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  1. JimmyThePirate

    You favorite part of the update?

    I agree t4 CVs are a bit to powerful now when you take into account the lack of AA at low tiers, but the single torp drops were dull and just not fun. Having 2 torps per drop is much more exciting.
  2. JimmyThePirate

    You favorite part of the update?

    Welp, 0.8.7 has officially been out for several days now, and along with it a lot of changes/features were added... So I ask, what is your favorite change or feature added in the update? is it the new AA system? or maybe the new ships (Smolensk or Somers)? Personally I'm loving that t4 CVs now drop two torps per attack run. They just eat everything and everyone, and then come back for seconds. Edit: Please remain on topic, this isn't a thread about balancing issues or anything like that. I made this as a fun thread to see what players liked about the update the most.
  3. JimmyThePirate


    Although I wouldn't mind seeing a BC class, I think to many ships that would belong to that class have already been added to CAs and BBs. I doubt they would move around ships like that. Besides, where would they lie balance wise? The raw DPS of cruisers would melt them faster than they could kill the cruiser, and the lack of BBs levels of armor would make them super food for BBs. They would be in a weird spot where they try to be both BBs and CAs, but either fail at both jobs or be to good in both jobs and render those classes obsolete.
  4. JimmyThePirate

    WG you have got to teach your players

    WG teaching someone how to play works until like t5 or t6, after that players should have enough experience to actually play the game properly. Its like cooking. Having someone teach you to cook when you first start out is good, but if you have been cooking for 5 years and still suck at it, then its not the fact that nobody taught you, its your own fault.
  5. JimmyThePirate

    Message to WG regarding premium time.

    WG is running a subscription model. You pay a set amount of money and they office a service for a set amount of time, whether you use it or not. This is beneficial to the players because you can play almost as long as you want for one lower price per month. If you don't play a whole lot, then you probably wouldn't worry about premium that much anyway. The model you want is a pay-as-you-go model, AKA only pay for what you use. For players that only play a few hours a month, this is good since they would ultimately pay less. For everyone else this is bad, especially as the price would either be the same or more than what they would be playing under the other model. The people hit worst would be those who play a whole lot, since this model might make them go broke. Not to mention its a lot more complex for both WG (harder to predict how much income they will get) and the players (budgeting out money and time in game every time you log in, etc.)
  6. JimmyThePirate

    Torpedo Tubes destroyed

    Did you by chance change around some skills or modules and not include the extra endurance on your torps? Otherwise I would say its just that HE has become much more popular now compared to AP.
  7. JimmyThePirate

    Roma battleship worth of it?

    Shes one of those ships that seem really bad at first, but after using her a bit and getting use to her guns you start to think "Damn, why didn't I buy this sooner?" Although inaccurate, her shells have little citadel tracking devices in them that actively seek out BB citadels, at the right ranges (which are easy to get to with her have some of the best BB concealment in the game) you will constantly hit 20-30k salvos on broadside BBs. Will she hit as hard as a t10 BB? no, but she will easily contend with other t8 BBs.
  8. JimmyThePirate

    Best range to position Yamato at?

    To answer the OPs question, I think the ideal range for the Yammy is like most BBs I've played, a few hundred meters outside my detection circle. I don't run CE on my yammy captain, so that is about 16KM I think. This way you can drop off stealth if needed, but still hit targets semi reliably. Either that or close to a good island, can't go wrong with island cover.
  9. JimmyThePirate

    Giulio Cesare sinks 16

    I really hate to say it, but this isn't super impressive. 10 kill matches are incredible, almost unbelievable, super awesome accomplishments that are worth praise... in almost every ship except the GC. Do that in a texas and I'll be impressed, do that in GC and its like "Look at how much candy I can steal from children". Sure its a lot, but nothing to really praise anyone for. If you couldn't tell I am one of those people who do not like the OP GC or the fact that nobody can get it anymore. Gives to much of an edge to those who were lucky enough to buy it when it was available.
  10. JimmyThePirate

    italian SAP on DDs

    From what I have found, the 203s can pen 54MM of armor like HE shells can, although they can ricochet at extreme angles. Its unclear if they can ricochet only against 55MM+ armor, or also against armor less than 55MM. Either way, if a DD can ricochet the shells it would only be in very lucky, sparse scenarios. That doesn't' change the fact that the 8 guns on the Zara (t7) were easily hitting 8K+ salvos against BBs. If the T10 with its 15 guns where able to do 30% shell damage to DDs in one salvo, it would be to much even for a DD counter.
  11. JimmyThePirate

    italian SAP on DDs

    SAP shells don't auto bounce like normal AP shells. Their angles are much steeper and their normal pen much higher, like 50+mm or something like that. Don't know what the angles are, but I wouldn't be surprised if a DD didn't even have enough armor to bounce it anywhere (excluding Khaba with its 50MM strip).
  12. JimmyThePirate

    italian SAP on DDs

    There's a difference between hard countering a class of ship, and just flat out erasing it any time you see it. Noster showed what burst damage just 8 SAP 203 guns could do against cruisers that weren't even broadside, upping that to 15 guns against something that has no chance of bouncing the shells off of belt armor would just be to much. Of course, this is all theoretical at the moment since they are still in testing. WG might decide that they are to accurate and lower their accuracy while uping the damage to 33% against DDs as compensation, etc. Not much reason to think to hard on it until the cruisers are finalized.
  13. JimmyThePirate

    italian SAP on DDs

    I think the low damage to DDs with SAP is for balancing purposes. Not only does SAP and Italian cruisers have great burst damage (can be done before a DD can smoke or run away), but they look to be very accurate and have 950m\s shell speed. Without some sort of nerf to their main armament, DDs would simply not stand a chance.
  14. JimmyThePirate

    DD...any point for gunboats?

    I've noticed a lot more players now are simply not shooting until someone else shoots at the beginning of the battle. Even if given the flat broadside of an enemy cruiser to shoot at, they simply wont shoot until someone else opens fire and gets spotted first. This is especially annoying when you are trying to cap, spot the enemy DD, and your team simply does nothing or they don't even have their guns pointed towards the cap.
  15. JimmyThePirate

    GK half damage?

    I added a replay to my OP about some of the odd numbers I noticed. This isn't the only game I noticed them in either, only had time to look through and post the one game.