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  1. Shungite_Merchant

    A community to save clan battles

    Since your the only person in your clan I'm guessing you might not be the most clued up to share your expertise about clan battles
  2. Shungite_Merchant

    Skip bombers...

    DAM BUSTERS HAVE ARRIVED https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Chastise im actully interseted to see these in action
  3. Shungite_Merchant

    Five epochs campaign: missed opportunity?

    Tbh I love the campaign, I can't wait to start it and bust out some t4's rolling individual ships ect seems like alot of fun to be, also I've 100% completed the other campaigns, thank you WG such a nice treat for me
  4. Shungite_Merchant

    Ship ranks (no cv meta) (stolen from Warship Masters tourny)

    Your entire summary of the NA teams is false, what we saw was a brand new tournament with little to no time to prepare, I don't why u think EU is alot better since NA has beaten EU hard in KOTS recently......
  5. Shungite_Merchant


    Like I've never known a ship to be so infuriating, what were they thinking when they released it
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  7. Shungite_Merchant

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    My idea was more for a sub that can't just dive in some areas of the map, kind of limited to periscope depth or something, gives more chance of counter play? I mean adding subs to the game is a giant puzzle, it was just an idea I thought I'd ask the community about
  8. Shungite_Merchant

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Does anyone else think the maps could help balance submarines? Like next to every island there seems to be a steep drop into the ocean Would it be better for balance to have shallows ect, plateau / continental shelf, before the vast drops For example, when fighting a submarine, some areas of the map would be more dangerous for a sub to be in than other's, via preventing diving like around areas with alot of islands If course u could add a trench/valley through the middle of some shallow areas to create a submarine run, would give team mates an idea of location where subs would be going?? What does the forum think tho?
  9. Shungite_Merchant

    T9 Clan battle season please

    Ohhh a secret mikasa main
  10. Shungite_Merchant

    T9 Clan battle season please

    A) its a great idea because no CV in T9 B) WG can sell some nice premiums its win win situation but what does the community think??
  11. Shungite_Merchant

    Clan battles season 9

    From the few games I played in CB, I got to the point where, my clan would ask, hey can u play Venice tonight, carriers are not fun at all, you need to rework the class before putting them back into CB, after what I have experienced in this season, I have zero interest in this game mode while carriers remain
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    Not a bad thing
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  14. Shungite_Merchant

    State of BBs

  15. Shungite_Merchant

    thank you for putting makarvo in shop

    i wanted that ship for awhile/years, much appreciated