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  1. Sharks still winning?

    Well to me the difference lies between getting to 50 loyalty with the Eagles and not getting it. So it's great!
  2. Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    That's why I'm grinding the Monarch baby!
  3. T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    Will do! Thanks! I bought it, equipped it, but I won't be playing it this weekend. I'll wait till September.
  4. Yeah, that sucks. Especially since people don't know that it's PayPal that is limiting access. But at least some players can get a doubloon bonus for their money.
  5. My hopes for the new cv ui

    The problem lies with the fact that they will show off what they've got and ignore any feedback that doesn't fit their preconceived ideas.
  6. My hopes for the new cv ui

    Equality of outcome is what they are striving for. At least it looks like it. Having even the worst potato get a huge damage number will in their mind make the game more popular. The problem? People who are really willing to invest in the game will leave. What will remain are the people who will drop the game for something new and shiny in a heartbeat. Looking at how WG often patronizes players and rolls out the same used up phrases, no even vodka won't help.
  7. My hopes for the new cv ui

    WG would never publicly acknowledge that they made a mistake. It would lessen their masculinity.
  8. Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    The release of Stalingrad in this form makes me wonder why I should play T8+ anymore. Or clan battles after this season. @ForlornSailorindeed. There is no point playing T10, as soon it will devolve into a brainless push-left-mouse-button tier. Congratulations WG. You reached another level of stupid.
  9. I'm in Germany, logged in, and there is no such offer present anywhere in the shop.
  10. Nope. All the prices in the shop are normal for me. There are also no special offers like you describe. Most likely your offer is limited to your particular country.
  11. Indeed, Minekaze has more range on the guns, is faster, has a better torpedo reload. The only thing that's better in the Kamikaze is the torpedo damage and 200 more HP.
  12. No. They think that the concealment and AA are good selling points. That's the problem. Another one is the fact that they don't listen to the community, we could have told them that we would rather have worse AA and concealment in return for decent guns. Instead we will get, because let's not foll ourselves about the possibility of WG changing the ship for the better, a ship that is boring to play. Battleships stand on guns and armor, that's why Roma is so great, while the guns are kinda derpy the armor compensates for it. PEF doesn't have that. Indeed, I really don't understand the reason why WG doesn't give the ship a few small buffs to make it worthwhile. After all, it's stats are worse than those of Normandie. But that's the problem of many older premiums, they've got power creeped and now they just can't compete. No, they are not insane. They just cornered themselves and will double down on gimmicking RN DDs into the ground. They will talk big about "defensive" destroyers and other bull droppings, but in the end they will release a line that will be overly complicated to play. Another nerf to Japanese ships. #TsushimaAvenged
  13. Well, at least the French T8 and T9 won't be nerfed to the ground. The 1s increase can be stomached... PEF? Dead on arrival for me. I wanted this ship, but after the first round of CC vids I've gotten worried. Shouldn't have, that ship with those changes? Complete garbage.
  14. IJN`s secret HE Buff - opinions?

    And it'll look like this: "We have decided to increase the reload on all 127mm IJN guns by 2,5s, to compensate we lowered the damage of all torpedoes and increased their spotting distance. This will balance the IJN Ds better compared to other lines. Action Stations."