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  1. xRSxrs

    Submarines - first impressions

    I played some sub battles and i dont see how it will work. Spotting is a big problem. I played London in one match and i smoke up while enemy sub was not spotted. As soon as i fired my guns i was spotted by a sub and i think i dont have to say how that went. Smoke is irrelevant as a consumable in sub battles. I dont see how a DD and light cruiser can chase submarine while being detected. There for i see submarines work in a different mode or scenario where one side have all sub players, like a wolf pack and the other has DDs and light crusers while have to protect convoy of ships. The submarines have to sink all the ships in cargo convoy for victory, otherwise the convoy protecting team wins. Then you can have submarines played in the current state and further twiked according to that gameplay. I think that would be fun. Subs can attack protecting ships and if they succed they have free rain over convoy or just be sneaky and sink one convoy ship after another. There can be much more variety of gameplay. "But then you split the player base." Yep, but i bealive that as much players gonna quit playing randoms. I quit bcs of CVs and horrible MM. But i do play scenarios , not all, ranked and coop. After that do the same for CVs, and we are all happy campers here. Well not all i guess.
  2. High BXP numbers? When you play solo? If you ask me the divisions farmed that BXP with less players so they can get more BXP. In randoms this operation is already a chalenge to complete bcs of reasons and you get practically nothing, a waste of time for a loss. Even in a coop you get more for less than 1/4 of time spent. Mounting precious flags on this operation playing solo is a big risk. So in average you get less, but if they nerf the earnings... If you have good players on your team you dont get that much BXP bcs there is only so much dmg you can do. The divisions ruined the economy from WGs point of view and we are all paying for that. I am not blaming the divisions. Only WG has that problem. First they want you to farm freeXP, 2 mil for one DD and than they want your grind to be as misserable as it can be. You know, games that are not free to play are so much cheaper than this so called free to play. As much money i spent on this i should had everything without grinding anything. 1 year premium is 80 eur and you have nothing yet. There are so many fronts you have to grind. You pay 60 eur for any payable game and you have acces to most of things. They completely lost their thinking what is fair.
  3. xRSxrs

    Useless 9vs9 Co op: easy demontration

    Sorry english is not my first language. I thought when you said, they will ram each other, that it meant that they ramed each other not they are going for ram. In that case you are right.
  4. xRSxrs

    Useless 9vs9 Co op: easy demontration

    They ram each other, so you are not left with too many bots against you. They nullify each other and in ideal scenario you have to kill only one bot to win. Of course thats not the case every time. I had many games where i am the only human player and i would like to see, that not all of the bots do that. Sometimes bots play better than humans do so i dont mind being the only one, i am even glad to be in a match like that.
  5. xRSxrs

    Useless 9vs9 Co op: easy demontration

    How can you be outnumbered if bots ram each other. You only have to kill one. I dont like this bcs you cant farm dmg then. I think the number of bots on the enemy team should be higher than the number of human players. Like someone said BBs sometimes get one salvo off while good players sloughter the bots in seconds. And it would be nice if they wouldnt yolo like a madman. I play more coop latelly to do the missions because random is not the same as it was. Randoms are a shitshow and overall horrible experience for some time now. If there wasnt Operations and coop i would not be playing any more. From time to time i go to play random match and with every try it gets worse.
  6. xRSxrs

    WTF random battle.

    I see more topics like this. Does this means that part of the player base is playing CV so they dont have to deal with CVs, and the other part is not playing random battles anymore (I am one of them) bcs of CVs. I dont want to play CVs to be parrt of the problem. Adapt, learn bla, bla... If there is no fun in playing i dont play. Who wants to sit in the spawn to be "CV safe" or run all game from attacs. Yes there are games that are challenging, but most of them are not. Its the same feeling when you are on the floor and half of the pub is kicking you. I am sure the playerbase that plays random battles is getting thiner. And OTOH i played one game yesterday after long time ( no CVs ) and half of my team was behind island and the other half was hugging the borders and i was the only ship in the middle. But luckly the enemy team was even worse, half of them rewersing from the spawn. If there was CV in the game my influence on the game would be 0 and for shure i would press Alt + F4. I was playing french DD.
  7. xRSxrs

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Did we realy needed another DD killing line. SAP its so strong against DDs it is like giving them citadels. Yesterday i was in my gadja and i was fighting enemy DD when AMAlfi practicaly blapedme for 3/4 of my health from 15K away unspotted. And some of you want to give them hydro. Please dont. I guess reload, but then it is even stronger against DDs. I think they screwed up with that SAP. it is refreshing that you have a line that doesn spam HE and set fires, but OTOH they seems to be weak against other targets exept DDs and they are to strong against them. I dont know, but maybe DDs were very strong like year ago ( still you have to know how to play them ), but then USN split happened, CV rework and now Italian line and from T8 onwards Smolensk. It is getting harder to play them. If you do one mistake you are gone. I didnt play them before the changes bcs it was easier to play BB .
  8. I did wrote "except some BBs I guess.". But i played DDs mainly and I cant comment much on that. If I was too close to RU BB and spotted in return, yes those salvos hurt, i would say too much, but it was my mistake. PPL that played crusers and other non RU BBs can comment on that more.
  9. A year ago someone would think that this is US company. With the split of USN cruisers gameplay changed, not to mention monster of a ship called Wuster. Noone was calling that US bias. How many USN ships was in first Clan wars like Des Moines, Montana ... OTOH this RU bias is more or less because of Smolensk, Stalingrad and Gremlin. Smolensk should never be released in this state. In other tiers in ranked you see very few of RU ships bcs they are not competitive or even, if I may say so, garbage, except some BBs I guess. Recently, i grinded Khaba line and the only ship that surprised me in a good way was Taschkent and only than when i had at least 14 pts cpt. All this RU DDs demands high skill captain bcs AFT is mandatory. Khaba is a dissapointment. It has one huge weakness that Taschkent dont have - range. 13.2 is not enough and torps are useless. I heard the legens of Khaba but they were nerfed into oblivion. About paper ships i dont care if they didnt exsist. You have enough ingame ships that existed. Its a game and its silly to think that ships represented as they are in game were in RL. Like German guns had bad dispersion etc... lol.
  10. xRSxrs

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Some many ppl saying DD find cruiser for AA support, stick with the team, do nothing except be a magnet for enemy CV until we lose and you are dead with 0 dmg done. I say dont bother to find AA support unless you have realy good AA cruiser near by. BBs are ussually at the spawn anyways or too far behind in CV games and grouped together pinging "i need intelegence data". As a DD you have to do things that DD do, if you want to win. If a CV wants you dead you are gone and the only thing you can do is try to play the objective and live as long as you can and make CV deletion of you as hard as posible. Yesterday i played Duca degli Abruzzi and i was top tier (T7) with a T6 CV game. I followed my DDs to give them AA support and the enemy CV attacked DDs untill they were dead and than came after me. I used all of my AA defensive fires consumables, playing with priority sectors all the time. I have shot down 2 planes for the whole duration of the game. Even a lot of the USN cruisers are helpless. I think tier for tier the T8 CVs are the strongest looking from surface ship perspective witth shot down planes in mind. This is not right. WG you have to change this. At least make def AA cons working not useless.
  11. xRSxrs

    This is not right.

    You probably had good game before and you were punished for that. What some on forum are trying to say is never trust your teammates to do anything, dont go in and help your teammates, so go and hugg border for 10 min until is over or go in after 10 min to farm dmg or dont play the game. Or if there is a CV in game group together in one place behind island. Is this the state of a game we are in? Where is the fun? That kind of meta has to change but i think is too late for that. T10 is a shitshow anyways. Border hugging, island hiding unpleasent experience. If you want to awoid that you will be bottom tier anyway and pushed into T10 if you dare to play T8.
  12. xRSxrs

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    I am not brave enough to play it in randoms. but I played it in Aegis to get those 2 free camos. Boy was i surrprised. Those guns, AP hits hard as hell. A lot of citadel ribbons make you smile. I am playing all T6 cruisers in AEgis and i must say Pensa has the best guns. Leander is still best for the mission bcs of torps and smoke or may i say safer to play.
  13. xRSxrs

    Double CV games

    CV matches, especially more than 2 CVs are lowering the number of ppl playing other ships. At least i am fed up with that, so i dont play randoms as much, bcs i like to play DDs and its not fun with 4 CV match. You cant torp bcs you cant get into torp range without being spotted and destroyed. Where is the fun dodging from plane attacks until you are back to port. Having said that its not fun in any other ship. That means even longer waiting time for CV player. Its a spiral going down. T4 games were always with 2 CV per side with players that had 1000+ games in every T4 CV.
  14. xRSxrs

    Scharnhorst torpedoes pop like popcorn.

    Yep, dont count on Scharn torps. Always get destroyed and it is since the introduction of RN BBs, prolonged by introduction of more USN He spamers and others. If you think you are going to brawl RN BBs dont count on torps bcs until you close the distance into torpedo range they are long gone. Same with other HE spammers. No fun for you! I played a lot of games with scharnhorst before this changes and i dont remember if torpedo tubes were ever destroyed, but nowdays almost always. Your observation is correct.
  15. I did my math what i can get from event and i decided that 2 permacamos is the best option for me. I am happy with that. Next i will get some coal, which is always good. I am not expecting any french DD for free, maybe T5 one as a bonus, otherwise i will grind or not from scratch. Nothing to lose there. Decision is yours. Other events were more exhausting.