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  1. DirtyHeddy

    Tier V Chung King

    Nur ohne Hydro.
  2. DirtyHeddy

    A tale of the inconsistency of PVE mode

    More than 5 minutes is a rare exception at present times, but if it is a thrilling game that would be ok for me from time to time. If the only reason for the length is a bot stuck on an island where You don't see him and You need the time to get there - then I agree
  3. DirtyHeddy

    Tiers and Co-op

    Some constellations are indeed unfavorable, but I see no general problem with Tier +2 or -2
  4. DirtyHeddy


    May I invite You to COOP. Then You play only against 8 other players. Better odds - as the bots are only minimal hostile
  5. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/bulletin-0111/ Changes to Bots We've entirely reworked the AI system behind in-game bots. The new system makes setting up bots for various battle types and in-game scenarios simpler and faster. We've simplified the behavior algorithm of bots for all difficulty levels in the Training Rooms. We don't expect any considerable changes to bot behavior in Operations, Co-op Battles, and various temporary battle types. However, since the sheer scale of this update of the entire AI system is so massive, it's difficult to provide an assessment of the effect of these changes at this point. We'll be keeping a close eye on bot behavior and make further tweaks if necessary. I have quoted the part concerning PvE only, the link is just for Your info ... Well - they really have made changes. I am curious how the bots will behave now. Will we at last get a reasonable Bot AI - with bots who can drive around islands and each other, who can dodge torpedoes (as they could one year ago), capable of focus-fire on reckless DDs pressing ahead too much, and - I dare to hope - maybe stick to plan, which unfolds during the game and You have to react to it ? Or will they get dumber once again ? My greatest fear is that WG simply made them laseraccurate, gave them 100% firechance even with AP, and every hit is a citadel ...
  6. DirtyHeddy

    Unternehmen Narai und so...

    Random Winrate >50% würde ich nicht als schlecht bezeichnen ... da bin ich meilenweit von weg
  7. DirtyHeddy

    Unternehmen Narai und so...

    Heute läuft es mal wieder auf Newport: Kein Spiel mit mehr als 2 Sternen. Jedesmal ein Zerstörer dabei (der spätestens bei der 3 Welle weg ist und den letzten Platz belegt), und dann immer noch 1-3 "Helden", die rausfahren und früh sterben. Einer starb schon in der ersten Welle, mit dem Zerstörer zusammen. Ich hab mal die Stats von den Kerlen nachgeschlagen. Eigentlich alle recht gute Spieler wenn man den Statistiken glauben darf. Schalten die in den Szenarios und bei COOP das Hirn ab, weil sie glauben es sind ja nur Bots ?
  8. DirtyHeddy

    Bot fire chances

    One issue to be dealt with: The bots have a massive exaggerated fire chance. This should be darstcally reduced. COOP and Operation are both concerned.
  9. DirtyHeddy

    Not played many operations.

    Sounds interesting, but I would prefer a T 7 setting with Scharnhorst and Gneisenau instead, maybe an additional Hipper or Yorck, and a bunch T6 and T7 DDs Attackers could be King George V or DoY, Repulse, Cruisers ( e.G. Devonshire, Leander and London), 2-3 Icarus or Gallant, and I would place it into the channel (Channel Dash)
  10. Maybe if a real T 11 is implemented eventually they maybe an asset to this game. Otherwise NOT
  11. Und das wirklich peinliche : Das ist alles schon seit mehreren Updates bekannt und wird nicht angegangen Man bekommt so langsam den Eindruck: Beeinflußt ein Fehler oder Bug das Spielgeschehen nicht wesentlich oder betrifft beide Teams gleichmäßig wird nichts gemacht.
  12. DirtyHeddy

    Which is your worst premium for co-op?

    I know what You mean, she won't excel in the current COOP-meta, especially when uptiered. And there is no T5 scenario where she could ... But that does not make it my worst Premium for COOP.
  13. DirtyHeddy

    Which is your worst premium for co-op?

    Luckily, in the current state of COOP every ship should work there, even the worst. Some are a little questionable in certain environments. Krasny Krym and Poltawa are two ships I am a mostly disappointed with.
  14. DirtyHeddy

    Canarias - Tier VI Spanish Heavy Cruiser 1936 (Updated)

    It is a development from the County-Class Cruisers (Devonshire, London). Should work similar
  15. DirtyHeddy

    Does Blyska Worth it?

    If You like playing DDs it is a good choice.