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  1. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    Wow guys I started this discussion to talk about the fact that the report system is made poorly, I don't want you to start arguing this way. D; I don't want people to get angry/mad
  2. MrHappydiamond

    Non vorrei esser critico con WG - Smolensk & Colbert.

    Concordo in pieno
  3. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    No, I dont mean not writing (I think all of us use the chat tho). I mean that if you just tell someone to change position or ask him not to camp and he somehow gets offended, he will report you.
  4. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    Yeah In fact that's what I normally do. By the way if multiple players decide to chat report you, even if you did nothing, you'll get chatbanned. Tbh i'm starting to give up on this as It has happened to some other guys I was chatting with in general chat. Have a nice day.
  5. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    Oh, that's better than as I have bad upload speed. And I can tell you (once again) that I didn't use a single offensive words. As I've written in the original post, the first time I got chatbanned I actually deserved it as I have been kinda rude in chat, but this time..I didn't insult/harrass anyone nor I used an offensive language. P.S. Talking about the report system, yes it is actually poorly made. I've been personally insulted by a "neo-nazi" some time ago and reported him, despite that no action has been taken till the moment I decided to send WG a ticket with screenshots (after that they replied they took actions against him).
  6. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    I might have played a few solo games but I can still bring replays if they ask. I did not claim I didnt use chat (hell I always talk with someone). The point of the topic is mostly to "complain" about the report system, which has been proved to be ineffective multiple times. I tried to contact the player support and ask for explanations last time but as I said I've only received an automatic response. Once again, if they ask me to provide replays, I'll do it.
  7. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    Actually before this last chat ban I've only played games in division with 2 other guys and only used div chat. If needed I can bring replays and those 2 players as witnesses
  8. MrHappydiamond

    Chat bans

    About 3 months ago I received my first chat ban as I used "inappropriate words"; I actually did so I accepted it. About 3 weeks after that, I logged into the game and saw I was chatbanned again; this time I was actually surprised as I didn't play WoWs in the previous week, but thinking It was just a bug I didn't care much about it. 2 weeks ago, the same thing happened again so I decided to contact the player support but all I received was the automatic response they usually give. Today I logged into the game and realised I've been chatbanned for no reason AGAIN. To be honest I'm kind of pissed off by this because it is annoying as hell. So I wanted to hear what you think about it, if you had a similar experience or if you have some advices to give me.
  9. MrHappydiamond

    Salt Salt Salt

    So I had a nice game in JB and a guy started being salty. It was great fun :D replay removed due to name and shame
  10. MrHappydiamond

    The most fun I've ever had in a match

    JB is one of those ships I always have fun playing, this time I had even more fun tho. P.S. ignore the fact I shot HE with my first salvo, I had them loaded from the previous match and didnt notice that :P ~nom 20191110_174317_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  11. MrHappydiamond

    Sovetsky Soyuz

    I grabbed some popcorns and read the discussion, I passed some nice and funny moments. Thank you guys :D P.S. Divisions don't make a huge difference. I've won many games against really good divisions. P.P.S. after 9k battles you should know how to play a ship, even if it's bad you should do well in it. ~nom
  12. MrHappydiamond

    I'm thinking of sending it to Jingles

    Whole team execpt me (and the CV) sailed to B and died in 5 minutes. I predicted it when the game started and considering Jingles is featuring lots of replay that make you lose your mental sanity I thought this was nice :P
  13. MrHappydiamond

    I'm thinking of sending it to Jingles

    Well, I don't need to say anything, the replay is enough. Kek. 20190831_171920_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  14. MrHappydiamond

    Do you remember your firsts?

    I passed 100k for the first time in Wyo. Got 200k in Musashi, never got 300k tho. My first kraken was in Erie (lol), but I dont have screens, my second one was in KGV, then Nurn, then KGV again.
  15. MrHappydiamond


    Goodevening. So I was playing some ranked games and suddenly, during one of those, I had a Fletcher player in my team. Immediatly after the game started he sailed to the north, camping behind an island in A5 (Trident map). Our Alaska then sailed towards his position to ram him and "push" him till the cap zone, but the fletcher torped him, leaving him with 10k hp and then (the Fletcher player) constantly rammed our Alaska. I wanted to post the replay, but If I do I'd get a warning for shaming (ffs). I wanted to hear your opinion, Best regards.