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    Looking for a reasonably active english speaking clan

    Thank you guys for the replies and the PM's. I've been a bit under the weather the last few days, which is why I haven't gotten back to anyone yet, but I will do so shortly. I'm hoping to find a Clan that isn't super structured, so nothing with ranks or anything. Sorry, but I'm just not big on that. I was in a few things similar to that way back in the early days of online gaming, and it just wasn't for me.
  2. I'm from Western Canada, but I play on EU at somewhat random times, but can really play at any time if needed, and am looking for a somewhat active clan. I'm tired of my clan that I created not wanting to play anymore. I do stream on Twitch, though I suck lately, so hopefully that doesn't matter to anyone. I'm not the greatest player, but I wouldn't say I'm the worst either. I used to be decent, but took a really long break from the game. I don't currently have any Tier X ships, my highest aside from my Alabama and Cleveland are some Tier VII's. I have the XP for Tier VIII's, just not the credits. I haven't really had the gumption to grind the credits since my "friends" no longer want to play the damn game anymore. I'm hoping an active clan will help with that. Also, I tend to write long-winded messages. I play mostly BB's, with some CL's/CA's thrown in for good measure as well. Finally starting to get the hang of the Cleveland again, but as I'm more of a BB driver, and most of my Tier VII's are BB's, I'm a much better BB player. So, if anyone is looking for a semi-non-crappy player, I'm hoping to be your guy. I don't care if it's a competitive clan or not. I just want to play with some active people and maybe get better at the game with some active players, maybe make some new friends that play the game instead of my old friends who buy 90 days of premium and then not play the game anymore. Can ya tell I'm bitter about this? :)