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  1. The_fun_police

    I love the cV rework, here is why.

    I would have to agree with the post, to anyone struggling with the cv meta play them to learn what they can do so to minimise there effect
  2. The_fun_police

    Operations - Newport baswe defence - an nightmare !

    The biggest problem with that operation, is most the time the battleships kind of chase the first wave and leave them selves out of position, and u never have enough fire power for the 3rd wave, the best thing to do is division with a few of you and just position right, a ship I can recommend is the t6 Russian one buddy, its very strong 💪 penscola and premium wise de grasse
  3. The_fun_police

    Cv rework chatter

    I think we can all see there is problems, and I hope they get balanced out by 0.8.2
  4. The_fun_police

    Cv rework chatter

    I've had long conversations about the rework about balancing, yeah come to the idea, if u replace the word CV with cruiser, it does sound comical
  5. The_fun_police

    Cv rework chatter

    I would like to start by thanking WG for all the hard work they put in, it is beautiful I have to admit, but I do have some concerns ect, let me begin, over spotting from word go, so as someone that loves history ect, when the battle of midway was in full swing, the IJN fleet decided not to launch the 3rd wave because all the pilots reported how meny ships they sunk, they did not, so turn off spotting for cv to the rest the fleet maybe?? Also I've done probs not close to 100 games in the new cv I'm already seeing some in balances like a t6 cv score 7kills I'm like OK maybe a slight nerf needed, t8 cv yeah it's bad to be in a T10 game but OMG t6 game I can just dominate, but t8 cv in a T10 game yeah it's painful but I do believe they are somewhere balanced, as we players pick up more skill yeah they should be nerfed more, but like I started swapping the word CV for cruiser, can my t8 cruiser get top score in a T10 game yeah I don't think so I believe they are fine, also the premiums that will be launched, I don't think they are being played enough maybe if they were offered as a trial period to people so they get played more would help with the balance, u know, I wouldn't want to see people complaining about there Belfast sucking in a t9 game and requires buff, good night, have fun, hope u have all the greatest victories guys
  6. The_fun_police

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    the idea i had, i kind of makes gets better the more u think about it, everything is there from balance to tactics :P
  7. The_fun_police

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    i still believe CV's need to have some kind of damage cap (limited ammunition) your CV can do a maximum alpha ect, balance like that so WG can explore CV's and might get to see some funky CV's in the future, yeah i said it limit the ammunition, oh and put the aircraft damage into the actual damage counter so a CV vs CV dog fight with fighters can be there main bread and butter :P
  8. The_fun_police


    I had an idea awhile back for something cool. But never much on the forums, would it be cool to have one, have like one for the scharnhorst rushing the English channel, like for the axis, full on secondaries, explosions, time dependent, full Speed, full Action, being chased?
  9. The_fun_police

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    I think everyone agrees it's OP OP but my mind is the ship would be very very good in the operations, so I voted for tier 6
  10. The_fun_police

    F key and how to temp fix until WG fix it

    No doubt the haka is a problem and made T10 unstable, but for the rest the cvs insta F after the first wave, like no matter what they will always get the first strike off, they have the aircraft to replenish, but tricking them into a second wave to kill aircraft so they have to regenerate, something I was doing this morning with results, going on the flank in a zao, cv did run 1 aa off half way, turned around locked in then defAA up, it's kind murder
  11. The_fun_police

    F key and how to temp fix until WG fix it

    A very dumb thing to do but works unless the cv player has his hand glued to the f key, on the first run at some point, turn your AA off to trick him into doing a second run, second run is normally around the mid aa range, turn your AA back on, so locking him into it
  12. The_fun_police

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    It's really long and my attension is not that long, all I heard was wa wa wa this porridge is too hot 🔥, BTW I love the new update, looking forward to the balance patches, there is work that needs doing but a trip to reddit u can see they are aware of the issues bring on 0.8.1
  13. The_fun_police

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    My brain hurts reading that
  14. The_fun_police

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    the debuff has been in the game for while now, you have balanced ships around it...... why remove it? there are some massive changes in 0.8 already and your taking away a quality of life? i always try to look at the positives, there are many "i hope" out of every change / patch this is causing the biggest riot why not think hey the entire player base enjoys this, were leave it in and fix the lock on bug instead?
  15. The_fun_police

    Why Belfast is needed in game

    Yes true but if u brawl against one u know to send torps towards then in his path of escape to dev strike him, this is missing from high tier, clever T10 game play