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  1. JimmyThePirate

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    This is just like when the USN CL came out saw hard times for DDs, Brit BBs came out saw hard times for other BBs, and when the French BBs came out saw hard times for cruisers. The new/reworked classes will make gameplay hell for their targets for the first few weeks its out. The best things to do is either be part of the solution and figure out ways to counter the rework (IE not rush into a cap at the beginning of the game... which honestly was not recommended pre rework either), or to play other ships until things sort themselves out.
  2. JimmyThePirate

    CV’s are released

    Any good game developer will let a new change like this stew for a while before making changes (outside of fixing game break things). So the new CV game play we have now may be a fair bit different than a month from now. I hope they take actual criticism into account when changing stuff, not just look on the forums at the numerous threads that will be created from players crying when they don't know even the basics of the rework.
  3. JimmyThePirate


    Depends on what game mode you are doing. Random battles are just that, random. Outside of ship type and tier it doesn't care about other stuff like player skill or what ship of a particular type it matches with. Same with Co-op, except with bots. Ranked is like random, except with the extra layer of matching based on league. Not sure about clan battles, haven't experienced anything with that. Basically, when you join a random battle its a flip of the coin on whether your team wins or not, you just happened to get tails a few more times then heads. Personally I would prefer it be a bit different, but that's random battles for ya.
  4. JimmyThePirate

    What a nose <3

    They also have: 1.7 sigma Over 30 second reloads radar only hits BBs and CVs, not DDs or CAs short range on the main guns (not that you would want to shoot very far with 1.7 sigma) Also the T10 has 457MM guns (same as conq with big guns), but only has like 48% fire chance or something like that. Even with the one less gun on the Brits, they get like a 63% or some ridiculous fire chance like that. Not to forget the British get 1/4 pen on HE, which was not mentioned for the Russians. At the moment I think the Russian BBs sound underwhelming TBH. A bunch of little gimmicks thrown together that don't complement each other. I mean, what is the 30 second turret turn time going to do when brawling is out of the question with 34 second reloads and only 9 guns?
  5. JimmyThePirate

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Other than taking a little bit longer to find matches it certainly couldn't hurt, but I also said that maybe skill based MM isn't the way to go and rewarding more EXP for better plays is the way to go (well, more like giving less exp for worse plays). That way players will have something to strive for while building their skills, instead of speeding through the tiers by sitting in the very back and doing nothing helpful. Granted, the most popular mode is random battles, and having skill based MM for random battles kind of defeats the purpose of those battles. However, lets be real here. There are many games out there that have skill based MM, and I have yet to play one where it hurt the game. Sure you have landslide wins/loses every once and while, and occasionally you have a 'god vs peasants' situations, but they are not nearly as prevalent as it is in WOWs.
  6. JimmyThePirate


    In many matches I'll get to a "good" spot, but a spot being good or not isn't entirely up to me. It depends on how my teammates play as well, if the island I am behind is perfect to cover two cap points, but everyone lemming trains to the third cap then I'm kind of screwed.
  7. JimmyThePirate

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    There are several post that jump straight to "its fine because the ships and tiers are equal", even though its fairly obvious that is not what the OP was talking about. Those were the post I was referring to.
  8. JimmyThePirate

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    I find it funny just how many people are sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring the point of the original post. Someone thinking the current MM is fine or not is up to them, but the OP is obviously not talking about the ships on the teams, or their tiers. OP is taking about how one team steamrolled the other team without losing a single ship, they are talking about the general skill level of the players, not ships. Personally I think a basic MM system that takes into account player skill is a good idea. Nothing to big or splits the community, but I see a ton of players in T10 matches that really do not know how to 'play' the game. Sure they can shoot their guns, and sure they can... somewhat... hit their target, but they lack many other skills you pick up during game play. IE tons of people lack map awareness, realize when to push and when not to (or push at all), even things like simple team play (Supporting caps, not abandoning team mates on a strong flank, etc) simply goes over many players heads. Heck, maybe they don't need to change the MM at all. Just reward good plays with higher EXP, and poor to no plays with no EXP. Currently its to fast and easy to go up the tiers using bad tactics that don't benefit the team. But that's just my opinion. The main point of my post is that, if people on the forums really wanted whats best for the game they would look at criticism with an open mind, not try to cover it up with nonsense or deflect the issue elsewhere. There are plenty of games that use skill based MM, so its not a new concept or anything like that.
  9. JimmyThePirate

    OktyRev related question

    From my understanding: If a torp hits you in the nose or stern it will do full damage and have a higher chance of flooding. However, it does not count as citadel damage so you are able to heal back more of the damage caused. If a torp hits you on the belt it will have its damage reduced by your torp protection (IE if the torp normally does 10,000 damage and your torp protection is 50%, it would instead only do 5,000 damage), and will have a lower chance of causing a flood. Although this does count as citadel damage so you can't heal back as much of it. Generally if you have a high torp protection or your damage con is on cool down you want to receive hits on the belt (more damage reduction), if you have low torp protection and damage con is available you'll want to take it on the nose so you can heal more damage back.
  10. JimmyThePirate

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    I think it really depends on the situation. If you launch torps and there is a reasonable chance they will hit an ally, its your fault. However, if you launch torps and an ally who was heading the completely opposite direction decides to do a 180 for no reason and run into your torps 30 seconds later, then that's kind of on them IMO. Their the ones who decided to make the turn even though your torps were easy to spot and in the water more than long enough for them to plan around them. Its would be like spotting enemy torps 30 seconds away, but still deciding to turn directly into them. Or you get into one of those situations where an enemy BB charges the cap and the DDs lay out a blanket of torps for them, if someone decides to yolo rush the BB in the middle of that, is that really the DDs fault? They did the right thing torping a rushing BB, the person Yoloing did the wrong thing rushing a BB when plenty of allies were around. Are these DDs not allowed to defend themselves in a situation like this just because an ally makes a... questionable... decision?
  11. JimmyThePirate

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    That doesn't really have to do with the Khaba, but with the mushy's inability to flee. I've played the Khaba a bit more and its getting a lot funner to play... but I still feel it had one to many nerfs. Once a BB gets a bead on you, its to easy for them to knock off half your HP with one salvo (you know, that one thing they changed on other DDs because they thought it was to strong...). The Khaba on the other hand doesn't feel like it can dodge these salvos, even with double rudder shift. A slight rudder shift buff or a slight range increase (not to previous levels) I think would do good for the play of the ship without making it to strong.
  12. JimmyThePirate

    Help Me Decide! - Bismarck or Amagi

    I think everyone is forgetting the most important question: Would you rather grind through the FDG, or the Izumo?
  13. JimmyThePirate

    Best way to buff Conqueror 457mm guns?

    The conqueror is a bunker buster type of ship. You don't use it to get kills or to damage easy to hit ships. You use its unblockable damage to wedge camping BBs and Cruisers out of their hiding places. Its like an IFHE Henri HE spamming Hindys and Zaos. Sure you can deal a lot of damage, but your role is much better for shooting Moskvas, Stalingrads, Yammys, and GKF and you'll be a bigger asset to the team spamming those ships.
  14. JimmyThePirate

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    That could be because the main dd counter, radar, doesn't counter khaba or daring as much as other dds. Someone with a gearing/z52/etc. that rushes into the cap, gets radared, and promptly dies will lower the ships win rate regardless of how good that ship is.
  15. JimmyThePirate

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    Khaba isn't as bad as I feared, but I still don't think that it is as big of an upgrade over tashkent as it should be, or if you would even call it an upgrade. :/ Its easier to do damage, but worse at everything else it feels like.