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  1. Hi there, we still have some nice comfy places free. So don't hesitate, grab your friends and sign up! https://goo.gl/forms/EEBsStLwX67HxA5z2 And here is a little advertisement video:
  2. Hi there, the signup is now open :D https://goo.gl/forms/EEBsStLwX67HxA5z2
  3. Stormwindt

    The CV Captains Cabin

    My question would be: what happend to the Independence, when the Ranger is now at tier 6. I mean, there would be then a ship left over in the tree.
  4. Stormwindt

    CVs in T5 ranked

    No, they won't. Farazelleth asked the Devs, if they could do this, but ... eh let's assume they just said no.
  5. Stormwindt

    WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    I think this is the reason, why we have now the arsenal and a fixed amount of "tokens" in the crates. So you know how many crates (tokens) you have to buy to get XY-thing from the arsenal. Means there is no luck included that you will receive what you wanted.
  6. Stormwindt

    [XODUS] - Fallen Exodus - Join the fun!

    .... I... can do that again *bump*
  7. Stormwindt

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    (OT: If I remember correctly. They also said, they wanted 9 players and 2 BBs this season...)
  8. *sigh* I already admitted in a later post, that it is tricky to impossible to make it 100% fair. I just want to take the view count out of the equation, because it's a stupid value for the contest. Even if you have unique view counts. (I don't know, I don't upload stuff on YouTube.) I want a system, that encourages people to watch the videos and enjoy it. And I want also a system that encourages people to share the videos. So the current system encourages watching the video of my favourite CC at least for one time and also share it. Ok... But it discourages me from watching other CCs video. And this is kinda sad, because people really do that. A system which divides by (unique?) view count... okay may encourage me to watch my favourites CCs video and leave my vote there. And also encourages me to watch all the other videos (no matter, if I'm now interested or not). But it discourages me from sharing it, because then i would only forward it to other people who would also leave a vote. Then if they wouldn't vote, I would bring my favourite CC in a worse spot than before. (I hope this explanation was understandable.)
  9. Well, it's quite tricky, to make it 100% fair. I also thought about what, if you would vote on another platform and only host the videos there. But that will then be too complicated and people are lazy and would probably not do this. Also WG uses the chance and advertises their own channel here. ;) This is also a reason why they want to host the videos on their channel, i think. (Which also works in both directions. As Flambass pointed out yesterday in his stream.)
  10. That is why i eliminated the raw view count from the formula. I assume, that you would only click the like button on this video, when you want that person (or their representation) as ingame commander. And to balance it, i would take the audience on the platform which they use most. Which means maybe the average views on Flamus videos (or in Jingles case the average views on WOWS videos there as well) for the podcast it could then be downloads in their website or how many people read LWMs blog posts (if she would participate).
  11. To bring this discussion back to the formula and statistics... (instead of subjective opininis, who would be the best commander in game) I think any formula which contains the views or maybe also comments. Won't work. I mean if you divide by views as suggested. You would watch your favourite CCs video only once and avoid to advertise it to ppl, who would probably not also agree to vote for it. (Instead you would watch the other CCs videos all day long...) And at the moment you would watch your favourite CCs video all day long (or as often as YT counts it as a view) I'm curious what some CCs made as videos, but with the current formula i'm hesitant to watch them, because then i would give them a "free" view. Same with comments. Does only one comment i made count? Else i could basically answer to all comments on the video and it would count. I also don't have a perfect solution for this dilemma. Maybe something like: likes/(views or reads or downloads or listeners on their usual platform) might be a start?
  12. Stormwindt

    [XODUS] - Fallen Exodus - Join the fun!

    *looks to the left* *looks to the right* *bump* hehehehe *runs*