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  1. Fifth mission of Operation Vigorous: Get a Kraken! They really think the EU server is filled with unicums.
  2. I've got him! The first mission chain I was able to complete. I did 1, 2 and 4 in my freshly painted lucky Duca and the 3rd and 5th in German BBs thus double dipping in the German weekend mission. I got the Köning and the Bayern with the discount. The torps mission looked dire because my only tier VI ships are the Duca (12km seamines) and the Shchors (4km torps, jay). But a CA and later a BB parked themselves on islands near me, so I could torp them at my leasure with my slow 12km torps. I had to fight the urge to shoot at the CA because he was already low on hp and because of the low health I only got one torp hit as the other torps hit the wreck. I then went on a triple DD killing spree which apparently netted me enough xp. After that I found the aforementioned BB sailing right to left. Trying not to give him too much broadside I only landed one torp hit with my starboard side. Luckly he was so busy shooting me that he parked himself on the beach giving me plenty of time to line up my port side torps and I got my three last hits. I had given up on completing the fifth mission since winning is hard and ending in the top three a miracle. Enter Monday night, half an hour before going to bed. I just gifted the Scharnhorst to a friend and bought her for myself. The whole day I had been thinking that this ship could get me in the top three, and on her maiden voyage she did!
  3. I tried to install the latest version. All I got was adds and malware, what gives?