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  1. Eache

    playin bad on new levels!

    I dont remember the range of secondarie guns, but remeber that when you get close you can use the torpedoes too so do hou really need a secondary gun upgrade? On AA upgrade, how often do you get attacked by CV? can you improve your positining so you dont get targeted by a CV? If i was a CV player and i know you have great AA I would just pick other targets.
  2. I finnished the compain earlier today. Done stage 5 just grinding trough the exp task 3 times while playing ranked games. Tok me 3 evenings running premium ships and exp flags. Started doing the New Years compaign after and its very, very easy.
  3. Eache

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    I got Alabama from a Santa gift so problem solved.
  4. Eache

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    No problem. Good luck and Happy New year to everyone!
  5. Eache

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    Come on guys don't complicate things. I asked a question about ships and most of you are making a fuzz about whether I'm this or that. I have been playing since beta but had a few very long breaks and I started a new account. Logically LoYang is the best option, but I'm thinking about getting the Kidd later so LoYang is not very tempting. I even wrote that in my first post. I like the Tirpitz the most of the 3 ships, but I feel I could preform better with the Alabama and LoYang. So I'm undecided and asked about your opinion. Thx to everyone who answered my question.
  6. Eache

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    Guys thx for replies, but please answer the question about ships not about my experience or lack of it.
  7. I got 14k doubloons from Santas containers and decided to get a new tier 8 premium. I will use the new ship in ranked games together with the Atago I already own. The goal is to try and push for Rank 1. The choices are: -LoYang. Looks like the most popular dd in ranked. I like to play dds but are not interested in PanAsia dd grind in random games. So outside of ranked games I wont play LoYang much. I wish I got the Kidd as I could use it as a captain trainer for US commanders in random. -Alabama. Never had a interest in this ship until testing it out on another account. Was positively surprised by the manuverebility and good guns. I was preforming very good in both random and ranked games with this ship. I liked the ship and the playstyle. I do not own the NCarolina. -Tirpitz. This is the ship I would like to get the most, but I'm unsure of it performance in ranked games at top ranks. I have played the Tirpitz before too and know how to play it. What bathers me is that the guns felt somehow underwhelming after playing the Alabama. Still I like the history of the ship and its beautiful. I also like the aggressive play and the uniqueness of german bb playstyle.
  8. Eache

    I hope WG keeps the ship horn after holidays.

    I likethe horn but the santa laouging after need to be removed.
  9. Eache

    WTF is this thing on the Cesare supposed to be?

    I hope they remove it. Its really annoying knowing it now.
  10. Eache

    Removing Payment Method

    I was wondering about this too, thx
  11. Eache

    Refund on premium ships

    Ok, I have asked for refound on the Premium ship Saipan that I brought a few days ago. I did not use the ship ingame and on my account it doesnt show that I have played with the ship. Yet they claim that I have played with the ship so they wont refound the money, but are willing to give me gold for the value of the ship. I was just wondering can I use gold in World of Warships? Im sure its doubloons that are the currency?. Do I miss somthing? I do not play any of the other wargaming games.
  12. Eache

    Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    Flamu was actually complaining about fires beeing to strong and common on some ships. There is a skill that increses the possibility of fires starting on ships with low caliber guns. I think it specially applies on DDs, but maybe some other ships too. With the high rate of fire on Akazuki? he was able to burn down the Yamato constantly starting new fires. He did like 100k dmg only with fires on Yamato. It was insane OP. He tested this strategy on multiple ships and was constantly starting fires on ships.
  13. Eache

    Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    Just wanted to mension that I watched Flamu playing on test server 2 days ago and he pointed out that there are other skills that are far more broken then the RPF skill. He was conserned that all the focus on RPF would make other unbalenced skills go under the radar. If I remember corectly He was specially concerned about HE spamiing and putting ships on fire.
  14. I brought a premium ship a few days ago and would like to get the refund if possible. Someone mentioned that you can get a refund for ships during the fist 14 days. I did play battles with the ship. If this is not possible can I create a new account and move the ship there if I can confirm that I'm the owner of both accounts?