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  1. evergroy_lows

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I was playing around, for cv to speed boost to the enemy spwan eliminates all possible suprise or tactics, the midways rockets seem op op one wave enemy spawn splash 2x 50k push F and back for wave of second on other side, maybe reduce the speed and ability to instant launch / re spawn, but US seems more powerful than IJN atm or maybe IJN is balanced
  2. What ammunition did royal navy battleships use
  3. evergroy_lows

    Mountain Mama in the shop

  4. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    I never thought I'd say this but maybe a better balance by allowing midways into clan battles is the way forward
  5. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    That's all fine and good that they will dissappear to the top but what happens when u get board and decide to seal club the bravo league? Preventing progression for the causul clans?
  6. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    I was just joking around, since that is what CB has become, a joke, I must now put down my tea 🍵 and roll triple conqueror in randoms
  7. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    i really dont want to use 4 commander points to put IFHE on cruisers just to counter 1 ship..... maybe the ifhe des moines video guy was ahead of his time
  8. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    urgh 5 BB 2 cruisers was my battle, almost felt like a belfasted T7 ranked game or a midway in random, they had fun we didnt
  9. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    if ranked battles was tier 7 and the enemy team all had belfasts....
  10. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    urgh can't WG just ban premium ships from the "bravo league" and let the community vote, im sure the alpha league will become some kind of dank pit
  11. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    nerf the YY because people can grind it, stalingrad just fine because...... you have to fight them to get one? totally genius idea
  12. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    haven't seen one all day
  13. evergroy_lows

    clan battles

    it was a fun season of clan battles glad its over already, i can get back to my real life, i found a stalingrad wall, im going for a drink
  14. evergroy_lows

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    yolo a bb kind of pointless, it leaves the dd either dead or no health left to farm / scout the late game, patch weekend people are probs just trying stuff out
  15. evergroy_lows

    does ranked battles need its own achivments

    I'm not much of a ranked player so me coming up with idea's might cause pitch forks, but here is a ranked die hard achievement idea, you have 10% health, you ram and kill a ship of 90% health, could also go into a destroyer high calibre achievement, 100k spotting damage 100k raw damage?? Again just correct me if you think anything is not going to reward good play