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  1. DaviTactic

    General feedback

    I like the CV rework, despite the balancing issues. With some tweeks it should be fine (in my book). What I don't like though, is the bloom change, the "bugged" way was way better, I've already lost a ranked game because of the new mechanic, and it makes it way harder to disengage, which is already quite hard. I really want this to be changed back. Furthermore, I like Arms-Race as a mode, but for Ranked? It's not a good competetive gamemode, yes better play still wins you the game, but points and map control matter way less.
  2. DaviTactic

    [PRIDE] looking for competitive players!

    I'm interested in joining this clan, since my current clan, while fun, has an average WR of 49%, the only problem is that I don't have any T10 ships. Do I have to wait to join you, or is it possible for me to join now while grinding?
  3. DaviTactic

    Critical error after using the launcher

    Well, games like PUBG and BF4 are played on the same PC, therefore I personaly think it's not the quality of the PC (but I'm not even close to being an expert). Via steam the game can run, but I'm unable to play my own account and I don't want to play from the begin... But on the website I found that this particulair problem is expected to be fixed with 7.3.0.
  4. DaviTactic

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Since 0.7.2 I'm unable to play the game since it crashed all the time when I click the play button in the launcher, I've redowloaded it several times, launched in save mode and opened it without using the launcher but I always get a critical error when I try to play... Has there been anyone else so far with this issue? In this topic I've asked it as well, but the replies haven't helped yet.
  5. DaviTactic

    Critical error after using the launcher

    Sadly, I haven't been able to (yet), I have opened it multiple times in save mode and without using the launcher, but it still doesn't work... Today I saw the icon was invalid or something like that, so I re-downloaded again but still... I'm not quite sure what you mean with it's integrity, but I've been looking through almost all of the options I get when I right click the icon and found nothing wrong...
  6. Hello all, I'm not quite sure if this is the correct section but it was the best I saw. Since a month I'm active again in the game and it was funny and all, but since Monday I have a problem while logging in. When I click on "play" in the launcher and the PC starts opening the game, he always give this critical error: (I'd have rather had a screenshot but it isn't possible now). Does anyone know how to fix this? I've already re-downloaded the game completely 2 times but it still gives this message... Thanks in advance and cheers
  7. DaviTactic

    Server Clash II - EU vs. NA

    At least TTT won 1 battle
  8. DaviTactic

    NL BE Dutch Extreme Gaming Clan zoekt nieuwe leden

    (Dutch) Ik zou er graag bij gaan, maar ben momenteel bijna 15 jaren jong :/ Verder heb ik momenteel ruzie met TS3 over Push To Talk. Ik denk dat ik later maar terugkom (English) Well, I would be glad if I can join you later, at the moment I'm (sadly) close to 15 years young. And I have an argue with TS3 about Push To Talk, I think I come back later . As long as there's no Dutch forum (which, as I think, would be too small), I chat at this thread Dutch and English
  9. DaviTactic

    Oh look, another tier 5 post.

    1 thing to remember, IFHE could be good for German captains (because of the upcoming buff) but at least at this moment if you want to hold this captain for the Hindenburg you shouldn't pick IFHE (can change with the upcomming buff as I said). Follow Flamu, Notser or Aerroon for more information (advertisements ^^). With the rest of this threat I completely agree *Sorry for my English...