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  1. Ranked Season Ship Selection

    So the ranked season is here again and T 10 for those who wants to progress to the top. Question is what ship are you gonna use and which ship do you think will outperform in its class?
  2. I am sick of Saipan

    Saipan is probably the only playable and enjoyable US carrier in game now, with the huge nerf coming to midway. So leave her alone.
  3. cheat possible in cyclone?

    I dont think X marks the spot is still available in the mod pack? or is it?
  4. cheat possible in cyclone?

    Thanks for the response. Surprised to find there are so many gimmicks that still exist...
  5. cheat possible in cyclone?

    I just uploaded it.
  6. cheat possible in cyclone?

  7. cheat possible in cyclone?

    Just had a game where I was in cyclone engaging a BB, who is the only ship that is within 8km of the visible range. But a Hindenburg who I cannot spot, because he is outside of the 8km range, kept shooting me and hit me on target. You could tell it was not something ordinary because all shells hit as if I was spotted. There was no radar or hydo and Hindenburg hydro has a range of 6km anyway. Got the reply but don't know where to upload it.
  8. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    Kagero is questionable in competitive plays with hydro and radar but if you can make it work then great!
  9. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    probably full of BBs again as always Too bad kutuzov got nerfed pretty hard by the smoke change, but still a powerful ship. Be interesting to see how the ranked season is like because T8 is full of competitive ships at the moment
  10. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    What ships will people use? CV: Shokaku , Enterprise BB: NC, Alabama, Kii, Amagi, Tirpitz/Bismarck (?) CA/CL: Kutuzov, Edinburgh, Charles Martel, Chapayev, Atago DD: Loyang, Kidd, Benson, Ognevoi I see those are among the favourite, share your ideas!
  11. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle. I'll be pleased to win a ship or as many doubloons :)
  12. Patchnotes 0.6.12 from SEA

    Haven’t heard of anything about discontinuing the sale of Belfast. After all, it’s still relevant to the RN CLs and an espensive ship to buy. Don’t see why WG will throw away such a big fat juicy cash cow, given how it has behaved lately. For those that bought the ships on discount before, they will make an instant profit on doubloons from what I understand from the patch note.
  13. Patchnotes 0.6.12 from SEA

    Get a refund and buy them back in the future when they are on discount?
  14. Advice needed on spending doubloons

    Already own the missouri and nelson is not really that interesting to me. I saved those doubloons from the summer sales and been waiting for spend them since :) Thanks for all the advice.
  15. Advice needed on spending doubloons

    the only ships i dont have right now are atago and kaga. I was thinking getting Kaga anyway and since I already have kutuzov, i dont think i will enjoy atago that much. But yeah those ships are definitely in my consideration.