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  1. Peter_Carrierii

    Commander Skills Update — Reset all your Commanders Here

    Skills reset is free during the indicated period! Retraining a captain to other ship (tech tree ships) is not free. You can retrain 22 captains with the "free" doubs!
  2. The real question is WG: @YabbaCoe @MrConway @Sehales @Crysantos, are you going to compensate all players after this (such needed) test? Can't you see that with this kind of action you are mocking your supporters/players? I really like this game and because of that i'm a heavy supporter, i.e. put a lot of my own resources (real money) on it, but situations like this are just a massive turndown to me. I see no justification for this kind of action/behaviour on your part.
  3. Peter_Carrierii

    ST, changes to the commander skills system (DB 70)

    Does anyone find credible that WG is changing the commander skills system because its outdated? I've read the DEV notes and all i can see is a major unbalanced combination of skills that will make many ships OP or just weak/unplayable. Ask yourselves: what are we really gaining with this change? What can be clearly seen behind this major revision is the enormous change on captain skills economy. If the changes are implemented like they are now, you will need a lot more of elite XP in the bank, because the alternative is to spend massive amounts of doubloons. This is a big money grab, nothing more. Oh and it's really funny how in general what pops up in the change are the secondaries builds, vastly buffed. I wonder why..
  4. Peter_Carrierii


    Tried today to sell the module and it worked, but i don't think the sell value is correct. Is it?
  5. Peter_Carrierii

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    You are a free to play player, so you have nothing to complain about. You just get whatever the game offers you for free. Nothing wrong with that. But why are you even in this thread?!
  6. Peter_Carrierii

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Regarding the absence of information on this Developer Bulletin about fair compensation to the players who have bought the Moskva Type 20 permanent camouflage, like many other players in this thread, on twitch and other platforms, i would like to ask Wargaming personel for some clarification on this subject. I would also like to rhetorically ask, if non compensation route proceeds, what message is WG sending to their paying costumers base?
  7. Peter_Carrierii

    Weekly Combat Missions: Golden Week

    So the discount on researchable ships is not cumulative with the discount given by your Clan (15% max). This information should be stated of these news articles and on the client too. "The discounts on researchable ships are not cumulative with the player Clan discounts." Simple! You already have too many "shady practises" regarding your news articles and marketing approach on pricing: % discounts that don't really exist, event loot boxes, etc. Can you please start being honest with your clients, you know, the ones that pay the bills. I can guarantee that this is the way you'll get more positive feedback from players/clients. You are slowly killing the game if you persist on the path you are now.
  8. Peter_Carrierii

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    I watched the WOWS stream for more than 90 min (plus some CCs streams), got the normal twitch container, but the mission didn't drop either.
  9. Peter_Carrierii

    IFHE changes & Smolensk armour nerf

    Hi @CptMinia, Can you point out where can we find this "rule" and/or definition of "Special Premium" and what applies (or not) to them? Thks in advance.