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  1. xRSxrs

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    I have played for those tokens to get camos even when i didnt have that much time, so i wanted to buy some GONAVY containers to get it. I have read the article and it says "After the release of 0.7.8, in the Go Navy! containers, which include team tokens, every 10 tokens will be replaced by 500,000 credits". therefore i was kind of certain that they will sell them at least untill release of update. So who will be that stupid to buy containers and open them month later? I dont read everything that WG wrote and all the small text. Why didnt WG wrote that they will be available untill 19. 8. in the main article under the GONAVY containers!!!! So WG really thank you for that wasted time that i wanted to do something else. You can have all of my tokens, because i cant get any camo now and i am not spending them for anything else. What a rip off. I am more or less done with the game.
  2. xRSxrs

    HMS Hood crap

    Exactly. If he had any other ship he would be dead instead of you. Gneis is harder to kill thats why NC shot at you.
  3. xRSxrs

    HMS Hood crap

    True, but that kind of RNG seems to be more often with Hood. Except Gneisenau but then again gneisenau has better armor and it is great brawler. Dont get me wrong it is still a good ship and i like her because of her speed and manuverabilitty. And if you compare to KGV or DoY they have good HE and you get additional fires, so you dont have to land so many shells as Hood has with its AP. I didnt try to use HE on Hood as i think AP works better or am i wrong? About Lyon disscusion is totaly irrelewant because it has to have worse dispersion because of its 16 guns and you can feel that for sure. Lyon is a monster against cruisers. It is just a discusion about Hood and i am not crying for buff. Certanly it is not crap, but i think if they tweak sigma a little bit it would be closer to strenght of KGV, DoY or Lyon. I wont mention Nagato (dont want to open new disscusion) that is a good ship to. Maybe would be to much to buff Hood, i dont know.
  4. xRSxrs

    HMS Hood crap

    I played Hood i little bit and my conclusions are that it is fun to play and sometimes frustrating. Its fast, it can be incredibly tanky if angled right, meaning activly turning and using your speed when you are shoot at by higher tier BBs or you will eat citadels even angled. That can happen anyway but thats true for a lot BBs and probably wont happen twice in one game. And dont show your broadside at all costs or youll be punished hard. That is all good. It plays different that any other T7 BB. But when it comes to guns. Oh boy. They can hit hard as ton of bricks when RNGesus smiles on you, but a lot of times they troll you shooting cruiser on 5K, like someone said on the forum, and totaly misses the target. Half of the shells drops in front of the target half are to long. I dont have feeling that the shells are weak. They are strong against cruisers for sure and i think they are not so bad as many others against higher tier BBs. Generally is nice ship to play but you must work really hard to get results. There are better BBs in T7 for sure just because of her trollish guns. The only thing that misses in my opinion is better sigma on guns, anything else is fine as it is.
  5. xRSxrs

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Havent done enough to win. My back still hurts.
  6. xRSxrs

    NARAÏ operation & operations statistics

    This UF scenario is now for divisions only if you want to have fun. One good player cant carry, Majority has to be an average players to win. But is seems that they are not playing anymore because its not a fun brake from randoms anymore. Randoms can be less frustrating. Majority of players that stayed dont care about wining and if their earnings is 200XP and 100credits. Its a waste of time loosing so often. You can be better of in CO-OP. WG should really introduce sistem that scales dificullty depending how many players are in divisions . I agree that the problem are players but obviously difficulty is too high for solo and it looks like bots always target player who knows what he is doing and leave the ones alone that has no clue. Its like you are undetected and they hold fire and than focus you emediatly at the same time when you are detected. I am not playing this OP anymore, waste of time.
  7. xRSxrs

    Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    Such a great idea. And than we have to get another damage control when tanks of ships are hit to patch them up. We can even have oil stains on the surface. And when you cant repair them you are sitting duck and than maybe we could introduce tankers into the game to sail to ship without fuel or maybe even a submarine. So many players wants submarines. I think that spaceship for refueling is a little bit harsh. And another suggestion. When you use only 50% of fuel like many of BBs already do, you can get some credits at the end of the month, on the other hand when you are very active you must pay for extra fuel to teach you a lesson. After all we are in war arent we? One more realistic aspect of the game.
  8. xRSxrs

    WG... can we please stop this.....

    My purpose was not to say you cannot enjoy the ship when uptiered by 2 from time to time. I had a lot of good games but with bad players on both side. I was just trying to say that its is not right to be put in dissandvageous position for the most of the games. You could do better in T7 cruiser like Fiji than in Omaha. And if there is a average player in any T7 ship you will never win against him without any help of teammates. If you survive till the end and you could win this for your team you cant if he has so much better ship. That is what frustrates me. Like the other day i was facing Tirpitz in my Warspite at the end and i have to at least take some cap points away to win. I was willing to fight and thinking maybe he will do a mistake. I sailed towards cap and what he did...while he could easily outbrawl me, he turned away and shoot at me between 16 and 17km. I couldnt return fire i couldnt catch him i was just an observer for minute or two until my ship was blown up. Is this fun? Is this skill? Maybe you can play Omaha to its strenghts but not all ships are like that and there comes the time when there is nothing you can do just because someone has so much better ship. So why bother to balance the ships? Why bother to have so many tiers? IMHO from T5 to T10 strenght of the ships doesnt rise linear but exponential. Get out your T6 ship than and enjoy T8 even more. Anyway i am glad that you are enjoying.
  9. xRSxrs

    WG... can we please stop this.....

    I have an average joe story for you. I sailed colorado one day in T5 to T7 match. I saw Omaha spaming HE at me doing damage with fires. I didnt reacted and i focused more dangerous T7 ships. When we took cap and cleared all ships from there only Omaha survived due to his manouvering. I sailed a little bit to the back in the proces so i was out of his range at the time and forced him to leave the security of island. Now he wanted to take cap and i sailed towards him and emedaitly he started fires on me. I missed the first salvo because he was good. Looked at his movement and waited for the right time. Salvo in the air and BLAP. Then he started to cry in the chat how bad person I am that i pick on T5 cruisers like he was a child. I got reported for doing that. Like i said in other thread i dont need T7 BB to kill Omaha. By your story looks that you are better player then me but i doubt you will survive against Fiji , Yorck, Belfast ... do i have to continue. You cant run away and if i wil cought you on broadside T7 cruiser will citadel you to death regardles. Been there done that.
  10. xRSxrs

    Double CV matches... Why?

    And now you are going to tell me to turn into TB. Yea right. You are asuming that all of the T4,T5 players are not good. They can crossdrop with IJN CVs . When you turn in low tier battleship you cant turn the other way fast enough and CV player can anticipate where that ship will be and adjust autodrop accordingly. And when there are 2 CV players it is not imposible to even sink DD when enemies CVs are deplaned. You wait for teammate to drop torps and then you drop. But you know that already i see you play a lot of CVs and i am on the receiving end most of the time. On the other hand you are not playing T4, T5 ships much arent you. I am not good at dodging torps in general i admit that, but should this be the game for unicums.
  11. xRSxrs

    Double CV matches... Why?

    6k+ is Co-op included. 3,7k in random. Like i said i was getting borred already. Its not my cup of tea right now.
  12. xRSxrs

    Double CV matches... Why?

    Are you the one chasing CVs all across the map not minding the objectives like caps and horribly dies most of the times?
  13. xRSxrs

    Double CV matches... Why?

    Games with 4 cvs are the worst. Why: 1. It happens on low tier where majority of ships has no AA. Doesnt help at hier tiers either. 2. People with over 1000+ games in T4, T5 cvs with 19 pts cpt screwing the play for newcomers. Why... because its easy to sealclubb even with autodrop noone can survive. If you are saying thats not true i dont know how good you are cause i can do it with 14 matches played. I stoped playing cvs because at the end i was always matched with 2cvs per team and i was botom tier in Bogue and i had even worse cv player as a teammate than i am, and i am a noob. Its a big difference if you have at least 10 skill pts captain than 3. And i got borred already with gameplay. 3. I cant have big impact on a game with other ships if the CV players are unbalanced regarding skill. 4. Stoped playing Fuso because of that. It was better to play uptiered by 2 than being top tier with 2 cvs per side. That ship has no AA and cant turn. When you are turning you cant turn the other way. The most hilarious games are when you get 2 T7 cvs per side when all other ships are T6 and T5, A lot of ppl complains there are no CVs players (i see them a lot even at higher tiers). Thats because they are all playing T4, T5. Interesting isnt it. And same ppl complaining about autodrops. Figure that one out.
  14. xRSxrs

    +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    Waiting times? I can wait 2 or 3 seconds more for a match +1/-1 Diversity? This MM is killing diversity as well because you cant play some ships of specific tiers, they are to weak to be uptiered. I dont like T9, T10 matches, i would play more T6, T8 but it is too frustrating. Yes i had a lot of good games bottom tier where it was fun and i could carry, but there was a lot of bigger potatoes than me in both of teams. But if you have better top tier players on enemy team than in your, there is nothing you can do. You are just freeXP for them. Thats why a lot of matches is so unbalanced. I think there is enough different ships in every tier now, but people are awoiding ships that are fun to play but weak when uptiered. If there is low number of players the MM could be as it is now and for those unicums who wants diversity they can click -2 button as someone suggested. I am currious how many times this option would be used. I see many people with good stats playing in a division with a COMBINATION OF SHIPS that is OP by default. I guess WG wants us to grind to T10 as i did only to realise that the gamplay is much less fun than from T5-T8. Than you grind next T10 ship thinking this will be better. Ofcourse this is just my opinion. On the other hand i wouldnt mind being uptiered by +2 now and then not most of the time. And i dont need T7 BB to blap Omaha. Every T7 cruiser can do it.
  15. xRSxrs

    Matchmaking Chart

    Yes, thats my opinion. You are still outguned but you can save yourself from tough situations with speed and concealment. Having said that, you need more skills to play DD than BB. The match can end very quickly in a DD. I didnt mention CVs because i dont play them much. Besides that crap being in a match with one T5 and one T6 cv on each side, you are always going to counter same tier cv. If you are bottom tier you can still spott, and wait for HE spam to shave of AA guns. And still you only lose plains.