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  1. Shungite_Merchant

    so el ristas passed away on the 28th "the god of laugher"

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56925999 this is the story on BBC news, i would pay money for this commander
  2. is ther any chance of a el ristas commander? if the wows devs dont know who he is, this is one the songs people made, u will laugh
  3. Shungite_Merchant

    furutaka perma camo looks alittle scuffed

    oh yeah furutaka is one the ships that reminds me why i fell inlove with this game, its always nice to have a keeper in port
  4. Shungite_Merchant

    Winter is coming WG

    as soon as governments realise how much tax they can make, regulation will come, most the worlds gov's are going to be looking for ways to pay for the lockdowns ect "loot boxes the gift that keeps giving"
  5. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    he doesnt seem to be using free view - right mouse click
  6. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    true its a "feature"
  7. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    LUL problem solved, it's WG
  8. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    i literally tried yolo in, and i also found out the camera setting "reset camera after free mode" right mouse button does nothing
  9. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    like it literally gets stuck there once in awhile, baffles the hell out of me, thinking about it now, probs a UI bug, i'll restart my client
  10. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    some reason, that didnt work
  11. Shungite_Merchant

    dumb question

    im having a moment, how do u change the free view camera angle again, this angle is highly annoying
  12. Shungite_Merchant

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    tbh its more about the economic bonuses with premiums anyway
  13. Shungite_Merchant

    anyone else does 100% campaigns?

    can we have another prema campaign i can sink into please five epochs of the navy was ALOT of fun really enjoed that campaign, playing some the old school ships that i wouldnt have normally played
  14. Shungite_Merchant

    just an idea to dead eye skill

    im not sure if this is a good idea or bad idea what about adding a reload nerf to it?