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  1. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Foghorn is back with a rundown of what's in Update 0.7.12 this week
  2. StatsBloke

    Rework of CVs

    Some folks might find this interesting...
  3. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Something a bit different... Enioch and I talk over our experiences of testing the CV rework in the third round of testing. It includes a full Midway game at the end.
  4. StatsBloke

    Zero to Hero: The Playlist for COMPLETE Beginners

    A short one for Level 4 - containers
  5. StatsBloke

    Zero to Hero: The Playlist for COMPLETE Beginners

    In this slightly longer episode, I cover off researching and purchasing the first new ship, and the first random battle.
  6. StatsBloke

    Zero to Hero: The Playlist for COMPLETE Beginners

    Very short addition to Level 2: A quick explanation of tiers and how they are used in matchmaking
  7. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Join me for Foghorn as I run through what's in Patch 0.7.11 on Public Test in Round 1. Posting the reddit link in case anyone with an account would be kind enough to go there first... https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9u7ng7/foghorn_news_patch_update_0711_public_test_server/
  8. I've created a series for complete beginners in which I'll be going through all the account levels (which experienced players have probably forgotten about) and explaining the basics of the game and the interface. I've created this topic separately from my main video topic so that if you know of a brand new player, you can send them here and they won't be confused and confuddled by all the other content. Here's the link to the playlist itself: StatsBloke's World of Warships Zero to Hero Playlist I'll post the individual videos here too in case you know someone who needs to know about a particular basic topic.
  9. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Quick news roundup including CV testing, KOTS 7, The Ring, and the upcoming patch.
  10. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Fellow humans, please find herewith my quadri-hebdomadal public test server roundup for update 0.7.10:
  11. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Foghorn Submarines Special! Note that some data mining from supertest has answered a few questions since I recorded this, so go and look at reddit for extra details from elsewhere in the community.
  12. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    Happy Birthday Warships! Join me as I go through some of the birthday treats in store...