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  1. Vlad_Vado


    Carrying on a game means nothing. I've been able to carry a game with Lo Yang and still, I'm an average DD player...
  2. Vlad_Vado

    Buy 10 guineas for the price of 1 ??

    Special offers (these that you can only purchase once) can only be seen if you are logged in. Also, cannot understand why people go to purchase to premium shop without logging in and also checking if they have a coupon (you can only check that if you are logged in) because you can miss the mail or even can go to spam... Also, I've seen packs for the price of units and also packs on discount that if you calculate the unit price is more expensive than the units being sold next to it at regular price.
  3. Vlad_Vado

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Just starting the game and spending more than 400€?
  4. Vlad_Vado

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    If you hate her, then there's no really reason to play her. You need to play her carefully, as being one of the T8 with worst concealment, will get focused a lot at begining of the match (talking on own experience). My stats are not so great with her but at the begining I was way worse on her. But once you start to position accordingly and push when you should, you can brawl like a champ. If you want fun with her, secondary build and see burn and melt everything that gets near. One of the games I've ended with 4 kills, two of them were DDs killed with secondaries while I was focussing on other enemy ships.
  5. The thing with Black is that you only can use it on Randoms/Coop. But I know that the combination of smoke and radar is very tempting.
  6. Vlad_Vado

    What happened to Red Oak Victory ship?

    In spain there's a saying "Cuando el diablo no sabe qué hacer, mata moscas con el rabo." that translates literally to "When the devil has nothing to do, kills flies with its tail".
  7. Well, it depends on what you like the most. You played almost the same amount of games on DD, CA and BB, so no recommendation bassed on "your main class". However, as stated above, if you play CB or any competititive environment (King of the sea) and you are one of the CA of the team, having Stalingrad will be handy for you and your clan (and any clan you decide to go if you decide to leave your current one).
  8. Vlad_Vado

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    ^This! Also, there were posts on the forum talking about that 10 guinea offer. The only need to see the offer is being logged in with your account. That has been allways a requisit to see speciall offers (like tachibana and smith for less than 1€, Texas for less than 9€, etc...).
  9. Vlad_Vado

    twitch stream

    As far as I'm concerned, you do not get one or more Twitch containers on a day if you watched a stream. Some days you'll get one, others more than one and others none.
  10. Vlad_Vado

    RN Event- questions about missing Guineas.

    Also if I recall correctly, there's no way to link steam account with Wargaming account (done a quick search at forum), so seems not really possible to get the offer from both steam and wargaming stores...
  11. Vlad_Vado

    RN Event- questions about missing Guineas.

    Are you saying that you can get the "promo" 10 guineas for 1€ two times for the same account? How's that possible?
  12. Vlad_Vado


    You are grinding too fast. Return to tiers 3/4 and get more experience in a protected environment as at those tiers you will only face +/-1 MM. Also avoid RN cruiser line as it's the one with the highest floor skill. Also, if instead of this kind of post, you made one requesting for help, you will be getting more messages providing help and tips instead of the messages that you are getting right now.
  13. Vlad_Vado

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Worked, lots of thanks
  14. Vlad_Vado

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Yeah, that team was really "speshul" Only managed to kill one of our teammates and only one of them survived...
  15. Vlad_Vado

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Shared team with @philjd and his lightning and me on massa on a TX match. He performed great and ended top 3 and a win.