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  1. Vlad_Vado

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Because reading is overrated... Also...
  2. Vlad_Vado

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    Indeed. And also this match included CVs, so if one of them was waiting for lot of time (i think more than 5 minutes) not only the soft cap is not taken into acount, also the mirrored MM (same class and tier ship) is reverted to "old" status.
  3. Vlad_Vado

    Bert Dunkirk

    Both dunkirk captains will be less useful on DD line, as you can only take really advantage of smoke screen expert perk as if you go up the line, at least T9 and T10 have 360º turrets so you do not really need expert marksman (on low tiers has some use) As Yedwy said, joat has little sense on acasta and if you use it to get better turret traverse, you won't take full advantade of that on high tiers as I state previously, T9 and T10 have 360º turning turrets so you shouldn't suffer to keep them pointing enemy.
  4. Vlad_Vado

    Has anyone ever got a supercontainer from a More Resources claim?

    I also got an SC from a resource container this weekend (cannot recall if it was on saturday or sunday). Got 50 gamescon camos (the good looking ones that provide 50% more credits).
  5. Vlad_Vado

    Arent we supposed to get 48 Guineas?

    You understood the first part wrong. If you read the patch notes instead of only looking the image that you attached you would understood that for each patch you have 4 stages. So, te total amount of stages is 12. The sovereings can only be earned on patch 0.7.9 but you are allowed to use them until the end of patch 0.7.10. Also, as you are going to get guineas until 0.7.11, at least you'll need until that patch to spend them. You'll need to pruchase at least 2 guineas to reach the 50 mark to get cossack, you'll end up purchasing the 10 guinea pack for less than 1€ that is offered at the premium shop (you need to be logged to see it and only 1 offered pack per account). So, If all goes as intended, anyone should be able to get cossack after completing the second directive on pacth 0.7.11.
  6. Vlad_Vado


    Only 15 days have passed since your previous thread complaining about fires on BBs... at least wait a whole month man! Hope a moderator closes this one today as it's duplicated topic by same OP.
  7. CCs tested the final versions of these ships. You can watch at least flamu video with the last iteration of La Terrible (not sure if other CCs have done it already). Flambass tried it on stream and still doesn't liked it. Also stated that he liked a lot Jean Bart and was willing to get it (same for bourgogne (that's the reaseon he didn't purchased Stalingrad for steel, to wait for other ships to come and see if they are going to be purchased by steel, coal or freexp).
  8. Vlad_Vado


    I don't think so. Better armour in tweaked to match T10 specs but still having the same drawbacks like being vulnerable to HE and Yamato being able to overmatch when bow on.
  9. Vlad_Vado

    GG WG

    Well, WG is reworking radar mechanics.
  10. Vlad_Vado

    What happens to ships, ship XP on British DDs?

    This is the patch notes: And its clear that says that you can accumulate ship XP but you cannot research the next ship on the tech tree until the release of the complete DD line. Also, if you get and complete one of the UK DDs missions and you already have the ship (can only happen at 0.7.10) you will get the ship value in credits.
  11. Vlad_Vado

    Jervis - WG = potato/mistake?

    Nothing wrong. SIlver ships released in advance (as French BBs earlier this year) that have a semi premium status to allow grinding captains easier and also place captains from other ships without being penalised while you retrain them (for example, you had gallant and want to retrain the captain to one of the future silver ships).
  12. Vlad_Vado

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Without RN DDs you'll miss some regards and some container, but you can complete the event and be able to get cossack without RN DDs
  13. Vlad_Vado

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Neither I do except for the lines I'm grinding and taking Giulio Cesare for a ride. But on the new ranked event, that's going to be T5... also Texas would be a good choice If lots of CVs appear...
  14. Vlad_Vado

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    I'm tempted to put it again on texas and pray to find you in combat