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  1. From a similar patch (titled "Server down again?"), [M_RO] Skepticu suggested using the Check and Repair file in Settings on the initial (play) screen. It seems to have worked for me. Hope this may help some of you.
  2. Dogma_3

    server down again ?

    Having really bad lag (from 44 fps down to 5 fps) and not able to access the Armoury. Used the check and repair, as suggested by [M_RO]Skepticu, and all seems to be ok now.
  3. Dogma_3

    MM gets worse with every update

    Having read through this thread, I also do not think there is a problem with the MM at present. I know it is going to be tougher when low-tiered, or the list of opposition ships is better, so I adapt my play accordingly. You can only do your best with what you have around you, and those are uncontrollable. I am not the best of players, and my top tier ship is only tier VII, as I feel comfortable at tiers V, VI and VII for my own ability. I am in agreement with Hanse77SWE's comments, for a tier by tier assessment. This would leave the "chaff" at their achievable level and allow improvers to progress onto higher tiers, with the necessary skill set. If the "chaff" do not understand, are incapable, or simply cannot be bothered to improve to progress, then this will benefit and improve game play in higher tiers, should it not? I do realise that this will not fit with WG's requirement to make a profit from the players who wish to buy their way to the top tier.
  4. Dogma_3

    Problem Launching Game

    Can anyone assist with a fix, or corroborate, this problem. The game appears to load ok through WGC. I am playing Co-op presently, and entered into a battle. 2 minutes into the battle, everything freezes - the screen, mouse, keyboard. I can't even exit using Task Manager. I have to sign out, and every time I do that, I am given a Teamkill penalty for leaving the battle early. So far I will be playing 10 battles in pink. I will not play again until there is a patch to download, or someone on the forum can help.
  5. Dogma_3


    Problem solved. The Armoury loaded today.
  6. Dogma_3


    I am glad someone else is having the same trouble. I haven't any mods, and have tried to access the Armoury every day for the past week.
  7. Dogma_3

    How to fix dispersion

    Hi all. My approach to the poor BB dispersion is to fire a single gun, which will offer direction and distance information, then fire the remaining guns as a salvo, after adjusting your aim. The salvo seems to centre better on the target. Hope this helps.
  8. Dogma_3


    You should find the camo on the camouflage screen of the exterior section in port, with a 1000 doubloon price tag. Hope this helps.