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  1. I think they could have been done better balance and also listen more to playerbase input, of course. But at the end of the day, developers have less to non power to make some decisions and it's clear that someone on WG wanted CV rework on live as soon as possible. When they announced the rework last year they intended to launch it before the end of the year, so I guess dev team used all their leverage to delay the rework until january. The think is that after 08.8.0 I've only played 2 games, I was waiting to things stabilize and don't get frustrated with the game. Hope I can start playing again this weekend and see how it goes. Also thanks to you on edditing the OP, much appreciated.
  2. I don't think that they rushed it. The main issue is that doesn't matter how much time they have the CV rework on test servers or even PTS. The main issue is that on none of these environments they wouldn't achieve any kind of proper balance. That's the reason why all new ships are tested by CCs and other testers on live server. But this brings to the table the problem to have to balance the rework on live server and how this messes with the game and shifts the metta on each patch.
  3. Money. That simply. They want to sell Premium CVs to make money and they have spent a lot of money on trying to make CVs more appealing to be able to sell lots of CVs. Also, next time, when pasting something, past without text format because the patch note is hard to read even with "normal" forum.
  4. Vlad_Vado

    Teamkill penalty

    The only way to tell if it's a power outage, for example, is that the PSU (power supply unit) is able to store that info, provide that to the O.S. when the PC turns on again and then, the game should be able to have a tool to take the PSU report, analize it and decide that you do not deserve any kind of punishment. Considering that type of feature would be only available on high end PSU, do you think someone will bother to do that if possibly only a 10% of your playerbase can have something like that? And I cannot recall any PSU being able to do that and also it each manufacturer will have it's own reporting system, so any programmer that wants to exploit these data should consider different reports that can be changed by the manufacturer at will... Also, that can be solved purchasing an UPS.
  5. Vlad_Vado

    Teamkill penalty

    There's no way that WG can figure out why you were AFK. It can be lots of reasons. Also being pink is not a great deal. Only 2 games withoud damaging (you are allowed to do slight damage, as I've been pink two weeks ago and was involved with a friendly ram and that not affected the pink status) friends or not being afk. And you can do this on coop, so in 10 minutes or less you are on "normal" status again.
  6. Vlad_Vado

    The Odd Man Out

    Of your premium DDs, the best for dealing with CVs are the USN ones, specially Kidd and Sims. You can make Monaghan quite good on AA but you are going to sacrifice 2 guns so you will struggle a lot against other DDs. About DD lines, you can go USN one as have decent AA and you have 3 premium to boost your captain training. You can also go with SN as on the alternate line you have the best TX AA DD on grozovoi. For learning how to play DD, start some lines from the beggining. As many as you can.
  7. Vlad_Vado

    Why cant certain ships not win games?

    I have a great struggle with Kidd. And I like the ship, but not able to make it work.
  8. Currently it's 20% and that's the people that think that reading is overrated. Guess are the same that complain of server being down on patch day. There's people sitting on smoke that still call cheaters to people that spot them for one of the next reasons: Radar Hydro Smoke firing gun bloom Proximity spotting with adquisition (3km instead of 2 km) So I won't be surprised that a great amount of players didn't know about torps being spotted by planes.
  9. I've checked the rewards on Wiki, guess WG decided to change them. About the camo, yes I also think it's good looking. The isssue is I don't have DoY. However, I have scharnhorst, but the camo was available some time ago to purchase with 4K doublons
  10. If you complete the collection, you get a special cammo for Duke of York. There was also a Scharnhorst cammo for completing the campaign, but not sure if it will also be available with the containers... @ilhilh I also checked what you get on those containers: Either: 3x Frosty Fir Tree camo 25x Zulu, Papa Papa, or Juliet Charlie signals 2 items from the Battle of the North Cape Collection
  11. Vlad_Vado


    Well, it depends on the situation. Of course, AR is a great skill and being able to shot earlier could save you. However, there are situations where EM could be more important in order to allow your guns to keep with the ship you are aiming or to change objectives quickly If, for example, a DD or a Radar Cruiser is spotted by a teammate. So at the end of the day, whatever suits you best. I think that Kronshtadt needs both and it's up yourself to choose which one pick first.
  12. Vlad_Vado

    Not another CV thread.

    Wasn't sure about the current value of manual AA with the CV Rework. I agree with you that CE is still a must but OP seems to disagree...
  13. Vlad_Vado

    Not another CV thread.

    As seems that you don't want CE, then go for AFT or Manual AA...
  14. Vlad_Vado

    Not another CV thread.

    As others said, Concealment Expert should be the choice. But it would be great to tell us to which cruiser this captain is assigned. This is because for an USN CL cruiser you can choose IFHE before CE.
  15. Vlad_Vado

    aa completely useless now?

    It could be. It also seems that the skill gap on CV hasn't decreased a bit. Some CV players (guess the ones that tested them enough on PTS) know how to deal with flak and others doesn't. Not played yet so I don't really know how it's all going. I'll find out today or tomorrow...