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  1. evergroy_lows

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    Sometimes, it's best to just let it go mate, next battle is a new battle, and yorck is a mighty fine ship
  2. evergroy_lows

    AA builds worth it anymore

    Hey guys u want to know a joke,,, manual AA commander skill Hahaha, its only useful at T5 and under, 😂 its so hilariously funny you literally can't make this stuff up
  3. evergroy_lows

    AA builds worth it anymore

    DefAA rework when weeegeee, dispersion debuff for planes when
  4. evergroy_lows

    AA builds worth it anymore

    I've spent a hour in port this morning selling all the AA modules, like I don't think they actually bring anything to the game to help u win at all, other skills and consumable seem far more worth it, does anyone else have a worth while AA build on any particular ship, I would like to know
  5. evergroy_lows

    FPS drops?

    Does anyone else get FPS drops via, ctrl and putting the mouse courser over the mini map or is it just me?
  6. My opinion is simple from 0.8.0 weegeee has been on a mad mission to alienate them selves from the player base, but literally with things like "the 4th class balanced on sooo meny spreadsheets" but not fun to play against, what would u do in your spare time for fun, I would actually propose a test to WG, before I suggest it 'carriers 100% belong in this game some the greatest battles of ww2 included them so they must be in this game' but what if for one day they had them excluded from random game to gain some data on what the server population does, does it sink, is it steady, or does it hit the roof, do people stay logged in for longer? So meny things to find out, do they rework the rework or does this remain a mystery
  7. evergroy_lows

    Uncommon builds/ships you like

    Radar Edinburgh bro
  8. evergroy_lows

    Stealth Radar

    The Russian navy had the most biggest and most powerfulest navy of ww2 totally won the battle of stalingrad with a single cruiser komrads
  9. evergroy_lows

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/battle_hud/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/controls/ from the beginners guide to wows..... the carrier information is only a year old :kappa: its ashame they are not interseted in helping new people get started in wows
  10. evergroy_lows

    ST, Upgrades changes

    question.... will i be fighting the UI to basically refit abunch of modules???????
  11. evergroy_lows

    Big nerf on FR top tier dds

    I believe your missing the point, people would more rather play cruiser or battleship over destroyer, because of the hard counters to destroyers
  12. Literally I didn't want to burn my self out the game, but starting some them directives and just looking at the is enough to burn someone out, probably why I done some of it and went to play something else most days, But a real question would be, how long of a break from wows will you need to recover from the Xmas patch?
  13. evergroy_lows

    CV Rework Discussion

    As someone who plays carriers they are very over the top and buggy, could do with bug fixes and a few tweeks to tone them down, but buffs... Nope, we even nicknamed the enterprise "entergape"
  14. evergroy_lows

    Smolensk Not OP

    Weegeee never sold it for cash tho and they did say in that reason its treated like a tech tree ship and the stats can change at any point (nerfed), so I think they will change the ship in some way to make it not so miserable to play against, but removed, highly unlikely
  15. evergroy_lows

    Smolensk Not OP

    smolnesk is highly annoying to play against.....................................................................why did it get released that way