)?

    I had the game freeze several times tonight as the FPS dropped to zero!!! Then there is jumps in screen and it prevents me from being a valuable team player,,, hurry up n find the bug and fix it
  4. The_fun_police

    Map boarder

    It's not really an exploit, I'm. More annoyed when a team mate in a yamoto spends a good 10 minutes doing in and not doing anything to help the team, oh your going to fight the battle from there REEEEEEEE no one wants that, the plebs that do it should suffer, they already do from xp and loses but why drag everyone else down
  5. The_fun_police

    Map boarder

    yesterday i saw the problem, i kind of forgot about it as i havent seen it for awhile, a yamato on my team 1st thing he does is drive into the "WALL" and spends the entire game there, that sort of behaviour should be punished
  6. The_fun_police

    Map boarder

    Yes the abusers need to be punished
  7. The_fun_police

    Map boarder

    Should the map edge deal damage
  8. The_fun_police

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Dude chill, there is alot of glue being consumed atm on the server, my rage is at a point where I gave up, u could rage and rage about it, my last game tonight was who can throw the hardest, even though the enemy was throwing harder, we had super hardcore throwers, who managed to throw the unthrowable
  9. The_fun_police

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    Maybe WG should offer a sorry we touched your ship have some dabloons and your new and "improved bote" seriously I care about balans, I own a Belfast and GC, believe me when I I play either t5 or t7 I'm not alway playing Belfast or gc I play other ships as I'm a fan of the game and boats, although reverse seal clubbing is hilarious, I've ruined the fun of a grey kamaze gc div in a texas kongo bb div so LUL,
  10. The_fun_police

    How to not die in the first 5 minutes as battleship ?

    yeah like u dont want to push into DD's and try stay a relative distance between u and the enemy, stay angled use your HP well, the mini map will also give u an idea of when to push and when to kite
  11. The_fun_police

    De Grasse weak without healing abilty ?

    ive had no problem with her in operations, its actually one my favorite to choose, that speed boost u can secure the missing stars fast, i dont really understand why u would say its a fail?
  12. The_fun_police

    De Grasse weak without healing abilty ?

    She is one the strongest t6 cruisers already
  13. The_fun_police

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    sorry,, my mistake, i never come from tanks, boats = love, boats = life
  14. The_fun_police

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    sixth sense, in wows its RPF, and yeah i agree, i have had DD's go AROUND the map boarder to snipe me, it is painful and take you AWAY from the battle for along time, there needs to be some kind of nerf they will gain from going into enemy spawn
  15. The_fun_police

    FPS drops

    https://replayswows.com/replay/44271#stats @MrConway i hope this game file helps, once u see the torps all the frames start to freeze