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  1. StatsBloke

    Community Contributor Spotlight – Spring 2020

    Thanks for the kind words @motor_g_b. I wish I time to do more!
  2. StatsBloke

    Claim Your Free Supplies and Get Ready for Battle!

    It feels like the bottom half of this article, which would explain the in-game event, is missing...
  3. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Wargaming gave me an exclusive peek at their flightplan for 2020 and Update 0.9.0, and they let me share a few details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9GC3k_Ul44 (I tried out YouTube Premiere with this one, and it seems Premiered videos can't be embedded, so apologies for there being no preview.)
  4. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Note that this Foghorn was recorded before the normal Tuesday news article, so may be supplemented with a short update if anything surprising is in the news post before the patch.
  5. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    I summarise what's going on around 0.8.1 PTS Round 1: 00:10 Intro, 0.8.0 00:39 PTS 0.8.1 Intro, RN CVs 01:03 Daily shipments 01:17 Fly Strike Win 01:45 Air supply containers, Naval Aviation Collection, RN alternative camos 02:11 Open all containers button 02:24 London port winter 02:38 Flooding changes 03:26 Radar UI changes 03:55 Radar mechanics change 04:59 Port UI improvements 05:21 Russian BBs 05:50 Shards Map Overhaul 06:23 Hotfix 06:42 1000 sub giveaway
  6. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    The last Foghorn about 0.8.0. Probably. I also cover a bunch of stuff for 0.8.1+ This episode: 0:17 Intro and topics 1:06 EU compensation 1:44 Game Centre update 1:57 Rental ships in shop 2:24 Final carrier rework notes 6:14 Fog intensity slider 6:37 RN carriers 7:52 Premium carriers 8:27 Radar changes 10:03 Russian battleships 10:20 Flooding changes 10:49 Shard map changes 11:08 Cross-server clan battles 11:17 KOTS VIII 12:04 Please subscribe
  7. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    This episode of Foghorn, I cover: 0.8.0 Delay PTS Round 3 Changes Premium Carriers 0.7.12 Extension Radar Change Supercruiser fire duration Many ship buffs!
  8. StatsBloke

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    Port Upgrades UI scaling bug: 1. Description See attached screenshot. Upgrade slots appear cut off and overlaid by other elements. 2. Reproduction steps Hard to reproduce, steps unknown, but have seen this several times on carriers. I think it's linked to when there is a scrollbar in the top modules box for the ship and you then switch between "consumables" and "upgrades". 3. Result Upgrade slots appear half cut-off, but are still selectable, and still show the on-hover UI. 4. Expected result Upgrade slots should appear whole and unhidden. 5. Technical details On a 4K monitor using 169% UI scaling in graphics settings.
  9. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    It's update 0.8.0 time! This episode I cover: 0:51 Naval Battles 1:30 Lunar New Year 2:01 Concealment Expert Change 3:22 Tier 9 Ranked 5:21 Carrier Rework 10:26 Thank you and Twitch
  10. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Very quick video where I literally just mouse through all the missions and rewards in the Steel Monsters premium campaign in case anyone is wondering what's inside before they buy it...
  11. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    This Foghorn covers a whole bunch of stuff - see the description on YouTube for timecoded topics (but it's not that long).
  12. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Forgot to post this one in here, so everyone seeing this probably knows by now, but...
  13. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Foghorn is back with a rundown of what's in Update 0.7.12 this week
  14. StatsBloke

    Rework of CVs

    Some folks might find this interesting...
  15. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Something a bit different... Enioch and I talk over our experiences of testing the CV rework in the third round of testing. It includes a full Midway game at the end.