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  1. xRSxrs

    Who said the Belfast was OP?...

    If they could merge Belfast and Fiji into one ship Belfiji. That would be worth the money. On the serious note, I played Belfast as a noob with 1 point captain onwards and in that aspect its weak. That radar consumable just took me into bad situations ( If you have it you must use it, right? ). Hence the bad stats. Then i was progresing with captain points and it became stronger and stronger. IFHE is really must have bcs i always have bad luck with fire chance, and the shells shattered a lot without IFHE. Bottom line, in order to be strong you must have high skill captain and be used to play RN cruisers bcs if you are spotted outside smoke you are one dead Belfast ( everyone wants a piece of Belfast ) unlike Fiji where you can kite it out of bad situation and you can stay in smoke longer bcs of torps and noone dears to push you into smoke. Thats why i like Fiji more than Belfast. Smoke is more important for Belfast. But in situation when you are hunting DDs Belfast is far the best ship out there. It is better against BBs if you can sit in smoke, but we all know how many radar is out there. And as i noticed in Belfast you will get uptiered a lot. So for random it doesnt matter bcs it is a big gap between T7 and T8 ships. My opinion is that in some situations Belfast is very strong in other i would prefer Fiji. Both are strong ships. Belfast will do more damage overall. In the hands of good player and high skill captain Belfast is stronger than any other T7 cruiser. All the things combined makes it strong. It is not like the only cruiser with radar in T7. In the hands of not so good or not used to RN cruisers with low point captain it is no threat at all. When i look at ship stats and consumables between Belfast and Fiji i dont quite understand why i do in Fiji so much better. I am going to blame MM for that. :)
  2. If they want to nerf premiums than should nerf Kamikaze first. GC was not game braking in T5 ranked sprint. IMO DDs was the ones that had biggest impact on the game and Kamikaze or Fujin or whatever destroyed sprint for me. I have GC but i didnt played it much bcs playing DD felt better. Playing other DDs against Kamikaze wasnt fun and a lot of ppl have them. As for the randoms GC is uptiered into T7 all the time anyway and it is not better than T7 BBs but can fight against them. Kamikaze can be uptiered with no problems. It still has the best concealment, manouverability, best torp reload... I have seen players in Kami that wasnt spotted for the whole game, just exploding ships in their path. Even if you are in higher tier DD you can have problems to counter them bcs of their good concealment. CVs counter them as much as other destroyers. Dont get me wrong, i didnt decide if i agree with nerfs, but as one said, nerfing the selling point of a ship is not acceptable unless it is global change. If they care about balancing they shouldnt put them in containers, but we all know why.
  3. xRSxrs

    any chance of a ramming rework?

    I think ramming mechanics its okay. Did survive a few rammings. Survival depends on speed of both ships and if you just touch the other ship or sail right into it and of course type of the ship and HP. Nothing wrong with that. It is nice that ramming flag is realistic and i still didnt figure out why Hood didnt had detonation flag mounted before going for Bismarck. I know they were short on suplies but for crying out loud they should mount it on the pride of RN. Is there someone on this forum that can calculate the forces and probability of sinking. It can all be calculated. But i have seen enough on the pictures of colision of 2 BBs.
  4. xRSxrs


    Are you shure about that. After so many games i can predict how MM is going to act in cases like: 1. If i had really good game, Kraken posibly, then i know the next few games are going to be punishing. How? Example: going out with the T6 DD, you are going to get T8 match (this is common so nothing wrong), but on the other side you get direct counter to your ship like unicum division of 3 clevelands (your team doesnt have any division), and T8 CV, and you are the only T6 in predominantly T8 match. And even the other T8 DDs are DD killers. Combine that with better players on the enemy team and you get real WG MM. 2. If you have good winrate and other stats for a few days then you are going to get 40% to 46% ppl on your side and on the other around 60%. I dont have any mods instaled to see winrates but i do go and look at the stats when those games happens. The most frustrating thing about MM is that not only you get uptiered by 2, but on the red team are ships that counters your ship heavily. Before you type something like ... you can still do goood ... git gud... Yep you can as long as your teamates move from the spawn and play. The MM is not RANDOM in any way. It is not skilledd based either. Their thinking is, the better you get the bigger sack of potatoes you have to carry. I guess a lot of players leave in frustration. At one point you cant carry the weight and you fall down and only then the MM is going to let you pick yourself up. This in in favour of bad play and learning therefore getting better is punished. And yes i think its getting worse. Some days i just cant win even if i try hard. A lot of steamrolls latelly that goes either way. I dont like them even if i win. Funny enough they are much more common on T10 games.
  5. xRSxrs

    Servers Down?

    I had the best game i ever had in ASASIO, done the one star campaign mission and nothing counted. Just my luck. We won but didnt get to the post game screen. Is this going to be fixed for the last game before crash?
  6. xRSxrs

    No more flags bundle in shop ?

    You are dividing flag bundles as all the flags are same price. Papa are one of the most expensive. I think the biggest problem with ingame purchase with doubloons is that all economy flags you have mounted are going to be refiled, even those who you dont find them worth the price. So you have to check that out every time as it is not enough time consuming already. WG please incorporate button for "demount all flags" or there is one and i am blind. It takes to long to mount or demount 8 flags. I mean pause when you clik and mount button appears. Or is this my problem only?
  7. xRSxrs

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    She can hit DDs better then Bayern, it has enough firepower to punish cruisers, and if you avoid salvo from other BBs with WASD its the same as taking DMG from it as a Bayern. A incoming salvo is a salvo. You just have to dodge more of them than in other BBs, and you can. You can do some brawling too but you have to pick your fights more carefully then in the other BBs. That makes ship IMHO not boring to play. If you want answer to the main question if i would buy that ship, then it is no, mainly bcs of constant T8 matches. I am just saying it is workable with different aproach. And yes you can carry matches.
  8. xRSxrs

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    After my first few games i was thinking this ship is total garbage. Every other T6 BB is much better. I was looking for those big hits that other BBs can do but they never came. I had to continue playing PEF in random so i excepted the fact that it is gonna be hard work for those steel missions. Then i said to myself dont play it like any other T6 BB, play it like a Hood or some tanky cruiser that can kite. Sudenly it didnt felt like a bad ship. I quite like it now. It is a ship that exels on a long run because you dont have those guns with good hits to do lots of damage in short term. Switching ammo especially when uptiered is a must and dodging incoming fire as much as you can (use your exellent maneuverability and sufficient speed). It can work even in a T8 match. And the other thing is that AA. I dont have to wory anymore about CVs like in other T6 BBs. It is very dependant what your play style is. I like that kind of play. I like Hood and DOY and they are one of my favourite BBs. I dont know why they are so hated ships. Probably because they are not that high dmg ships, but hydro can make a diference beetween loss and a win with DOY sometimes, although KGV is going to do more DMG. So, my first and final verdict is like day and night. You have to use ships advantages and playing on a long run. But i think it is dependant on a persons playstyle. Either you like it or hate it. It is not some new bad [edited]BB.
  9. xRSxrs

    Concealment - this cant be right???

    You are right something changed, but not game. Now DDs are not going for the cap anymore bcs who caps gets usually killed with so many radar ships, now they are going arround map border and spotting those USN radar island camping DD killing cruisers. Gameplay changed not the game mechanics. Thats my recent observation.
  10. xRSxrs

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    I have played for those tokens to get camos even when i didnt have that much time, so i wanted to buy some GONAVY containers to get it. I have read the article and it says "After the release of 0.7.8, in the Go Navy! containers, which include team tokens, every 10 tokens will be replaced by 500,000 credits". therefore i was kind of certain that they will sell them at least untill release of update. So who will be that stupid to buy containers and open them month later? I dont read everything that WG wrote and all the small text. Why didnt WG wrote that they will be available untill 19. 8. in the main article under the GONAVY containers!!!! So WG really thank you for that wasted time that i wanted to do something else. You can have all of my tokens, because i cant get any camo now and i am not spending them for anything else. What a rip off. I am more or less done with the game.
  11. xRSxrs

    HMS Hood crap

    Exactly. If he had any other ship he would be dead instead of you. Gneis is harder to kill thats why NC shot at you.
  12. xRSxrs

    HMS Hood crap

    True, but that kind of RNG seems to be more often with Hood. Except Gneisenau but then again gneisenau has better armor and it is great brawler. Dont get me wrong it is still a good ship and i like her because of her speed and manuverabilitty. And if you compare to KGV or DoY they have good HE and you get additional fires, so you dont have to land so many shells as Hood has with its AP. I didnt try to use HE on Hood as i think AP works better or am i wrong? About Lyon disscusion is totaly irrelewant because it has to have worse dispersion because of its 16 guns and you can feel that for sure. Lyon is a monster against cruisers. It is just a discusion about Hood and i am not crying for buff. Certanly it is not crap, but i think if they tweak sigma a little bit it would be closer to strenght of KGV, DoY or Lyon. I wont mention Nagato (dont want to open new disscusion) that is a good ship to. Maybe would be to much to buff Hood, i dont know.
  13. xRSxrs

    HMS Hood crap

    I played Hood i little bit and my conclusions are that it is fun to play and sometimes frustrating. Its fast, it can be incredibly tanky if angled right, meaning activly turning and using your speed when you are shoot at by higher tier BBs or you will eat citadels even angled. That can happen anyway but thats true for a lot BBs and probably wont happen twice in one game. And dont show your broadside at all costs or youll be punished hard. That is all good. It plays different that any other T7 BB. But when it comes to guns. Oh boy. They can hit hard as ton of bricks when RNGesus smiles on you, but a lot of times they troll you shooting cruiser on 5K, like someone said on the forum, and totaly misses the target. Half of the shells drops in front of the target half are to long. I dont have feeling that the shells are weak. They are strong against cruisers for sure and i think they are not so bad as many others against higher tier BBs. Generally is nice ship to play but you must work really hard to get results. There are better BBs in T7 for sure just because of her trollish guns. The only thing that misses in my opinion is better sigma on guns, anything else is fine as it is.
  14. xRSxrs

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Havent done enough to win. My back still hurts.
  15. xRSxrs

    NARAÏ operation & operations statistics

    This UF scenario is now for divisions only if you want to have fun. One good player cant carry, Majority has to be an average players to win. But is seems that they are not playing anymore because its not a fun brake from randoms anymore. Randoms can be less frustrating. Majority of players that stayed dont care about wining and if their earnings is 200XP and 100credits. Its a waste of time loosing so often. You can be better of in CO-OP. WG should really introduce sistem that scales dificullty depending how many players are in divisions . I agree that the problem are players but obviously difficulty is too high for solo and it looks like bots always target player who knows what he is doing and leave the ones alone that has no clue. Its like you are undetected and they hold fire and than focus you emediatly at the same time when you are detected. I am not playing this OP anymore, waste of time.