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  1. Doo0ooM

    St. Patrick's day Green Flag ?

    This new green flag's description has the word "luck" in it ? It's description is a bit mysterious. Is there anything to it ? Will it give better items from containers ? Perhaps better RNG ? If so is it only during St. Patrick's day ?
  2. Some answers to this complex questions: 1. Sometimes patatoe PC screws me a little bit. 2. Sometimes I go AFK at start but try not to do this anymore. 3. Sometimes loading takes a bit longer. 4. Sometimes disconnects. 5. Very very very sometimes game hangs. 6. Sometimes carrier bugs. 7. Sometimes spawn bad positions. 8. Sometimes game hang/crash. 9. Sometimes big noob team. 10. Sometimes bad luck. 11. Leninggrads impossible to destroy and kill my CVs 12. Battleship players at rank 5 have big AA. 13. Can't stay long enough in rank 5 to get used to their style of play. 14. I don't play tier 9/tier 10 enough to play with the big boys/most skilled players. 15. Meanwhile I have switched to another ship to try and get through rank 5 to rank 1 but will be hard ! Time is running out ! =D 16. Sometimes weekend players, less skilled. 17. Best players seem to play around 18:00 to 19:00 around 15:00 the kids come out of school, might be easier to defeat. 18. Avoid night time players, they tired and lazy lol. 19. Stronger carrier players with rank 5 and beyond with fighters. 20. Too much blobbing at rank 5 in smoke, makes it much easier for enemy CV to protect their fleet with fighters or hunt my planes since less spotting required. 21. I don't like sitting in smoke 22. Fiji kinda surprising me, I thought it was a japanese ship because of it's name but apperently it's a Britisch cruiser, I have not encountered these too much in random battles, it was never a problem there... so learning to cope with these styles of play, still getting used to their ability to dodge torpedoes quite easily, even while in smoke, need to find solution for that for 4 km torps ;) 23. I don't play a lot of cruiser 24. Belfast with radar also kinda new... have gotten used to this much more, though still sometimes surprises me... it fun. So basically some new elements in ranked which I have not yet come across massively in random battles... who cares if one belfast goes sit in smoke in a 12 vs 12 battle ? ;) plenty of other ships to shoot... but here with 7 vs 7 it's much different. 25. I mostly play carrier or destroyer, sometimes battleship, and yes some myoko, but leningrad makes short work of myoko... the dispersion of crusiers is to much vs leningrad as far as I am concerned. So carrier ain't working beyond rank 5 at least not strike setup... so it's not hard to guess... now me switched to a destroyer, won't say which one though hahahahaha lol. Though that smoke/radar/hydro... might be hurting me a little bit... compared to if I was playing cruiser with smoke/radar/hydro... but so far I am doing pretty good with the destroyer... not sure if I can make it past rank 5 though... but will keep on trying to see what I run into ! ;) So far one single belfast surprise me behind an island and I am toast it seems ! ;) My hypothesis is that mostly tier 9/10 players reach rank 1 the easiest, especially if they have good PC and less of these problems.
  3. No noob ! Your stats says you have not played 3D mode with carrier !
  4. Doo0ooM

    Was there a mini patch today ?

    Probably was to give the 300% bonus for some kind of event day... forgot what it was ? Maybe daddy's day ?
  5. So what do you do ? Easy, you navigate away and take the fighter with you, and help the CV in the process ! Problem solved ! =D
  6. Doo0ooM

    Epicentre maps are awful

    Yesterday I learned a bit how to play it, so I want to play it more !
  7. Doo0ooM

    Was there a mini patch today ?

    (13/03/2017) Seemed like it... game very briefly/shortly updated itself ? Hmmm ?
  8. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  9. As far as I am concerned, switching the camera to the planes is almost useless. During carrier vs carrier fights or carrier vs ship fights it's much more usefull if the camera stays on the carrier, so that planes can be commanded while stearing the carrier at the same time. Currently when trying to give attack orders to planes, one has to select the planes and during this time the camera annoyingly switches to the planes, which causes the player to have to re-acquire the enemy target by re-orientating himself and rotating the camera once more to try and to attack the ship, or switch to main map and so forth, this causes much unnecessary interaction during a time when seconds are precious. So I recommend and request the following change: 1. While selecting planes and launching planes in 3D mode (=third person perspective on carrier) the camera stays on the carrier. 2. Only if double tapping the keys 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 is used does the camera switch to planes. Or double left clicking the mouse on the icons. Also cancelling launches is only possible from 3D top down view. It's not possible in 3D on carrier view (= third person) neither in main map view. Cancelling planes should be available in all modes/cases by right clicking.
  10. Hmm this flying outside the map might explain one of my x-files (009) ! ;) Though in this x-file the "detected warning" triggers late, so now I wonder if the "detected warning" might be surpressed too if flying outside border... Hmm cancelling take off, indeed works now. It will still show a F for take off... but eventually it's cancelled ! Funny, this definetly a new feature which I requested some time ago ! ;) Flying over mountains does not seem to slow planes down, perhaps the very high ones, but even there I remain skeptical ;) The torpedo plane is slowed down by very high mountains. Dive bombers too, even when empty ;) At least in training room, not sure if this also applies to combat situations, eventually probably doesn't matter much since fighters would be slowed down too ? ;) At least in case of interception scenerios ;) Interestingly enough the "plane icon" indeed falls of the minimap, not just for the enemy but for me too ! LOL, I could also loose track of my planes, this has probably already happened some times ! LOL. This is exactly like C&C ! (command n conquer ) LOL. (Except in C&C it would also fall of completely, mini map, main map, real map whatever ) Making minimap as small as possible does help a little bit to detected it, rounding changes or so. Now I finally understand why I have had so much success with this ! It's somewhat proven to work. On main/zoom out map they remain visible ;) Neh, it probably mostly has to do with bad scouting from enemies ! Or enemies not using main map and mini map only ! ;) This technique is still very valuable vs ships to fly by them since most only watch minimap ;) The launch cancelling of planes does not work when: 1. Viewing the ship in 3D and putting the planes on "guard" on the carrier itself. So it's very unreliable. So far it only seems to work when viewing the carrier from the top, on main map it wont work, in 3d it wont work. The reason is probably "control" has to be held in 3D mode, maybe control-right click is not implemented for this... or just different cases. However on main/zoom out map control does not have to be held, also there it dont work... so probably a bigger issue, not all cases implemented. Remember one thing: No matter how well you play you cannot make up for noob teams and noob players or that one ship you cant destroyed, be it too tiny, too fast, too good AA. Other players must up their game too, or loss after loss will occur. Example: Leningrad killing Ranger. Very hard to kill leningrad with just bombs, even japanese will struggle a bit with those slow torps ;) Other example: Noobs torping their own team/battleship.
  11. The sprite in that game would "lift off", meaning it would go vertically up the screen... so much so that it would simply fall of the top of the screen, not visible, like you scrolled the screen down ;). Anyway some further questions, I would also like to test that minimap theory of yours ;) Are planes less detectable if they fly low ? Can flying low be triggered by bombing and then cancelling before bombing ? I do believe sometimes mountains can obstruct detection of planes ?! Do planes fly slower while going up mountains ? (Doesn't seem to be the case) Do planes fly faster while going down mountains ? (Probably not) Are planes easier to detect on top of mountains ? Do planes see ships better if high on mountain ? Is plane-2-plane detection range still 8 km ? or has it changed ? Can it be influenced somehow ? Does torpedo plane have smaller detection range ? Does seem to be the case sometimes... "You can cancel a "take-off" command by right-clicking a plane inside the carrier - useful to change the take-off order inside many-squadrons carriers." Did not know about this one. How does it exactly work ? I select the squad first ? And then right click on top of the carrier itself ? Or do I need to right click on the icon ? I probably tried right clicking on the icon before... either this is a new feature, or mouse binding different/new cancel command... or it's clicking on the carrier ?! hmm... will try this out... Will test this one too: "Islands and direction changes will slow down your planes." To see if it makes sense to fly around islands, or that flying over is still faster than going around ;) "Learning "the 15 seconds repair rule" - for perma fire or perma flood - useful both for attack and defense." 15 seems a bit long... usually 10 is enough... with special upgrade max is probably 13.
  12. Carrier gameplay mode is badly needed for this game, especially a gameplay mode which allows "strike carriers" only. Gameplay must be as follows: Sink enemy CV, friendly CV gives points. If carrier is destroyed game is lost. This will teach people to co-operate with carriers, and teach them some respect for carriers and carrier players. This is completely missing from many many many many many many players in this game constantly nagging about "no fighters", "rangers" etc. Sick of it. FIX IT. And no victory points, which is just a graveyard for noobie destroyers ! LOL. This should give the game a fresh sense of gameplay.
  13. Flying planes on border does not make them completely invisible as far as I know ? ;) What part of it does it actually make invisible ? Maybe doesn't show on minimap ? (probably does) Maybe doesn't show on main map ? (probably does) It's just a way to avoid detection and fly around enemy fighters. So this in C&C game once in a computer club... funny... nod bikes going on lowest line ;) Also transport heli falls off screen at top line. (Discovered this myself and was very funny, only a shadow could be seen ;))