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  1. Aragathor

    Exeter - Last stage

    Looking at the last stage I realize that WG doesn't want to promote good sportsmanship, team play, or even human decency. What they want is a game filled with egoists that behave in the most rear ended way.
  2. Nicholas is a 1919 design study for an enlarged Clemson based destroyer leader.
  3. Aragathor

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    Let's not forget the fabulous LWM review of the boats:
  4. Aragathor

    Competition: Win Premium Ships This Weekend!

    Did you try to torp her in your sleep?
  5. Aragathor

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    The most likely of answers.
  6. Aragathor

    Exeter - Last stage

    I am done with this idiotic first stage. I want to strangle the person who thought this was balanced and acceptable. I also find that properly played the Gallant is a really good boat that can solo T7 BBs with ease while gunboating.
  7. Aragathor

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    WG is far too busy making new premium ships to be bothered with things like these. You'll be lucky to get a worthless "it was passed on for consideration" or a mocking "soon".
  8. Aragathor

    Exeter - Last stage

    I'm sitting at 4/7 since yesterday. Had a 83% WR yesterday, 71%WR today. I keep winning games but not getting achievements. And it's not like I'm bottom of the list in the team. Extremely frustrated by this stage.
  9. Aragathor


    Interesting enough, a lot of Disney animations in the films have been reused over and over again to save costs.
  10. Aragathor

    Buying Commemorative flags

    This has already been asked before, here - WG has no interest in selling those flags, there are no plans of adding flags for free XP ships even though WG created them, and we can also forget about getting flags they forgot to hand out like the Year of the Pig flag.
  11. Aragathor

    Exeter - Last stage

    The ship's value is somewhere around 12€. I was willing to pay for it, instead of going for the missions, but WG told me that they will only sell the ship in a bloated bundle which is overpriced for the meager content. Their reasoning for not offering the ship in a simple slot + ship package, was that I could earn the ship for free. But time isn't free and the jacked up requirements of the last stage vastly overwhelm the real value of the ship, which is a T5 cruiser. You can of course accept predatory sales practices all you want, I don't need to. This mission marathon is bad, it excludes people from finishing it, be it because they only play coop or lack the required ships. It is designed to prevent people from obtaining the ship, and those that will, will have to invest a lot of time and energy in it, excessively so compared to the true value of the ship. So tell me, why should we be happy as WG moves the goalposts and removes options that were present in previous events of similar nature?
  12. Aragathor

    Exeter - Last stage

    The Exeter missions are limited to T6-T8 British ships.
  13. Aragathor

    Bluepill me about the Bismarck

    The stats say otherwise - http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20190316/eu_week/average_ship.html. I understand that perception bias colors how people see ships, but cold hard numbers say that GK is the worst T10 BB. Massachusetts is too strong, it made all other T8 secondary premiums obsolete.
  14. Aragathor

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    Yes, I think they are. WG is playing stupid games, so people go for stupid prizes. There are several more stages after the 7 achievements, so people need to get them reliably fast to have enough time to finish the mission. Especially since it's only a week until the grind ends and some can only play on a weekend. PS: I had 5 games today, where I played for the win and tried to contribute instead of hunting achievements. Wasn't worth it, others played mongo and earned theirs.
  15. Aragathor

    Bluepill me about the Bismarck

    Yeah, go for the worst T10 battleship, the one that has the lowest winrate, lowest damage, lowest K/D ratio. The one that doesn't get citadeled, but instead constantly eats HE and full pens.