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  1. lol yeah buff it pls, make it even better than Belfast since all the BBs got buffed lately. We need more fires. What at do you all recommend on the ships upgrades tho? Especially between aiming or AA? Naturally I opt for AA but, most cv player will avoid MK nowadays and a little more accuracy always help.
  2. Saipan is not OP, not in the hands of average joes. It is only considered OP if it's in the hand of a very good player AND WHEN YOU HAVE AN INCOMPETENT CV PLAYER ON YOUR OWN TEAM.
  3. with the update Nurnberg is stock equipped with IFHE so you can save the 4 points for something else. Scratching my head as to what ships to pick... Graf spee has the best hydro in the tier plus heal so it is viable for detecting torp and DD for the team (equipped with RDF), but the armor is not like the Cleveland's. Nurnberg is a DD killer with the right captain and hydro but for it to work, it has to get into very close range.
  4. Anyone considering taking either ship to the upcoming rank and how would you spec your captain?
  5. the topic is not about the chat, it is about having multiple division of the same clan in the game. Yes i got reported, because i picked a target at the beginning of the match with my saipan in chat, and i sunk him as the first kill... Then he encourage his clan mate to report me.
  6. It usually happens more often at the weekend but multiple divisions of the same clan on the same team in a random battle is just abusive to the enemy team. I suggest there should be some mechanisms that disallow more than 1 division of the same clan on the same team. If they want to practice, make the match equal for both sides. Also the reporting system is useless. one player of the clan reports you and encourage his fellow clan members to do the same and all of a sudden you have 5, 6 reports or outright banned from chat.
  7. I dont have hiryu personally but i believe you have at least 10 - 20 more fighters in your hanger in 2/2/2. Assuming you don''t be a potato and lose your entire squadron in every engagement, you will have plenty of reverse to DO WHAT SAIPAN DOES TO U. Do the exit strafe and an attack strafe at the same time. I don't recall how many fighters I have in stock in the 2/2/0 loadout, but I am guessing you are talking about the 3/0/1 loadout. Obviously the AS loadout has more fighters so I don't see why you complain again. But in the 2/2/0 loadout, I don't think saipan has more than 3 or 4 spare squadron in reserve. It is cheap excuses to not learn how to encounter saipan and it's weakness. A good hiryu player is more than capable to restrict the striking capability of saipan. its true and that is why you need to know when to engage and when not to engage. It is just saipan players are made to be more aware of this because of its lack of reserve. Same can be said to the german BB player who are less worried about their citadels when showing a broadside compared to the IJN and USN BBs because of the turtle back armor.
  8. Oh and there is the new Kaga. I don't think more needs to be said considering the amount of striking power it has when you can keep Saipan's fighters busy with your own... plus the large hanger. Mostly like to happen berween two skilful captain is that Saipan kills Kaga's fighters but Kaga sinks Saipan or its friendly ships. But again, if there is potato vs competent player then it's different pictures...
  9. Saipan don't need to a fix. It's most likely you who needs to learn to play more skilful. The hanger capacity of the ship is extremely small compared to other same tier CV and the number of planes in a squadron is also a deciding factor. Hiryu loadout is no doubt superior to Saipan's and if you know how to play, you can still get your strike planes on target while making Saipan's plane busy with your own fighters. You have larger hanger so you can afford to lose some planes at times. Ranger is unfortunately limited to AS loadount only, because the stupid US loadout, but again if you know how to work with your fighters, 12 fighters vs 6 or 14 vs 8 is still a tough fight for Saipan. In sum, the current Saipan in my opinion is just FINE. Stop complaining and learn how to play better.
  10. glad to see good players helping the rest of the community, the CV player base needs a serious boost in the game to counter the likes of camping in higher tier.
  11. but scharnhorst gun are not like bismarck's, doing 120k dmg will be hard especially if you face other tier 7 and 8 BBs. I could tried getting in close and torp them but that will eat a lot of hp and probably getting me sink in the next encounter.
  12. Yeah its very situational especially if you dont have one of the tier 10 cruisers or DDs. Sadly i dont have any of those ships. Now i regret playing the jap DD line. Their guns turn slower than BBs. been trying with missouri and belfast but havent had my luck. gonna give a go with scharnhorst ... before moving on to CVs
  13. im working on the last mission... any recommendation? BBs do dmg but not enough ribbons, and cruiser get ribbons but not enough dmg.
  14. many thanks for the info.
  15. ship names in chat doesnt seem to be on the list for 0.6.3