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  1. JimmyThePirate

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I have played through the British CL line, and I must say it is my favorite line to play. It is definitely a bit different when compared to other lines, but it sounds like your issues may stem more from your play style and not from the ships themselves... For starters, they are still CL, and like all CL in the game, you need to angle to mitigate damage. Even if you are in smoke. Second, use islands. Again, you are a CL and islands are the great equalizer between various ship types. The key is to smoke behind an island and not in the open. Why you might ask? Well, for two reasons. First it gives you a place to hide after the smoke runs out or if you get spotted. Second, in order for most ships to shoot over an island they need to have a "lock on" on your ship, something they can't do when your not spotted in smoke. Even if their spotter plane sees where you are shooting from, without that lock on they won't be able to shoot you back.
  2. JimmyThePirate

    Cpt points on Monarch the Bone-Argh

    The nice thing about British battleships is that they can use several captain skills, unlike other lines that are kind of limited to one tanky build. 1. Priority Target is always good. 2. Preventive Maintenance is good because British BBs have flat armor on the front of their turrets, unlike the angled turrets on other BBs. A good player will take out your turets first since they are so easy to kill. 3. Expert reloader is good because, unlike other BBs, British have usable AP and HE. 4. The standard fire prevent build is good since everyone likes to shoot HE at you, but not needed since the Lion and Conq can zombie heal back like 30k+ fire damage each heal. 5. Jack of all trades is good since the have a longer cooldown on their heals, which are more important to British BBs than other BBs. 6. Superintendent is always good. 7. Vigilance is good on the Conq since it has no way to spot torps (no plane or hydro) and has a weak torp protection belt. 8. Concealment expert is good on everyone. Heck, if you really wanted to you could even spec AA. Its not "that" good since Brits long range AA kind of sucks, but their mid range is fairly strong. Also carriers are bound to be much more abundant after the rework hits. As always, adren rush and expert marksmen are great pickups as well. Honestly, just about the only things that wont work is IFHE, secondary builds, and carrier builds
  3. JimmyThePirate

    Can I do better?

    As far as WoWS goes in general, stuff happens. There are (a lot of) bad players in this game, the best thing you can do is try to get better with your ship, try to work with the team, and just get better overall. There isn't anything you can do to make your team mates player better, instead concentrate on making yourself better. British battle ships are more solo-ish ships that don't require much support. Just focus doing damage. They are not that good at hunting down specific ships (IE DDs), capping points, utility (AA and consumables), or tanking, BUT they are good at doing damage, so doing damage is what you should be doing. The Monarch in particular is an oddity in the British BB line. Its HE kind of sucks, the strength of the British HE isn't just the higher damage, but the higher fire chance. Monarch doesn't really get that fire chance, and its guns are to inaccurate to be used at ideal HE ranges. Basically its hard to set perma fires (thanks to the inaccuracy and the low fire chance) at longer ranges. HOWEVER! it has some of the best AP on a British BB from my experience. The AP velocity is faster than other BBs (more pen), and the shorter fuse timer greatly helps you not over pen. That coupled with the shorter reload, low detection range, and very hard to hit citadel makes you a monster at closer ranges when using AP.
  4. JimmyThePirate

    Hindy does not need a buff

    I didn't mean to imply that they are bad or anything like that, they definitely have their uses. They are just highly situational. A Zao or Mino can use their torps in many places without a problem, a Hindy not so much. The main point I was making is how many Hindy drivers will rush themselves into a brawling situation thinking that their torps will save them, yet usually die with minimal return.
  5. JimmyThePirate

    Hindy does not need a buff

    That's what I'm saying. The torps are good in certain situations, but most Hindy drivers I see either never use them or try to bull rush directly into the enemy to try and use them.
  6. JimmyThePirate

    Hindy does not need a buff

    Its not the T8 BB that poses the problem, its the rest of their team. With such short range torps and large detection range a Hindy may get the kill but wont be making it out alive.
  7. JimmyThePirate

    Hindy does not need a buff

    Its armor is better than other cruisers, but far from fool proof. Its range isn't that great, especially if you can't hit things at range (unlike Moskva or Zao) Torps are a last ditch effort that mainly used by suicidal drivers who think trading a t10 cruiser is worth torping a t8 BB. These aren't Zao or Mino torps that are actually usable. Almost all t10 cruisers have good AA, nothing really special. From what I hear the buff is just an extra heal. Its not going to make her super strong or anything like that, she will just be able to stick around in a game a bit longer if she over extends and has to pull back to heal.
  8. JimmyThePirate

    rant about WG policy

    1. Everyone "liked" it because it was over performing compared to the other t10 cruisers. The nerf was to bring it inline with the others, IE it has higher survivability (when played right) but slightly lower DPS. It also helps balance out the 1/4 pen buff the germans had a while ago. 2. Only a fool would spend a ton of free exp on a ship that is obviously to strong and would be getting a nerf. Pre heal nerf conq was kind of ridiculous, you literally had to do hundreds of thousands of damage to one ship that couldn't be citadeled. Now there is a larger window to deal with it. I am a bit hesitant to support the raising of its cit though... the conqs weakness was always its thin armor and not its citadel. If they raise the citadel without buffing some of the armor I think it will be relegated to always be in the back lines and never have the ability to push. 3. The Yue Yang, like the Hindenburg, had to many upsides and not enough downsides. It has its very good concealment, maneuverable, small and hard to hit, great guns, great torps, great smokes, and it could slot radar. It was kind of pointless to play the gearing when the YY did almost everything (except AA) the same or better in a smaller package. Is such a large nerf to the reload the answer? Maybe, maybe not, but thats the point of testing, to find out. 4. Like the others, Khaba had a bit to much of everything without the trade offs. 5. Of course it was nerfed... having a class designed to spot enemies being out spotted by those same enemies was kind of broken.
  9. JimmyThePirate

    USN BBs need buffs

    To keep my response short and sweet, the Colorado goes 21 knots, the NC goes 27 knots... these guys are getting matched up against other BBs that regularly do 30 or more knots. Its time the USN BB tree had some buffs to help balance this out.
  10. JimmyThePirate

    Buff German secondary damage?

    The main difference between German secondaries and other secondaries is their range. Germans can extend their range out far enough to be useful, other BBs (except French and a few premiums) can't really do that.
  11. JimmyThePirate

    Buff German secondary damage?

    This might be wrong, but from my understanding the 1/4 pen applies to guns the same size as main battery guns in the German tech tree. So the 150s get the 1/4 pen since the German DDs can use those (although the DDs don't get the 1/4 pen, maybe they should...), but the 105s don't get the 1/4 pen since no ship uses them as their main battery guns that I know of.
  12. JimmyThePirate

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    What do you mean "why"? Destroyers have paper thin armor and rely on stealth and maneuverability to mitigate damage. Getting up close and personal with a BB negates both of those advantages, if secondaries can't even do enough to scare off the weakest ship type in one of their most disadvantageous situations, then they are rather worthless and deserved to be buffed. Not saying that secondaries should make a circle of death that instantly kills DDs that wonder into it, but if they intend to remove the best (sometimes only, depending on the ship) weapon a BB has to stop a point blank torp rush, then they should buff their other defenses to compensate.
  13. JimmyThePirate

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I think the change could be interesting, but I also think its one sided and not well thought out. What happens when a DD rushes a BB? The way it is now, you stand a good chance blapping the DD out of the water before they get in un-dodgeable torp range, but with this change a DD could rush a BB and there is nothing a BB could do to stop it, even if they have HE loaded. There's also the fact that, outside of British and French, BB HE kind of sucks. This would really reduce gameplay, its kind of like making the main line IJN destroyers use their guns instead of torps. Sure it can do "something" but its not super effective or fun. All I see this change doing is making BBs target other things with AP instead of swapping to HE to target DDs (DDs should be a higher priority). I take that back... I know that will happen. A good BB player thinks ahead, where are they headed, who is there, what will they shoot next. It just doesn't make sense for them to load mediocre/bad HE rounds for the off chance of doing slightly more damage to a DD which may or may not be spotted for that long, when they could just load superior AP rounds and simply find a cruiser or another BB to shoot. If this change goes in as is, I think they should either buffs BBs HE (non British) or greatly increase the accuracy/effectiveness of secondaries. A secondary buff would not only encourage more aggressive gameplay, but it would actually do something to ward off DDs (lets be honest, a DD who comes close enough to a BB to be within a BBs secondary range shouldn't make it out without at least a severe beating) from making point blank torp runs. Buffing HE would also make switching ammo better. If it comes down to me either switching ammo to HE for the low chance of attacking a DD, or find any other target, I would just find another target. With strong HE I could be semi effective against angled BBs. AP for broadside BBs and cruisers, and HE for DDs and angled BBs.
  14. JimmyThePirate

    OP Tier V Cruisers?

    Don't forget that t5 has some hefty battleships *cough* GC *cough*. I think the most "op" cruiser will be the one that won't get instantly deleted by these battles ships. My picks would be either furutaka thanks to its decent armor, or the Emile since it can stay at range and dodge shells... sort of... Unfortunately, I see the other cruisers just getting dev struck in the first 5 minutes of each match.
  15. JimmyThePirate

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    This isn't a BB issue, its an issue with poor playing all around. Its just easier to see a BB play poorly when compared to cruiser or a DD. I mean I've seen many cruisers who wont hydro when pushing; radar, or even prioritize shooting, a DD when the DD is obviously in range; they sail broadside even when spotted; and they don't try to keep up their damage (even though they are the dps "class") Imagine playing an MMORPG where your DPS only does like 1/5th of their capable dps against a boss... not fun... Same thing with DDs, there are a ton of them who just throw their life away charging the enemy/cap, don't pay attention to the general location of the enemy DDs/radar cruisers, sacrificing their life to try and torp, try their hardest not to spot anything, or just downright sabotage their team but cutting line of sight with their smokes. CVs have the obvious "getting all their aircraft strafed by fighters". Its just that they are so rare its hard to realize that they to play poorly much of the time. With that being said, most of the time I try to push with any BB usually results in: DDs -50% chance they run in and die or retreat with minimal HP left before I get there -20% chance they play to passively and smoke at the first sign of seeing an enemy, making me blind to incoming enemies and torps -20% chance they are taking 5 minutes skirting around the enemy to try and get behind them and land some torps -10% chance they actual play well, meaning they spot when appropriate and retreat when not, only smoke up to either get out of a sticky situation or its prime time to open up, and just generally helping the team Cruisers -50% chance they either sail next to the camping BBs or they find the closest island and hide behind it, even if they are not even remotely within range of the enemy (really annoying to get close enough to spot a DD while pushing, just to have your whole team sitting behind and island and not even able to shoot anything) -20% chance they will be deleted instantly when they give full broadside to the enemy -20% chance they they make a 90 degree turn and just abandon you -10% chance they play well, prioritizing targets, using consumables when appropriate, moving up to islands closer to the enemy when they have the advantage or moving back when not and generally keeping up the firepower BBs -70% chance they sit in the back and snipe (wasting half of the point of a BB, its armor and HP pool) -20% chance they rush in against several HE spammers and an un-spotted dd or two -10% chance they play well, either watching out for those broadsides or keeping up the HE spam, pushing in when we have the numbers advantage, or staying just far enough away to draw fire while using that armor/heals to stay alive for many minutes CVs -not enough to really get a feel