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  1. Drazhare

    Devastating strikes

    You need a ship that has big enough alpha- damage, like BB main battery salvo or torpedoes to do devastating strikes usually. Cruisers wither targets down over time. BBs can usually overmatch (light)cruiser armour from any angle. Best strategy against that is from Monty Python's: " How not to be seen".
  2. If they make it much easier, how is that training anyone? That's what co-op is for. If operations are challenging, but doable after a few retries, you actually get the feeling of accomplishment. Too easy, and it just turns to boring repetition to farm expand credits.
  3. Drazhare

    Remove Straffing?

    Strafing, as all manual attacks in CV takes some practice. It took me about 150 games in CV to learn to strafe and manual drop effectively. It's just as easy or hard as learning how to play a torpedo DD: it takes time and effort to learn how to predict enemy movements, travel times, damage, etc.
  4. Drazhare

    Clan build costly

    Have you tried playing clan battles? There is a challenge that gives 30 oil for winning a clan battle, so 7x30=210 oil per win. So let's say you play 5 battles and win 2 every day + oil from 2 containers per clan member = 420+210=630 oil per day with 7 clan members. If you try to get all the oil from just the crates, it will be a long grind.... I'm writing this from memory, so there might be a mistake or two, but you get the idea.