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  1. Ok, so then possibly is player related. Also, I'm from Spain, to add this to the list of countries where this seems to be available...
  2. It could be because I have the offer available and I allways used paypal to purchase stuff. Also, 37499 available right now.
  3. USS Alabama

  4. Yamato vs Nelson

    I agree with everyone that recommends you getting Nelson. Get it and start farming FreeXP again. While doing that, also grind other lines.
  5. USS Alabama

    I messed up, it was the scharni and bismarck posts, there was not a tirpitz one, but guess it's because he doesn't own tirpitz Well, we can try to guess which one will be the next BB he will demand to put radar on it. He demanded radar for the KM BBs and now has started with the USN BBs. As Alabama is the first one, and seems to go tier by tier, I guess that it will be NC or Massachussets. I bet for NC
  6. USS Alabama

    Well, the bismarck radar post was the second one, the first one (at least the first one I've noticed) was a Tirpitz radar post
  7. USS Alabama

    Not even a week has passed between this and the bismarck radar post...
  8. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Fist of all, I agree that OP needs to stop the grind and play more in confortable tiers (specially T7 as it gets best MM nowadays). To @The_Dunk_Squad, your best premium performer (good PR combined with pretty good WR) is Sharnhorst and she sits on that T7 sweet spot. Play more with her and your silver credit income will raise. About premium consumables. It's not only about the reduction on cooldown, it also gets you an additional charge. So yes, on a DD sometimes having less cooldown doesn't matter but having an additional charge can be de difference between living or dying late in the game. From my point of view, If you can afford paying all premium consumables, do it. If not, then you should play enough to get the feel of which ones are more important for you (on a DD some people will prefer to have prem smoke, others prem DCP...).
  9. bismarck

    Any bets on how much time will pass before OP opens a new post requesting radar on Tirpitz?
  10. N. Caroline please buff

    @USS_Malevolence I thought I've learned english at a level enough to understand it but man, yours is incomprehensible.
  11. What is a point of Arsenal

    I've already pointed that to him. That was his answer...
  12. What is a point of Arsenal

    Inventory is for things you have. Makes no sense to put purchases on an Inventory. Not everyone is on a clan. Also WG stated that you are going to win steel at Ranked so you'll be able to purchase things with steel without being on a clan and participating on clan wars. Premium shop is meant to use real money to get things. If you start putting there the posibility to purchase with real money, doublons, coal and steel it can become a mess. So Arsenal is a good place. Also they can decide to make arsenal the central point of ingame management and get there the inventory, tech tree and other stuff they want.
  13. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    For me the best was shiny horse. 50% on a great T7 BB that can train both BB and CA captains for the KM line. I haven't get it because I purchased it with doublons when she returned to the in game tech tree.
  14. They talked about a total rework of CV gameplay. Comunity Contributors got a tease of early prototype during CC summit. They stated on Q/A during the last King of the Sea that they expect to have it done (guess for testing) at the end of the year, but the way they said so seemed that it's likely that it will be done by next year.
  15. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Well, that's my purpose for bismarck, secondary build for the fun. Also not interested to go further the KM BB Line. So Scharnhorst is training the bismarck captain and when completed will team up with graf spee on training KM CA captains. Guess one day I'll get the Mass as it seems a fun to play ship and I guess I can use Texas as a proper US captain training when I decide to grind the US BB line.