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  1. 2ndGovernor

    ap and light cruisers..

    This was intended figuratively. Anyway, When I aim for a smolensk with (for example)240mm ap on the waterline, I get much less pens/citadels then when I shoot at a moskva..
  2. 2ndGovernor

    ap and light cruisers..

    Hello everyone, A while ago the game was reasonably balanced in terms of different class ships. Such as stone, paper, scissors. However, with the addition of ships such as the Smolensk, the game is very disrupted in my opinion. It should not be that a light cruiser can beat a battleship 1v1. The implementation of "light armor" has shifted completely and is wrong. A Hindenburg is now more sensitive to the average caliber AP than a Smolensk. Or when another light cruiser makes a mistake by sailing full broadside, it cannot be punished because of the overpens.. What are your opinions?
  3. 2ndGovernor

    Smolensk... what is it based on?

    The ship is completely unbalanced. Typically wargaming ... Earlier I praised the game for the balance. But nowadays .. Pfff I have just been completely destroyed in my t10 bb. 21/27 shells are overpens. Well done Wargaming, you sincerely make it less fun!