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  1. Metiu125

    Italian Battleships. The first tier X premium and more

    another great job obviously this ship to its why. well now I want to see the aircraft carriers!
  2. Metiu125

    Is a new Italian BB really coming?

    Test ship line...
  3. Metiu125

    ST - 0.9.6 Changes to test ships.

    eh a practically horrible balance they managed to twist the wings of a practically perfect ship. I object because leteralme as it happened for Roma then for Impero not done year but worsen the situation exponentially remembering that I am united premium! I can understand you for Venice but not for the latter mentioned.
  4. Metiu125

    Italian Battleships. The top of the line

    made a superlative job!!! now it would take a union between your ship and the centurio-class.