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  1. slabogaming

    Odd Tier CVs When?

    The benefit of reintroducing them would mean that the current CVs do not have to be so OP, as they need to be at the moment to perform in uptiers. Adding the odd tier CVs would allow WG to level out carriers and make it so that the current carriers don't absolutely wreck everything. Alternatively, these CVs could be make with abilities to counter current carriers and protect ships. This would potentially help to balance CVs out somewhat for both CV players and other players.
  2. slabogaming

    Odd Tier CVs When?

    Ok so back when the CV Rework was first announced, with the mass carrier genocide wiping out all odd-tiered CVs, we were told that they would be making a return. That was in 2018. Its now nearly a third of the way into 2020 and we still haven't seen them. Instead, we have gotten submarines. Whats worse is that many of the odd tiered CVs, such as Essex, Hiryu and Taiho were all very historically significant. Especially in the Taiho's case, where it was removed yet the paper Hakuryu is still in game. Worst of all is that Carriers haven't even been fully balanced and finished, and yet submarines are being pushed out: which will ruin game balance even more. Despite all of this, we haven't heard any news on odd tiered carriers at all since the CV Rework announcement.
  3. slabogaming

    General CV related discussions.

    Ok so Submarines are being added, and yet we still haven't gotten our odd tier carriers. WG said that they would be returning, and yet its been two years and we haven't seen them yet. Worse still, we are instead getting submarines. This is stupid as carriers haven't even been properly implemented and yet we are already getting a new, even more broken class of ship
  4. slabogaming

    Submarines: How to Play

    ok but what about the odd tier carriers? are you just going to forget about them? or are they going to act as ASW carriers? This is the issue. you havent even finished implementing carriers back after the rework and yet you are adding a whole new class of ships to break the game and balance even more.