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  1. evergroy_lows

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    anyone have the game still running meme's when u exit the game, like u have to hard crash the thing or restart the computer to log back in
  2. evergroy_lows

    Kamikaze pilots Consumables

    I think it would be too technical for WG to have a mechanic where u could crash ur planes into a ship for say double damage, although it would remove a bunch of reserves from the cv
  3. evergroy_lows

    WG - Something has to give....

    a skill base mission set will help people learn the game better, there is already 4 perma campaigns with alot of content in, but people just repeat the first 2 missions over and over again, how about a 5th perma campaign where that is impossible, and to unlock said campaign 100% 3 of the other campaigns there is alot of content there already.... WG wouldnt have to have a complete campaign just say tasks 1 complete with tasks 2 says "soon" to unlock campaign could take the majority of the player base about a year to do so with the amount of content, so tasks 2 soon, could be next year tasks 2 ready / task 3 soon? the people that struggle at the game will be focused on going back to the older missions to unlock said new one if the carrot is juicy enough the end result should be an improved battles with more skill resulting in less one sided battles i have thought about this for awhile but never really posted it, do u forum people think this will help improve the player base?
  4. evergroy_lows

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    i have the ship still in port with prem camo, i take her out for the operations, but my point of view is she is one the better T6 cruisers, i think one the main draw backs for me is having alot of ships i want to play but with all these time limited missions its like meh and since a bunch of people are asking about me about how i play the game, i have an NA so i can just forget about missions and have an open ended no time limit grind, re do all the campaign missions as i have completed them on EU, its what keeps the game fun for me
  5. evergroy_lows

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    just enough to grind though to the new orleans on the north american sever????
  6. evergroy_lows

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    She is really good boat for an t6 cruiser, might be squishy.... but most other cruisers at that tier explode when u look at them,,, and the guns, I'm just going to say penscola AP is no joke
  7. evergroy_lows

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    Errrr penscola is a really really good T6 cruiser, like very strong for her tier, u will find she is also one the strongest ships to take into the operations
  8. evergroy_lows

    World of Warships - Roll the Dice

    I just want to play a game about Big ships with guns, I hate the gambling that goes on in port
  9. evergroy_lows


  10. evergroy_lows

    T6 Cv can despawn fighters

    last night it became clear to me that u could do it, so i went into training rooms with multiple CV's reproducing it, i can confirm on the current patch the T6 CV's can do this, T8 cvs it becomes different some can some cant its rather strange, the GZ can half the time, kaga just failed at it totally,,, but when using t8 CV's try banking the aircraft left or right to avoid the straf (but some say u cant bank left or right to avoid fighter damage i think u can) to give your self to time to see if the fighters to disengage and despawn, just have a go at it mate
  11. evergroy_lows

    T6 Cv can despawn fighters

    After a few goes at this, u dont lose any aircraft, kind of makes low tier fighters obsolete
  12. evergroy_lows

    T6 Cv can despawn fighters

    Simply run in, once the fighter attached, drop your pay load, and give a boost to escape the fighter, it despawns after 2/3 seconds, that is with t6 cv
  13. evergroy_lows

    T6 Cv can despawn fighters

    Exactly as it says in the title, if u don't know the trick and want to help weeegeee gather data, simply, wait for fighter to attach, then drop, then boost out, small delay of 2/3 seconds and the fighter despawns, i think its just a tier 6 problem, but can't be bothered to test every cv, but I'm sure some u guy can help, kaga is a flat no for this and GZ can do it 40% the time, if u want to drop findings in the comments to help them, pls do
  14. evergroy_lows

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    its not seal clubbing we are merely gathering data for WG