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  1. evergroy_lows

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    its not seal clubbing we are merely gathering data for WG
  2. evergroy_lows

    Yudachi: before you buy it

    57knt torps without torp acceleration Just woken up and having a guess, could be wrong
  3. evergroy_lows

    Yudachi: before you buy it

    I bought the yuudachi, there are soooooo meny draw backs, it feels like trying to drag a shopping trolley out a river, the ship is slow, it don't handle well, the torps are slow, detected from the moon, low alpha, 6.1km detection on the ship, the guns do very little damage, I almost feel like having the bonus mission for 200% is a punishment
  4. evergroy_lows

    Any one done a yuudachi post yet??

    She seems to play like a shopping trolley I found in a river....... Is that her unique play style? or am I missing something
  5. evergroy_lows

    Clear sky return?

    I think the number is 75 planes, seen it somewhere can't remember where
  6. evergroy_lows

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    i have friesland and its AA is not like colorado, im like WUT, the first game i had with friesland, a enterprise! went after me, the AA reminded me of an pre rework atlanta, brought tier to my eye, like when u hit that defAA button it feels sexual, like he didnt! get half way through his run, i later went to training rooms and de planed 3 midways in 5min, use your sector and defAA wise and it is a monster
  7. evergroy_lows

    Dazzling Camouflage

    i saw them, i bought them, and started playing fuso today been along time since i played that ship, could do with a perma camo for the furutaka wink wink dazzle dazzle
  8. evergroy_lows

    Atlanta in current CV rwork

    To be honest, if u have your AA turned on and use the sectors should get good results, its just ashame when flying around I'm more likely to find a republic or an alaska with there AA turned off than anyone using sectors...... red clouds of DefAA is getting more and more rare too, its actually more challenging to play cvs in coop, because bots generally all have there aa turned on and use there sectors,
  9. evergroy_lows

    Please set a maximum of 2 destroyers limit in ranked matches.

    Maybe just some kind of t9 wooster, to balance it out, I mean all the other tiers there is a hard counter to dd's from CV's to atlantas and Clevelands, and that gives a good mix of ships
  10. evergroy_lows

    Cosmetics in the NTC

    True point, I guess I'll wait to see what goes in there next
  11. evergroy_lows

    Cosmetics in the NTC

    I mean, I was going to have a look see what goodies you got, but there is none, didn't you guys say, "got some really cool cosmetics coming" or was you just lying to your player base again? Before people stay saying oh colbert, it generally doesn't interest me at all, I have enough premiums to keep me busy New aa seem fun tho, enjoying the saipan alot
  12. evergroy_lows

    Radar consuamble vs Subs, When?

    Deep water radar when
  13. evergroy_lows

    DD heavy ranked / CB

    It was fun for a week or two but now it's getting annoying I just want to ask, Is it time for the cv to come into competitive and cull the DD population down?
  14. evergroy_lows

    Submarines: the next step.

    I'm actually rather excited for the map rework, especially the sea, well atm it looks like some carpet from the 70's, hey where did u get your ocean from, the 70's haha, but I would like to ask if some the water will become clear, like on some the maps, especially around some the caps it looks like shallow water, will we beable to see the bottom