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  1. Some random bobs and ends. You know Combat Scout in Anhalt, Southern Dragon carrying in T9, and an easy 100k damage in the Mikoyan.
  2. Aragathor

    A highly controversial opinion but...

    https://www.reddit.com/r/furry_irl/ is leaking, again...
  3. Go to hell WG, you are cheap pond floaters.
  4. Mission design by WG an example of being so disconnected from the product, you have no idea what happens. Worst practice in action, again.
  5. Aragathor

    Encounter off Jutland: Pick Your Side!

    When picking the British side the ingame mission does not require a specific country, when picking the German side it requires German ships. Good programming.
  6. Aragathor

    Fdg Full Secondary Build

    Yes and it's all because WG did not give the ship a turtleback. Just look in the armor viewer, Freddie has a shallow armor scheme that allows for easy citadels.
  7. Aragathor

    WoW promotes children gambling.

    Bingo. Even the wording is telling. It's an ambulance chaser company looking for paydirt.
  8. Aragathor

    New Japanese Battleships

    Because of the overmatch thresholds. WG is so incompetent, they created a mechanic that forces their hand with ship design. And since it was made by a Russian dev team, the previous decisions will not be questioned under any circumstance.
  9. Aragathor

    New Japanese battleships - Closed test (DB 447)

    Weird name for the T10 and incorrect ahistorical guns. WG makes sure we get slapped with a wet blanket whenever we get something exciting.
  10. Aragathor

    New Japanese Battleships

    I'd rather have them use the name Yufudake instead of Bungo. Bungo is not the name used on maps, in English you can find it as Mount Yufu. And using the name normally used for the province is just confusing.
  11. Aragathor

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Not an SC, but the Distant voyages box from the dockyard dropped a very rare camo for me:
  12. So, as I had my birthday today I received 2 SCs from WG. Two nerfed SCs with less than half the value from the previous ones. In their hurry to remove anything of value, WG made sure that the rewards now are less than 50% of previous birthday gift. Good job WG, keep it going. The player base is not shrinking. /S PS: For anyone saying I'm ungrateful, they changed the daily login SCs to 2x. Plus, I'm a whale, I paid them enough to be entitled.
  13. Aragathor

    A new look at the player numbers

    And here I was thinking you were on mobile and wanted to give you a hand. The fact that WG posted not the raw data, means they have something to hide. Truth is always the best way to remove any doubt. We as customers use 3rd party tools to access the API, but WG has all the information. A game that is going strong would provide unquestionable data to prove that, but alas we get meaningless graphs.
  14. Aragathor

    A new look at the player numbers

    Here's a direct link to the post on the NA forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/266482-psa-wows-player-trends-with-graphs/?tab=comments#comment-5944802 If anyone wants to take a look how people over the pond are dunking on official WG provided "data".
  15. Aragathor

    A new look at the player numbers

    Stop engaging WG shills. It's pointless.