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  1. evergroy_lows

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    id be happy if WG art department was to do a special camo for the people that already own moskva camo
  2. evergroy_lows

    Is there something glitchy going on with aiming

    Imagine playing battleship in 2020
  3. evergroy_lows

    battleship underwater torpedo launchers

  4. evergroy_lows

    i found a weird bug (aiming with spotter)

    probs has an effect when bumbing islands too, but not as sharp when they bump into team mates, who knows
  5. evergroy_lows

    i found a weird bug (aiming with spotter)

    well i think u can sail around bumping into your team mate and it throws off the aim, i guess? hopfully WG fixes this thing quickly
  6. when i first noticed it, i was like what happened there, dont know, probs rare, they will fix it soon enough but today i worked it out and u can reproduce it easy using a spotter aircraft, looking at people to shoot, when u see a ship about to ram another on the enemy team, its like easy shot.... nope as soon as the ship ur locked on to bumps his team mate, it also goes on to your ships aim, i like zoom out and like "IM NO WHERE NEAR ANY SHIPS WHY AM I GETTING THE BUMPING TEAM MATES EFFECT" toodles
  7. evergroy_lows

    WG should differentiate AFK from disconnected

    a very deteminded yorck player won it with a solo warrior, litrally sent him a port message congratulating him and appologised for my net outage also a +1, but dude these things happen, its part of the game funniest one was when the game failed to load, by the time i logged in a got one shot off, stole a kill from my divison mate then died he still hasnt forgave me for that a few days later altho its hilarious
  8. evergroy_lows

    WG should differentiate AFK from disconnected

    my internet provider was cut out durning battle today, the struggle to re log in, ended up using a mobile hotspot,,, when i logged i found out it wasn't going to load me back into battle, felt sad, but, when the ship came back, "penailty lifted" message so there must be something to protect the honest player from penality
  9. evergroy_lows

    Orkan impressions

    Begining the regret spending my dabloons on her, every game, carriers just focus me, its not a fun gaming experiance, i think i'll logout for awhile, its kind of upset me with the battles ive had in her
  10. evergroy_lows

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I just sat there in B the whole game pinging and torping everything, no one could touch me, it was sad yet funny, @Bear__Necessitieswas my division mate
  11. evergroy_lows


    Wow this thread filled up with abunch of trolls.. U kind of feel like telling them to f*_k*_g do one, but turning off notifications
  12. evergroy_lows


    I have the premium camo on moskva EU and NA server, but on NA I only have 1 game in her, so WG stealth taxed me 5k dabloons for 1 game??
  13. evergroy_lows


    What planet do they live on, Why can't they just do a normal change to the tech tree like, what we are used too, instead of insulting the community, trying squeeze to us for every penny
  14. I literally stopped caring for the directives I think last year, after that I started enjoying the game more
  15. evergroy_lows

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Lol I think u fail to understand, I PAID CASH, I don't think WG would be that stupid