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  1. JimmyThePirate

    You favorite part of the update?

    I agree t4 CVs are a bit to powerful now when you take into account the lack of AA at low tiers, but the single torp drops were dull and just not fun. Having 2 torps per drop is much more exciting.
  2. JimmyThePirate

    You favorite part of the update?

    Welp, 0.8.7 has officially been out for several days now, and along with it a lot of changes/features were added... So I ask, what is your favorite change or feature added in the update? is it the new AA system? or maybe the new ships (Smolensk or Somers)? Personally I'm loving that t4 CVs now drop two torps per attack run. They just eat everything and everyone, and then come back for seconds. Edit: Please remain on topic, this isn't a thread about balancing issues or anything like that. I made this as a fun thread to see what players liked about the update the most.
  3. JimmyThePirate


    Although I wouldn't mind seeing a BC class, I think to many ships that would belong to that class have already been added to CAs and BBs. I doubt they would move around ships like that. Besides, where would they lie balance wise? The raw DPS of cruisers would melt them faster than they could kill the cruiser, and the lack of BBs levels of armor would make them super food for BBs. They would be in a weird spot where they try to be both BBs and CAs, but either fail at both jobs or be to good in both jobs and render those classes obsolete.
  4. JimmyThePirate

    Coop vs Random

    I test ships out in coop. Learning the gun archs, how it feels, what it can do, etc. Although that can get kind of annoying when I'm trying to figure a ship out and a bunch of people just rush in point blank to torp...
  5. JimmyThePirate

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    I was remarking more on the fact that AP bombs were considered a poor addition to the game ever since they came out.
  6. JimmyThePirate

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    Was there ever a time that AP bombs weren't a problem? In my opinion, the raised citadel and more healing makes Brit BBs less of a BB counter (since they now have a chance at hitting a citadel), and more of a cruiser/DD counter. I mean, since DDs and CA/CLs have no hope of reaching the citadel through brit belt armor anyway, they will literally have to either hit a bunch of torps (10ish+ maybe?) or do several hundred thousand pen/fire damage to kill one Conq... this goes double if the new IFHE goes into affect since a lot less damage will come from fires...
  7. JimmyThePirate

    Battleship lines

    Do you like to be up close in the action, or farther back as back line artillery? If up close, then Russian or German BBs. Russian for stationary play, German for mobile play. If far back, then French or British BBs. French for mobile play and British for stationary play.
  8. JimmyThePirate

    Suggestion for Endgame Content and Time Sink.

    To be honest when I first heard about the training thing, I thought it was a way to buff lower tier ships to play them in higher tier matches... :/
  9. JimmyThePirate

    Stop camping

    This is just a losing streak, it happens to everyone. Sometimes its you, other times its your team, and some times you are just down right unlucky, but just remember that not all games will be like that. Also, smoke behind islands. Without a target lock on your ship, most other ships won't be able to lob their shells high enough to reliably clear the islands. That might help a bit with you getting killed in smoke. Also don't wait until your smoke is running out to move, always move a few seconds before that at least. Otherwise you'll get spotted with your pants down.
  10. JimmyThePirate

    Class call system

    I've never really had an issue with certain tiers not getting into matches.
  11. JimmyThePirate

    ArmorPen Charts in Port

    I'd like to see a bit of in game info about ships effective range. For example, Russian BBs can shoot much farther than their effective range, but if you don't know that range you may be completely missing the point of those ships, or how some lighter guns have terrible range due to shell drop off, etc.
  12. JimmyThePirate

    why Yamato AP 14.8K?!!

    American shells tended to weigh more than other countries guns of comparable size. That's why american 203mm AP at high tiers are considered super heavy shells and have greater pen angles compared to the others.
  13. JimmyThePirate

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    I have not played the American CVs, but from my under standing: American Torp bombers are sub par and have their own heal, so something you won't use a whole lot and already has endurance to rely on. Attack aircraft are good, but are mostly used for quick DD attacks, AKA ships that lack AA. You won't need the extra HP against DDs due to their low AA. That leaves Dive bombers, which are planes you'll use a lot against ships that can does a fair bit of AA damage and do not have their own heal.