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    Thanks for the laughs, amigo.
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    I have a PayPal record showing that 70 euro was sent to your mother, so stop denying what is true. It was a loan. I don't give money to people unless they are prostitutes. I hope the moderator will delete this posts because people are not interested. Also, some people just don't know how to write in English, so what they say is lost in translation. Chrstario, everyone knows what you have done and what you continue to do. Your reputation has gone down the toilet, I'm afraid. You were a friend, but now I see that you were never a friend, you just wanted me to give you money.Yes you have a list of supposed Plague members are joining your non existent clan, but most of those people have said to me that they remain loyal to Plague. Get a life.
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    Split Topic: Clan Recruitment > PLAGUE is infectious. Join Now!

    Christario, you should repay the commander of Plague before you start posting untrue comments. How can people trust you now?
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    Split Topic: Clan Recruitment > PLAGUE is infectious. Join Now!

    I'm sorry to see an ex player posting defamatory remarks about me. He's forgotten to say that he owed me 70 euro which, out of the kindness and generosity of my heart, I lent him to pay for a new SSD card. When I asked him to pay me back he basically said that I could f*** myself. Is this the action of an honourable person? You can't trust what he says, I'm sorry to say. I just wish that I had learned what kind of person he was much earlier. He was banned from PLAGUE.