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  1. Yup. I never had any problems deciding where to put other special captains like Honore or Dunkirk, Jütland however is in reserve and I don't know where to use him.
  2. Graf Spee - Heal?

    It's Elsaß and Lothringen.
  3. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    This would have been funny, if not for the fact that there are many such experts around...
  4. Neptune

    This is your problem right here. Neptune has the highest smoke firing detection in the whole RN CL line. You pull the trigger and the bloom goes to 6.6km, that's more than the concealment of many DDs at T9. You want to hide behind islands away from the caps and when you smoke up do it more than 10km away from radar ships. Neptune has been nerfed hard by the smoke changes, so you have to play the ship in an extra guarded mode.
  5. Missions thanks for nothing

    It's a commander with improved skills, just like the other special commanders offered before. The only difference is in the nation and skills. It is unfair because it limits the availability, while other commanders with skill bonuses weren't limited. Also let me point out that at the same time we have a special commander sale going on. And that's beyond scummy, as new players and players who don't have high tier ships are being put against a wall. Without a T8+ ship that can get them the commander, their only chance at getting one is to open their wallet. And those commanders in the shop aren't decorative, they offer ingame bonuses and are better than standard commanders, which makes buying one a clear case of Pay to Win. I could list a few reasons, but let me limit myself to pointing out that they tried that with missions before. Didn't work out in their favor. Limiting access to ingame content by excluding players isn't a good way to run a Free to Play game. Or more likely react to giving P2W content to other players for free while giving you the option to buy it, by leaving the game. Blocking content and at the same time offering it for cash isn't motivating. New players aren't people who play rarely. They might have a a few T5+ ships, as those are easy to get, but haven't reached T8+. PS: There's a Notser video about the paid commanders. Really worth watching.
  6. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    That's not right. Santa boxes have a higher chance of dropping ships. Last year the Santa containers had a finite list of premiums one could get, including premiums removed permanently from sale. Also Santa boxes have a limited list for other rewards, so the chance of getting crap was lowered. My Santa haul was 12 premiums last year, compare this to almost 1,5 years of play and only 1 SC ship drop.
  7. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    My only non-santa container ship was the Krispy Kreme, just as I was about to buy one. I agree that the SCs could be a bit more balanced, but they are a free lottery where you get them by playing the game.
  8. Missions thanks for nothing

    If the same type of content was available to them previously, then yes, they should have access. And I'm saying that as an experienced player who isn't limited by tiers when it comes to missions. Dunkirk was available to anyone who played Operation Dynamo and earned the crates for the collection. Honore dropped from french containers. T5+ players could earn those. Suddenly raising the bar for the German commander makes no sense and is unfair.
  9. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Out of the three I'd say she's a solid second place. Kii is better by a bit. Mutsu is very squishy, which means that you always have to watch out for the surprise citadel. You can't really brawl in her. But thanks to the torps you can surprise enemies that ambush you. If you can stay at range and do damage you will find the ship comfortable. But still not as good as the Kii, although the T6 MM won't force you to fight T10 ships, which is a big plus. Now about the Ashitaka. Do not even look at her, she's not worth the money.That ship has very few redeeming qualities and only a small group of players like her.
  10. Missions thanks for nothing

    It's not about being worth it or not, it's about keeping a special captain out of reach of new players, while having a copy of him available in the shop. It's really devious, as it puts newish players in a situation where they have to choose between paying or not getting the captain.
  11. Grozovoi in Ranked

    In direct comparison the Grozovoi offers no advantage compared to Yueyang and Gearing. While it's concealment is similar, it has worse guns and torps, and while it is a bit faster it also has a bad rudder shift and a huge turning radius. Even the AA suite is comparable, as the Yueyang and Gearing have a good short range damage, meaning that you shine only with DFAA on. And for a T10 DD it has some bad stats, leading only in the planes destroyed category. The only ship similar to it is the Z-52, but that one has hydro which tilts cap contesting in it's favor. This ship isn't competitive. In a meta with few CVs it penalizes the team it's on.
  12. Missions thanks for nothing

    Oh yeah, I didn't even notice getting Captain Stalinstache. That one was easy as hell.
  13. Missions thanks for nothing

    And it's a problem, because other special captains like Charlie Honor or Jack Dunkirk were easier to get. Putting harder requirements on the German captain is unfair to low level players.
  14. He's special, short bus special that is. The combination of skills offers no advantage to German ships. But hey, WG knows the game best. Riiight.
  15. Missions thanks for nothing

    We are returning to the old mission system, where you need to fulfill stupid requirements to get a paltry reward. I remember getting Jack Dunkirk from a collection that was gathered by playing a nice operation with ships WG gave us.