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  1. Taralack

    Questions about Wows statistics

    Dont let the stats destroy your gaming experiance. Try to improve your gameplay but to much focus on stats can devalope gaming addiction.
  2. Taralack

    French T8 premium BB Gascogne

    I brought the Gascogne today to be able to finnish the french compaign and get the last few containers for the mission. I was very sceptical after reading negative reviews and watching flamu on youtube. But at the end i bought the ship and played a few games on coop to get the feel. Its a very fast BB with great gun rotation speed. I played so far only 2 games in random. I love the Atago and played the Gascogne the same way, kiting and switching between HE and AP. To my big suprise i did both games around 105k dmg with a tier 10 captain. I loved the playstyle as Im used to playing Atago a lot and it worked well on Gascogne. Play it like a heavy cruiser and you might like it.
  3. Taralack

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    I can confirm the same experience. Restarting the game solves the problem.
  4. Taralack


  5. The thing is that CV play makes such a huge impact on the battle. if you have a poor CV player on your team and the enemy has a good one that can manually drop bombs/torpedoes the game is decided even before you start playing. The is no other class, specially on low tiers that can dominate the games as CV does.
  6. Taralack

    [][FR][EN] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I mean anime commanders. :-)
  7. Taralack

    Interested in German Cruisers

    The german cruisers have good AP shells, but are considered squishy so you need to know how to play them. That appplies to every line and in a hands of skilled players every ship is OP. In my opinion from tier 5 up all of them are good. People struggle with Yorck becouse it guns are positioned differently then the other german cruisers around that tier so people show broadside to be able to use all guns (2 in front 2 in back). Of cours this way you take great dmg if ships focus on you. Yorck kind of introduse you to Hipper that you get at tier 8. Dont let people turn you of the Hipper, its a great ship but you have to keep the distance (its best at lest in the start of the game, later you can be more aggressive). Roon and Hindenburg are great ships too.
  8. Taralack

    Nagato captain skills

    I did play ealier a Nagato specced on compleatly around secondaries and did have great games with it. However after a while I noticed that my mid-long range fire power wasnt accurate as it could be. Since then I switched to upgrades that focus on it and my dmg has improved since then. I found that the secondary build was too situational. This was in the old days and with new captain skills you might get both of it. I would still suggest to use the modules that increase presision on main battery guns.
  9. Taralack

    Ranked S6 choice

    Dont underastimate the power of the Nagato guys.
  10. Taralack

    Scharnhorst such a beast in close quarters

    So what commander skill do you guys recomend as a first tier 4. skill? Im using Adrenaline rush so I like to be in the middle of the action. :-)
  11. In my experiance US and PL (Blyskawica) at mid-high tier.
  12. Taralack

    German DDs

    I was just wondering if German DDs are worth griding? I like generelly play gunboats and have played both US and IJN DDs up to tier 7 on another account. I see german DDs as a mix of US and IJN lines. Im not sure if I will grind all to tier 10 so was wondering how do german DDs preform around tier 5-7? At what tier do they get hydro? Thx for the answers.
  13. Taralack

    [][FR][EN] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Hi garfield001! Just want to say thank you for your anime mods. Been playing the game since the beta on another account and this is the first time I tryed anime mods. It kind of makes me more relaxed and reminds me that its just a game since I have the tendency to take WoW too seriously. I love your female commanders. It makes me rolleplay the characters and Im much more attached to them then to the Commanders in the unmoded game. If I can make a small suggestion then it woud be to add more anime characters to the game. Thx a lot for a great mod.
  14. Taralack

    I hate the New York with a capital HATE

    I never played the US BBs but thought about starting with Wyoming today. I did played IJN BBs a lot and on tier 5 I was never afraid of NewYork specially when playing Kongo and Fuso. Thx for the post about NewYork, I ll definitivly skip it and get NewMexico with exp points.
  15. Taralack

    First Tier 7 premium ship

    I feel I need to warn you about Belfast. Its a ship that rewards high skill play, but in the hands of newbies its very frustrating. You will get 1 shooted multiple times until you learn to play her correctly. Have you thought about Blyskawica? It plays like a aggressive cruiser. You can buy her ingame.