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  1. I'd take the Krispy Kreme with a 0p captain and no camo over this ship. I'd pick the stock Emerald with standard consumables instead of playing that one. It's a ship with no offense, no defense, and no presence. It rides the struggle bus to hardship town. It's the Jianwei.
  2. Aragathor

    Collectors club

    Not exactly. It is really the equivalent of telling a kid that, even though he was good the year around, Santa won't come to him because he's red headed.
  3. Aragathor

    Collectors club

    Make it collectors outside RU. The Collectors Club is live on RU. The patch is most likely meant for RU CC members.
  4. Aragathor

    CV Rework Discussion

    C0ckbote will have almost 1km of detection outside radar with those changes. Time enough for a DD to turn around and mind its business elsewhere. The nerf will hit cruisers with bad concealment hard. Might take the legendary module out of my hinden because of that.
  5. Aragathor

    CV Rework Discussion

    Please restrain your enthusiasm, a 4% reduction does not constitute a large difference.
  6. Aragathor

    Collectors club

    We will most likely hear in 2019 that the Collectors Club will start somewhere next year.
  7. Aragathor

    CV Rework Discussion

    I own CVs of both lines and haven't received any invites. But I'm pretty certain WG doesn't like me.
  8. Aragathor

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Feels that way lately. And I'm not even joking.
  9. Aragathor

    CV Rework Discussion

    To really have people be neutral they would have to never come into contact with CVs in WoWS. No game play, no media, nothing. That's impossible. Every player taking part in the test will be biased this way or the other. It is inevitable. That's really weird. So WG decided to flip the established flavor of IJN having smaller squadrons and USN having larger ones, which was partially based on real life organization. With the IJN planes being faster I can see IJN carriers offering a higher "RoF" than the USN ones. I have a feeling this will be too much.
  10. Aragathor

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Oh no! How will the sweaty seal clubbers in Stalingrads survive this? WG must buff the HE on the ship immediately! /s
  11. Aragathor

    CV Rework Discussion

    On reddit there's a consensus that the people most likely to not get invited are those with a lot of cv experience/owners of T9-10 CVs. So you're good.
  12. Aragathor

    Black Friday Dev blog

    There is no black perma camo for silver ships. Only the 4 premiums have a black perma camo. There's an image on the dev blog showing the black consumable camo on the MOO-sashi. It's a misunderstanding on the part of @Hades_warrior. PS: The PSA has all the answers.
  13. Aragathor

    CV Rework Discussion

    I can see Ovechkin, in his American version, being quite useful with his improved SE. An FA, IE, SE, AS build right off the bat will give people who have him a decent start when the rework goes live. I wonder how much they will tweak those skills.
  14. That would be a shame, I really like that one. Oh the times of AS Bogue...