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  1. Aragathor

    Naval Battles bugged this week?

    Weird that you mention it, had some clan mates mention it in our discord. PS: My attempts have had a severe lag.
  2. But it would only apply to newly sold ships. Old owners would not be affected.
  3. Stats wise it's performing better than any Russian T5 cruiser, save Murmansk. So it's good. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20210501/eu_2month/average_ship_u.html
  4. Aragathor

    What music do you listen to during your battles?

    Depends, mostly ingame music. But if I'm just playing for dailies I have things like Drachinifel or Mark Felton in the background. Or some political commentary.
  5. No, the Hydrophone is not the Hydroacoustic search. At least ingame. Here's the blurb for the Hydrophone from testing: Hydrophones were the markers that showed the circles on the surface when a sub was pinged.
  6. I always thought they would name the Super Carrier Beria, to go on with the theme.
  7. Don't worry comrade, Superbattlship Khrushchev is already being designed. With 4x4 580mm guns and 20s reload it will be balanced by low speed of only 28kn. It will be then followed by the lightly armored Superbattleship Brezhnev, which with it's accurate 4x2 800mm guns and a super heal will certainly be a good addition to the game. All designs are historically correct and not found on a puke smeared napkin in the archives.
  8. Aragathor

    Hey WG, thanks for ranked bronze.

    This is how you define seal clubbing.
  9. Like most older ships she isn't balanced. Global nerfs have hit many premiums over time and WG is not willing to correct it in any way. They are firmly focused on delivering as many new premiums as possible.
  10. Aragathor

    Hey WG, thanks for ranked bronze.

    Well, then I'll just play Belfast for easy wins. Or Ark Royal and touch DDs.
  11. Aragathor

    Hey WG, thanks for ranked bronze.

    Or getting to R1 in Bronze and calling it a week. Then rinse and repeat next time the rank resets.
  12. So, I've been enjoying playing ranked in bronze. I use it to grind the new and useless lines that WG drops, like a bull drops feces. Mind you, bull feces has a practical use as a fertilizer. Used it for the Minnesota, Veneto, and now Lepanto. This mode, with its smaller teams, let's bad ships get away with a lot more. Most of the time it doesn't matter if I win or lose. I always can save a star, with small exceptions. The people I play against? They're not having fun playing against me. But since I can game the system I can always stay in bronze. And the rewards in silver and gold are not high enough for me to bother. The whole mode is a free source of XP and steel for people like me. So, thanks again WG for ranked bronze. Thought of the day: You don't need skill, if you're beating up kids.
  13. Aragathor

    Armada: Hyūga

    And those almost moments are the ones that add that little "something" to the ship. Imagine, a DD just jumps out around the corner, one AP salvo followed by HE 14s later? Or a double slam dunk on a broadside enemy BB? CV pops up in sight and you have this one chance to get the shots in? "Almost" can be the difference between winning and losing. Also, the ship in itself is solid without the booster. It's the ship California wanted to be.
  14. Interesting enough my email account categorized that mail as an ad/offer. So I thought I didn't get one. Nice gesture, even if low value for people who finished the collections.
  15. In other news, Hyuga still needs a buff.