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  1. So.. the devs can't detect what mods are in their "official" - mod pack, that kind of tells me how unofficial everything mod- related is. Sure they allow them because they can get some features to the client for free from the modding community, and in some cases it benefits us all. If they can't even bother to know whats in their own modpack, seems like it's a wild wild west and that can't be good. I wonder how much of the playerbase uses mods in the first place, is it 10%, 25%...?
  2. I'm definitely not a WG apologist. For example in the past I made a topic claiming they are cheating with the Fire&Ice event and so on. I can say there are alot of bad and stupid things WG has done, having ships as OP as belfast & kutu is bad to begin with. The smoke change barely affects those ships at all. And nothing with those ships has changed, what you bought, you still have. Giving doubloons back is definitely more than enough.
  3. Exactly, OP has gotten the product, it is exactly what he was promised. It's like the OP bought a car on a sunny day and liked it.. now weather report shows tomorrow is going to be rainy and he wants his money back even if the car works as just as well on the rainy day.
  4. Don't make a topic about it in a forum if you don't want people to give you opinions. Send a ticket to customer support if you want WG to answer it. This change affects kutu & belfa very little, I'm surpised they allow any compensation.
  5. Sure, you can call me a hypocrite if that makes you feel better. I wish everyone had a good connection and good computer, but should we really try to influense those issues with this thread. WG has clearly stated what are the minimum and recommended requirements to play WoWS, if you meet the requirements there are no unfair advantages anyone gains over you. Are you saying that WG shouldn't even try to improve or never change anything because there might be some other issues?
  6. The discussion is about the fact that certain mods should not be allowed by WG. And you are right, I am arguing, that using mods that give unfair advantages agains against other players should be considered cheating. I have not called anyone a cheater here, if you you feel I'm doing that, feel free to disregard it as hot air. The whole topic here is about what should be alloved and what should not. It might be just hindsight, that I know for example using roids in sports is bad (like we discussed earlier with mtm78 ), but isn't this thread just the right place to discuss similar issues in WoWS? Like steroids give some users unfair advantages over someone, are they in the world of today accepted or considered cheating? If you think we should not even talk about what is good/bad for WoWS, well, I can't help you there.
  7. Well, here I'm sure we agree to disagree. The topic of this conversation is about limitations of modding and I'm arguing that the current mod in question should be regarded as a cheat and and as such should be removed from the official mod pack and from the game. Is it a bannable offence or regarded as a cheat by WG, nope, but I'm saying that it should be. Even if something is not directly violating any terms of service or any current rules, it should not be automatically agreed upon. It is my right to voice my opinions here on the subject per forum rules. If you come here telling people to shut up without contributing to the conversation you might be actually in violation of the forum, also using swear word circumventing a filter by using them with acronyms, not cool.
  8. Sure, ultimately it is the company which makes the definition on what is acceptable and what is not, but it definitely is up to the playerbase to voice their opinions on what should be considered good and bad. Everyone has access to aim assist while using torpedoes, so that is not performance enhancing -> acceptable. I don’t think there’s any clear line on cheating. Certainly, it’s typically going to involve rule violations, but not all rule violations are going to be cheating and not all cheating involves violating rules. Something like using official mods is offcourse a borderline issue. Performance enhancing drugs were not allways as frowned upon as they are now. If for example something like steroids were not banned earlier, when they were less known.. are you saying we couln't have considered them cheating? Well said sir!! “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.”—Sophocles
  9. People may have not been so vocal about things like this issue, because they affect pretty much everyone the same. In other words we tend to get more agravated and vocal on stuff like nerf this buff that, but I think EVERYONE would like to see this "feature" to be improved to the level of current gaming standards. Binding a key for something like smoke to have a different function on some other ship that also has smoke (with a different keybind).. you can't seriously expect anyone to become overly annoyed if you fix something like that. If you don't have unified system with the possibility of binding it to your preference, thats clearly bad design/oversight/bug and should just be fixed, simple as that.
  10. So you claim you do not get advantages from using mods? Are you saying you LIKE using those minutes of modding, that everyone should use their time doing this, because..? Getting knowledge & skills (replays/guides/etc.) is something you can still achieve just by playing, does not mean everyone gets pr0, but you still can get pr0 by just playing and learning. The mods give you advantage that can not be achieved by just playing = should not be allowed. You might be a nice person and helping the community and whatnot, but it does not matter at all, it's completely irrelevant.
  11. So tell me, do you actually like to have trouble with every patch, looking for updated mods, downloading, installing etc.? Or could it be, that you just like that there is an excuse for you to gain advantages against many players? But if someone wanted to shoot blindly into smoke where the enemy might have stopped, he would have had to keep extemely close watch to that position and possibly have a spotterplane up to get that exact vertical spot. With a mod you can try the exact spot 30 seconds after without any consentration. If you got nothing better to shoot, trying a blindfire salvo to that exact position is a good gamble, the enemy might have moved or not, but it's easy to check. Without the mod you can't shoot that exact spot unless you kept targeting that spot for the whole 30 seconds, it might not be a good gamble anymore to try remembering the spot 30 and taking a real blind salvo there possibly exposing your own position. If something gives advantages, it should not exist on the live-server.
  12. Official modpack is 999% [edited], if WG thinks it should be ingame, they should implement it, put it available in INGAME options, anything more than that in a "competetive" multiplay is crap!!!!
  13. Allow use of mods on test server. that is what it's for, testing stuff!!! Anything (and I mean anything that affects gameplay, cheats, mods, whatever) that is NOT AVAILABLE byt the game client for vanilla players should not exist in live version! If something that makes you PERFORM better in game is not available for everyone, it should not be alloved.
  14. People often seem too eager predict how doing X affects Y, but usually there are too many variables that they just cant know. Would the option of getting my ship available to another game immediatelly after a destruction affect my gameplay, propably, but you can't assume it's going to instantly make me yolo, or that the current system makes me super conservative and make me just aim for the win. Will I play differently when I'm trying to get a daily win, will I play differently when im trying to get most of the daily win or just trying to win, will I play differently if im trying to grind a shipline with a ship that I dislike, will I play differently if im playing my favourite ship, will I play differently (insert X) I think having your preferred ship available immediately after destruction might in some situations lessen my anger/make my gaming experience more enjoyable though it might just as well give me a total burnout with multiple losses in short time, it might change many things or nothing... It all comes down to why WG implemented such a feature. Do they want us to spend alot of time playing this game and want us to spend alot of money doing it? Propably. Would having the ship available immediately achieve us spending more time/money on the game? Propably not. Will they change how it is? Propably not
  15. Well, I just played a match, the server is not completely down.