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  1. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    Kagero is questionable in competitive plays with hydro and radar but if you can make it work then great!
  2. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    probably full of BBs again as always Too bad kutuzov got nerfed pretty hard by the smoke change, but still a powerful ship. Be interesting to see how the ranked season is like because T8 is full of competitive ships at the moment
  3. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    What ships will people use? CV: Shokaku , Enterprise BB: NC, Alabama, Kii, Amagi, Tirpitz/Bismarck (?) CA/CL: Kutuzov, Edinburgh, Charles Martel, Chapayev, Atago DD: Loyang, Kidd, Benson, Ognevoi I see those are among the favourite, share your ideas!
  4. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle. I'll be pleased to win a ship or as many doubloons :)
  5. Patchnotes 0.6.12 from SEA

    Haven’t heard of anything about discontinuing the sale of Belfast. After all, it’s still relevant to the RN CLs and an espensive ship to buy. Don’t see why WG will throw away such a big fat juicy cash cow, given how it has behaved lately. For those that bought the ships on discount before, they will make an instant profit on doubloons from what I understand from the patch note.
  6. Patchnotes 0.6.12 from SEA

    Get a refund and buy them back in the future when they are on discount?
  7. Advice needed on spending doubloons

    Already own the missouri and nelson is not really that interesting to me. I saved those doubloons from the summer sales and been waiting for spend them since :) Thanks for all the advice.
  8. Advice needed on spending doubloons

    the only ships i dont have right now are atago and kaga. I was thinking getting Kaga anyway and since I already have kutuzov, i dont think i will enjoy atago that much. But yeah those ships are definitely in my consideration.
  9. Advice needed on spending doubloons

    haha maybe one day when I am tired of this game
  10. Advice needed on spending doubloons

    Currently have around 29500 doubloons and 200k free xp sitting in port and want to take advantage of the discount in game. But not sure if I should just get the premium ships or covert some free xp and unlock an entire tech tree like the soviet DD to khab. Already have quite a few premium including saipan belfast missouri kutuzov.... As to my play style i quite enjoy CV and cruisers and do well in both. I was considering Kaga and Leningrad but I already play well in saipan and if I unlock the soviet DD tech tree, Leningrad is not that useful. Any advice? Thanks
  11. What is the worst thing about Belfast and Kutuzov?

    When MK meet t10 matches, which happens 80% of the time and 100% when u play during off peak hours, do u still consider it OP? I dont think so.
  12. From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    Well, soon it will be pretty obvious that BBs are OP.
  13. Anyone tried redeem another code after u already redeemed one? It just says invalid.
  14. Team's expectations over CV

    For you to be able to CARRY potatos, you need to be able to DELIVER effective strikes, for u to be able to deliver, you need to have planes, for you to have planes you need to protect them from enemy. If you take strike, you can attempt to do dmg hoping that enemy CV is a potato. Otherwise, you can't strike cos he will eat all your planes, you can't spot because he has fighters, and you can't protect allied ships when they are under air attack. Strike is as situational as AS, depending on how you view it.
  15. Team's expectations over CV

    The only times I play strike loadout in any US CVs are In coop games vs bots or those PVE missions. In random, hell no. No fighters = no air control = loss. Yes, you might find yourself lucky facing a potato and doing a tons of dmg in one match. But, you are relying too much on favourable MM and any competent player will effectively kill all your striking power with acceptable losses or damage to allied ships. Please do your future teammates a favour, and stop using the strike loadout. Imagine you play in a BB, CL and getting nuked by enemy CV because your own CV player, regardless his skill, is a strike US CV. Or keep playing strike and let me farm more xp and credits from strike cv players like you :)