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  1. Aragathor

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Oh great, 1300 flags in port, now it's a 100 more... Now that's more like it! Daddy likes, even if I have over 700 days already.
  2. It is recent. And it is quite insulting, as it treats the user like small child by trying to limit their agency. We know what we are downloading, we don't a nanny to check it first.
  3. Aragathor

    Do you have problems on the server?

    I'm in Germany and had issues too.
  4. Aragathor

    Let's talk about the Odin

    I never knew you can have too much fun in an entertainment product. Must be something specific to Russian companies where the customer is not allowed to have "too much" fun. Ah, the classic lie that WG is monitoring anything. At this point only complete noobs are believing anything they say.
  5. Aragathor

    Let's talk about the Odin

    A pointless ship delivered through another boring grind event. I won't bother. There is no real reward for owners of Graf Spee, Odin is just a joke compared to Tirpitz. Greedgaming at it's finest.
  6. Aragathor

    Mouse cursor outside of game window

    Had this recently. Do you have any screen lock software active when playing? If not, have you performed a check and repair? I stopped having issues when removed the extra software and the game locks the cursor withing the screen during battles.
  7. Indeed it is, had to disable it in FF. The way it's worded it sounds like they want people to stop going outside big business with their downloads. Idiotic AF.
  8. Aragathor

    To Pyotr Bagration players

    Ah yes, the Meals Rejected by Everyone AKA Meals Refusing to Exit.
  9. Aragathor

    To Pyotr Bagration players

    Currently I'm using the Bagrat's XP mission to level my Donsky captain, so he has IFHE. But to be honest I haven't seen a big benefit from it.
  10. There's a German saying which translated means "once their reputation is ruined, people tend to cast aside all decency". WG is hamming it up with customer unfriendly actions, because they know they can't get any worse reactions from their veteran players. And they don't care if the new guy stops playing after 100 games in a Tirpitz.
  11. Don't worry. In April 2018 a WG dev stated they fixed it. It aged like milk.
  12. What will blow your top, is that some clans try to time their divisions so they drop into the same battle. If they get on the same side the enemy team is screwed because of coordination. If they land on opposite sides they often don't shoot each other or even throw on purpose.
  13. Yeah, misread his post.
  14. Please check again, the mission has the following limitation: So it's an relatively easy mission to complete for everyone.
  15. I appreciate the honesty, they are fully admitting to a policy of aggressive monetization. It's their right as a company. It's also the right of players to say "nah, screw that" and not spending money, while also warning people not to invest any cash into this game. In the end everybody loses.