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  1. Well, I just played a match, the server is not completely down.
  2. Just got those flags, 2nd win for me
  3. I wonder how this works with air-spotting.. Is for example Moskva going to be detected from 12+ km if it fires from smoke?
  4. Well, I agree it was a mistake mentioning Lanchester's law, there are just way too many variables. Different shiptypes, etc. that law is only good in measuring power relationships. But on the other hand this means you can not have an algorithm "choosing" a loss for an individual player before the match, just too many variables. That is also why you can't have individual MM based on player skill, there are too many variables. Hopefully clan battles are adressing this somewhat.
  5. I didn't mean Lanchester's laws apply to win ratios, that part was aimed at the original conversation. I agree that weekend playerbase is different, it might be impossible to adjust to that and maintain the same winrate, but I dare you to skip weekends and show us a 90% winrate for several weeks as a proof.
  6. It's normal, if you have about 50% winrate you should experience equal amounts of bad and good days. It's not just about MM, it's about force concentration. If both sides are equally balanced on skill and ships, the team getting an early advantage should often faceroll the other team. Nailbiter fights that last to the end shouldn't happen often with a balanced MM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lanchester's_laws
  7. In my opinion the HE on RNBB:s works too good and making them somewhat OP is because of the combination of high % of fire per salvo, good consealment and hard to hit citadel. 2 fires usually forces out the Damage Control Party, while ur waiting for that cooldown you can shoot something else or slip out of detection. Next salvo in RNBB after DCP cooldown has a good chance to light multiple fires that can't be put out. High rate of fire in cruisers is not that effective in making permanent fires if you compare it to a much higher propability. 1 fire might do dmg over time, but without focusfire it does nothing because it can be repaired, forcing DCP with good salvo also makes you vulnerable to flooding & other incapacitations. Besides fire RN BB:s have such a good alpha dmg, that in many cases it is TOO good in finishing low-hp-opponents and dodging angled opponents. Then you add the protected citadel that sits below waterline to the mix, you can keep all your guns in the target without fear = effective fire chance compared to cruisers having 1-2 turrets in the target in max range so as not to get deleted instantly is nothing compared to RN BB:s. Looks like RN BB:s make about 20 % more dmg on average in any tier than the best performing cruiser, I don't think that can be called balanced.
  8. To collect into a mass or heap, to gather a great quantity of, to accumulate.. I still need to amass 4 duplicates to complete the collection, so far I got 12 originals with 16 duplicates.
  9. In some situations, sure, but the tanky Yama can keep on sailing while the original smoke laying player is instantly killed when spotted. This new mechanic makes your own team-mates your worst enemies.
  10. Not raising any pitchforks or anything, but out of all possible tweaks for the smoke, the devs come up with this weird mechanic? Griefing is totally going to happen. If this goes live, ppl just get a yamato and drive it near a smoke to blow it away every time in every match to show how stupid this is. There is going to be so much @£$€}[]@£$€ with this system, ppl are going to lose their $h1t, when team-members come to their smoke to shoot.
  11. I can easily understand why attlest people who drive cruisers do not like the T8 MM. - Grinding takes a leap there, it was lot cheaper up to that point to just freeXP the modules to make the ship competitive. Same with silver, the amount of matches to get those coins for modules takes exponentially more matches in a stock ship. - Mistakes are often punished more, maybe it's the firepower of t10 or dispersion or just the general aim of players in high tiers, attleast ppl should have more practise in aiming when they reach T10 if nothing else. - Meta is more prone to camping, new players entering T8 get punished more often with focus fire when they are eagerly rushing in their new shiny boats. - When you are lowtier you need to be more careful -> more careful = not so much fun. When I'm lowtier I can get a good result, but to get there I often need to play really safe. When I'm toptier, I can many times just leave caution behind and just rush in and get away with it. Which do you think is more fun? I think this is mostly a cruiser problem, being the lone T8 cruiser in a match can be quite depressing at times. I couldn't care less if I get a T10 mm with my Pissmarck, sure I get wrecked easily when overextending, but usually I still make enough dmg to make it worth it, in terms of money and XP, while having fun..
  12. Now I'm interested, how do you make it at home, you have a spit or just making it in the oven or smth?
  13. The game itself is not down, looks like it's an error on the login servers. I just played a game with neither errors nor lag.
  14. This might be quite clever on WG:s part, make a whole campain for people who buy the Hood. More content, more bang for your buck, some might buy it just for that content and those who buy Hood just for the ship will propably still be grateful for the surplus stuff to do with it.
  15. Thanks for clarifying. I didn't think about it too much, but even if it was 3 points, it wouldn't change my point, you can only know your OWN things like: skill-level, captain points, upgrades, premium consumbales, etc. Fellow teammates & enemies vary alot. First impressions can be missleading for sure. Personal impressions & on a small scale.