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  1. Aragathor

    Good news about Operations

    Saint Thomas says "I'll believe it when I play it".
  2. Aragathor

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Monthly drop: I have no idea where these came from, I swear:
  3. Aragathor

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Well, they already nuked the mod from every forum. So no way to obtain it in the future.
  4. Aragathor

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    That was fast. A pity.
  5. Aragathor

    No Hunt for Bismarck event?

    Are they or are they opening a new studio? Because the only official news was they are divesting itself of Lesta. And we have seen 0 proof they are doing any changes to the WoWS team. Everything we get still is made in St Pete's. At the end of the day, it looks like they are doing nothing.
  6. Aragathor

    Update 0.11.4 - French Cruisers Early Access

    You are comparing apples to oranges and saying they don't have enough citrus flavors. You should compare the ships to similar cruisers at tier, and not battleships. So for Toulon that would be no other cruiser, as it is the only cruiser at tier with guns larger than 203mm. It also has a heal which only a handful cruisers have at T7. Cherbourg should be compared with Congress, the only other 305mm armed cruiser at T8. Brest should be compared to other large cruisers like Kronstadt, Alaska, Carnot, etc. And don't forget it has 330mm guns. Marseille compares with the likes of Puerto Rico and Stalingrad. You have BB sized guns in a cruiser slot. A very fast cruiser with a reload booster. Which means that played well the ships can keep shooting broadsides all day. I'm now killing it in ranked with Brest. People see a cruiser and show side. And that's when I give them a triple salvo from 2x4 front mounted 330mm guns. And what do they have on their team? A 203mm ship most likely. That I can citadel. PS: An example from my last game, a Vladivostok showed my Brest side, went from 50k HP to 9k in one salvo.
  7. Aragathor

    Update 0.11.4 - French Cruisers Early Access

    Yes, they take up a cruiser slot. Which is a big thing. I have found the AP performance and the durability to be very nice and effective in ranked. And that with only a 10p captain on Brest. The only real downside of this event is the way the bundles are unlocked. I'd rather have the early access modeled after the German BCs, where I bought bundles with tokens and flags, but got the ships and camos from sequential bundles.
  8. Aragathor

    How do you like new "Silver" Italian DD line?

    I would like to point out that manure has many uses and should not be compared unfavorably to what WG created with the ITA DDs.
  9. Aragathor

    Brest - Tier IX

    Ich kann vieles akzeptieren, aber die Türme sind ein Alptraum. 36s Basis ist zu viel. Und mit dem Nachlademodul werden es über 40s... Selbst die Kronstadt hat eine bessere Drehrate. PS: Das Schiff ist wirklich gut und macht Spaß.
  10. That's the official spiel and it's dumb as hell. The planes now look just ugly with most of the camos. Especially perma camos. But hey, any attempt at historicity died long ago in this game.
  11. Aragathor

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    As always WG manages to show the middle finger to everyone not playing T9 and up. Now the only modes T8 and down are standard battles and domination. And the game population isn't growing. I wonder why.
  12. Aragathor

    Update 0.11.3 - Bug Reports

    There's an issue with rangefinders on the Queen Elizabeth, camo is not being applied to them: Also, is there any news on the bug where players cannot buy perma camo? I'm, for example, unable to buy or preview T6 perma camos. I can apply owned perma camos though.
  13. Aragathor

    Bitwy rankingowe: sezon siódmy

    Liczyłem jak wprowadzali, powyżej brązu szkoda czasu na grę. Za dużo kartoflarzy którzy nic nie robią. Mam w klanie dość ludzi którzy mi mówią jak " wspaniałe" jest srebro i złoto. A co do stali, to do zakupu został mi FDR i Austin, resztę już mam. Więc nie mam się po co spieszyć. Mecklenburg dostanę za Puerto Rico.
  14. Aragathor

    Bitwy rankingowe: sezon siódmy

    Gram podobnie. Co dwa tygodnie 800 stali, 10 kamuflaży, i 400 dublonów. W złotej lidze ludzie się pocą za tylko 400 stali i 200 dublonów więcej. Po co?
  15. Aragathor

    Is Italian cruiser Abruzzi any good?

    She was better before the IFHE nerf. Now she struggles quite hard, especially when uptiered.