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  1. cuvyoase


    Check here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/ I collected mine already: one container and 1 day premium.
  2. cuvyoase

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    After opening 19 Gift containers (the 4 free ones + 15 for the Tier X ships) this is what I got: 3 x 50 Zulu flags 2 x 50 Zulu Hotel flags 2 x 50 Papa Papa flags 3 x 4 Frosty Fir Tree camos 2 x 4 New Year Streamer camos 1 x 2500 Coal 3 x 300 Doublons 2 x 30 Days Premium 1 x W. Virginia 1941 Tier VI Battleship Pretty meah... I have now 100 days of Premium...
  3. Just bought 10x Black Friday 2019 Premium Containers and this is what I got: - 1 x Scharnhorst B + Mission - 1 x Alaska B + Mission - 1 x Graf Zeppelin + Mission - 4 x 20 Shadow Lurker camos - 1 x 10 Type 59 camos - 2 x 35,000 Free XP Not bad I would say.
  4. I got the Perth and I'm fine with it as it was on my wish list. Still haven't played a game with it yet, very much looking forward using that special smoke.
  5. cuvyoase

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Thank you for the codes, they still work!
  6. cuvyoase

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I'm also scheduled to open 15+3 SCs. What's better: open them as I get them OR open them after I get them all?
  7. No, it's not only you, it happens to me as well, both torps and main battery (especially when the reload takes a while, in a BB).