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  1. Macabe_NA

    GUI missing

    All i've seen that fixed this issue was a reinstall over on NA. Quite a few clanmates of mine have gotten hit with the bug and that's the only thing that fixed it.
  2. Macabe_NA

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I like the looks of this. Always been a fan of the Littorio/Vittorio Veneto class and i think it'd fit perfectly at tier 8.
  3. Macabe_NA

    Clan question

    Yes. They are completely separate.
  4. Macabe_NA

    Convert Gold to Dubloons possible?

    I would really enjoy this but i don't think it's likely to happen since they purposely separated gold and doubloons. At least we have unified premium account.
  5. Macabe_NA


    That is definitely you being detected by RPF. If you're all alone i'd recommend pulling back. Otherwise it really doesn't matter. RPF doesn't give an incredible amount of information that makes it all that dangerous if you're with allies.
  6. Macabe_NA

    Super containers

    I've only gotten 2 or 3 super containers since they were implemented and i always hit "Try your luck". Would be nice to have an increased drop chance.
  7. Macabe_NA

    Maybe in the (not so) near future?

    Would be a decent addition but i don't personally see the need. I would be more concerned with my own performance rather than the performance of my team mates.
  8. Macabe_NA

    Manual control of the secondary armament

    Is the cursor just not showing up? It could just be a one-off bug. Deleting your preferences file might help but that deletes all of your graphic settings but it would reset the keybinds and possibly fix the problem. Had this issue a couple months ago and that fixed it.
  9. Macabe_NA

    Clans - where is "invite" function?

    On NA, I sent out all of my invites to clanmates on the WG Portal.
  10. Macabe_NA

    RN Smoke is more of a liability than a useful consumable

    I think the problem with the smoking when going 19kn is you have a pretty decent chance of drifting out of the smoke as you slow down which leads to an instant deletion of your ship if the enemy is paying attention to you. The smoke should work as expected and always deploy the two puffs to avoid that circumstance.