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  1. Battle Chat

    Try ur best to ignore them players, I made the mistake of firing back at a guy that yoloed died started flaming everyone then turned to me insulted me and my clan, (it was when he started insulting my clan I lost it) I'm currently enjoying a chat ban, (sarcasm) what I should have done was reported chat abuse then sent in a screen shot or replay viva ticket, biggest mistake I made was dropping to his level, never again
  2. What's up with all insulting in chat lately?

    Sometimes u have to accept the fact that people are either having a bad day and getting frustrated n stuff, just have to laugh it off, repeat offender's do get like chat bans ect, I've had people message me after a battle, last one was "you are the worst T10 dd player ever" some bad language in there too, my replay was golden "new flash I was a t8 Kiev with top score what did u do that battle" , haha never heard from him since
  3. 0.7.8 Balance changes: Black Swan. Dear WG, please no.

    it did need to be nerffed, found this awhile back when i was having a little project to NA server, i actually Fxp'd to every T1 ship since this, some people really take the *****
  4. Why does Developers seemingly try to kill Shimakaze?

    F3 torps works fine... Although I did get reported a few times by the emeny in that game
  5. Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    There seems to be a few arguments about will stalingrad break T10,,, yes it will, why.... Because conqueror will become a very popular ship.... Enyoy the mess,
  6. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    found a new video of the T-61,,,,, it might be a abit strong but, i have an idea whats going to happen, a bunch of good DD players will buy it, everyone kicks off how OP OP it really is, then a herd of big old battleship division players who manage to lose most games, will be like this is what i need, prob's put a battleship captain on it too, and the server is back to normal