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  1. Anyone wants to know how much the Aigle earns with some good signals and camo? Here's an obligatory "it's not the ship, it's the player" Giulio Cesare game: Almost a kraken, one salvo more... Also a few well played DD games out of a string of victories (people play derpy in the evening).
  2. How do you feel about the Aigle?

    Oh I'm not thinking, that's what's my experience tells me. I have found out that being able to keep the guns on target while changing course is of great value in the Aigle. The ability to juke and fire is priceless.
  3. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    The Emile has troll armor. It is so lightly (un)armored that AP always overpens when the ships shows broadside. The only vulnerability is the citadel. You're welcome. I try to stay up to date on the RN CLs as they are some of my most favorite ships.
  4. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    That's not valid anymore. The smoke emission time has been changed from 7s to 15s some months before, so it is possible to smoke up while going full speed and stop inside the smoke. This has limited the value of the Smoke Screen Expert skill and dramatically increased the amount of smoke clouds a RN CL can produce (previously only 2). The smoke duration however has not been changed.
  5. Thanks for removing the part of my post from the quote which addressed the point you are raising. Nike and other companies offering physical goods don't pull their products from the shelves to offer them as limited duration bundles. They don't sell last year's sneakers with a handbag, scarf, and some stickers. No, what they do is to offer replacements in the same categories they covered previously. Which leads me to WG, there are no replacements for the low tier ships, at least no announced ones. The only T3 ship announced is a free event cruiser. Contrary to Adidas, WG doesn't offer replacements for the newly removed ships. They don't sell anything. And by the way, buying a low tier ship to grind XP doesn't work, you don't earn big at low tiers.
  6. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    It's the worst T5 cruiser in all relevant statistics. This ship is worse than some of the T4 cruisers. Hell, even the Krispy Kreme has better stats. OP you need to stay your fire until you are smoked up. Then you can go to town. The RN CL line really starts at T6 with Leander, which is only 36K away from the B hull. Also consider islands as your best friends and hide behind them. Also, always try to keep a sharp angle towards the enemy, even when in smoke. You will provide a smaller target, compared to people who sail that ship broadside on.
  7. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    My previous post was written on my cell phone. It's not the forum, it's the fact that the trollface smiley was removed from the menu, but not as a command. So if you write :smile trollface: with a "_" instead of an empty space in the middle it should appear normally.
  8. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    They didn't.
  9. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    Just because a premium requires a specific play style doesn't make it garbage. Neither Perth nor Graf Spee are bad, they require however that the player adapts to their abilities. PS: Atago and nerf? That ship is already on the struggle bus at T8 with some of the worst stats.
  10. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    I like to look at things from the other side, so here's my opinion on why certain ships aren't the best, from the bottom up: Pensacola & Shchors Both ships are made out of paper, one stern look in their direction and they get a double citadel through the bow. Their redeeming qualities are the great guns which in the case of the Pensacola fire the super heavy AP shell and for Shchors the 12 rapid firing rifles. Yorck & Algerie Both ships are heavily dependent on Damage-over-Time, they are unable to make bold plays. Algerie is weakly armored and Yorck has useless AP (over 10km). They are good for hanging back and firing HE. Atlanta/Flint Not only does this ship require a working knowledge of ballistics it also needs a dedicated captain and luck, as it has no armor and short range. Great against DDs, good against BBs, bad against CA/CL. Flint is similar but has the added benefit of smoke. Indianapolis Better armor than Pensacola and radar make it a solid choice. But she's still fragile, so there's little staying power. If the New Orleans is similar after the upcoming change, it will be a clear contender among the better cruisers. Belfast While great, the ship is not being sold anymore. So if you don't have it, you might as well ignore it. I keep mine in port for when I want to piss people off by spamming fire from smoke. Fiji The RN CLs are really good, if you can master them. They are not user friendly. But they can easily eliminate DDs and cruisers, BBs can get a solid work-over with sAP that leaves them reeling. So if you are comfortable in a fragile ship you will do well in the Fiji. But remember that the smoke nerf made aggressive plays risky. Myoko If not for the bad AA this should would be perfect. It can take some damage when angled. Has 10x203mm guns with great fire chance. The torps are good too, if you can make the firing angles work. It has to show a bit side when firing all guns, but it's great training for when you progress further up the line. It also has two cool looking Dragon variants that can be used as premium ships. To me the overall winner is the Myoko, followed by Fiji. If the New Orleans is like the Indianapolis when downtiered, then it will take third place.
  11. [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    Since the ships have been sold now for money, asking WG to give them standard T6 premium camo bonuses is fair. Yes, the ARP ships also lack any bonuses AFAIK. That's why LWM put them together with the dragons in the review.
  12. AFAIK Corgi captains on NA have access to a press account for the purpose of the event. They don't play under their own names but as " Corgi_Captain_??" where the ?? is a number. So instead of shooting at Lert or iChase people are shooting at Corgi_Captain_104 and Corgi_Captain_148.
  13. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Right now it's a game where Lesta tries to make the game dumb enough so that window lickers spend money on bloated bundles with P2W ships. Bingo. A game with a CV is less enjoyable than a game without one, because a CV can limit a player's ability to influence the game to almost 0. Getting perma spotted in a DD by airplanes or one shot killed as a CL/CA is fun only for the CV player and no one else. And it's not about adapting to CVs as often time you have no ability to counter one, especially when focused down.