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  1. Seraphice

    Belfast coming back..... In AUCTION?!

    Their release date was public upfront, just like it is for clausewitz and dalarna. So there was no "we've been saying soon for 2 months". Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  2. Seraphice

    Last piece of the threasure map

    They should be credited shortly! Expect today or tomorrow. Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  3. Seraphice

    Last piece of the threasure map

    can you clarify further? What bug exactly?
  4. Seraphice

    Last piece of the threasure map

    Definitely should be active, so if you have any issues redeeming the code, please let me know and we'll look into it. Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  5. Seraphice

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    hey! If you see someone intentionally suiciding their ship like this, please report it to our customer support so proper action can be taken. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/ Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  6. Seraphice

    Has WoWs stopped working with Twitch Prime ?

    As Leo mentioned, we are still working on setting up a new campaign with twitch right now and once we have more news to share, we'll share it with you. Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  7. Seraphice

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    In this case a sanction was applied since a player made a report and provided a replay of you intentionally throwing. Oh and the in-game report system works if you report people for misbehavior in chat. Like I mentioned, if you are concerned that no proper sanction was applied, feel free to reach out to a Community Manager and then we can check and verify that proper sanctions were applied. I'm afraid that for tanks related things, this is not the place. you'd be best off asking this question on the tanks forum. However I did watch some videos on that topic for tanks, and if you are aware of any such things happening in warships, then please report them. I would say that we certainly care. Howeverthough I don't know the specifics of what you describe, so I'm afraid that it'll be difficult for me to say anything about that.
  8. Seraphice

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Hi please see the following rule: 12.2. Any types of contractual battles, i.e. match rigging, including deliberate losses (throwing games) or excessively passive behavior of both teams at once (forced draw) are prohibited. As for 5.08, if you think that you see someone who should be punished according to this rule, I will repeat my post above, that you can contact our Customer Support for this, and that if you think that you got an insufficient reply or that proper action was not taken, please reach out to a Community Manager such as myself or my colleagues. Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  9. Seraphice

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    there is a very big different between playing bad and intentionally suiciding. If you cannot adhere to the rules of our game, then we take action. It's certainly a discussion to be had, however there is also a balance between having it accessible for all people still, without them feeling like they are wasting time for rewards they wont get eventually. I still believe however that ranked should be a place where the focus should be on winning, and that is still shown by how rewards and progress is earned. when you log into our game, and onto our forums, to tell everyone that you will intentionally suicide because you think the game is lost, only to make the experience worse for others, then yes, most certainly this is a problem. Have you considered that this kind of behavior only contributes to what you call a "toxic game mode"? I will admit, ranked is not perfect, however that behavior most certainly does not help. Everyone will understand your struggles and frustrations. We have all been there, and we are all still there sometimes, even the best player in the world will be, but suiciding/yoloing is not the answer to your problem. It is in my interest to protect my community, and intentionally suiciding ruins the game experience for my community. So I will put it out there, as I always will, that if you see things like this happen, such as unsportsmanlike conduct in battle, please report it to our customer support, and if you are not sure that you got a sufficient reply or that appropriate action was taken, please reach out to me or my colleagues. Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  10. Seraphice

    King of the Sea XIV—Register Now!

    unfortunately not. You'll have to wait until the next one.
  11. Seraphice

    0.11.8 Update Contest - Lucky 7 Years!

    Captains! Thank you all for your participation in this forum event! It is time for the results! The following 3 people were extremely lucky, winning the main prize of a Tier VII Premium Container! @Nestor_Maxno_UA with 8 7's in their screenshot! @Igorsupersonic with 9 7's in their screenshot! @SeuaVR6 with 9 7's in their screenshot! Congratulations! Then for those that won unsinkable sam containers with their lucky 777's! And it's a whole list! Rois 1 BowtNetterToDo 1 VizeFade 1 TenenteDan 2 Guns_Donovan 1 sm4123 1 Tunxeri 2 luisgomesdasilva 1 SeuaVR6 1 xekpoint 1 ThePurpleSmurf 1 Bargian69 1 TassosRsx 2 E_wan_o 1 mickey1972_2022 1 WGPlsBuffThePlayerbase 1 Old_man_G 1 SmileCRO 1 HMS__Artemis 1 Nestor_Maxno_UA 2 Danielhendriks 3 Topchaz 1 maIizeIeni 3 IGL 1 Denrasill 1 arizona_123 1 abreesa 1 Zaitsu 2 ljakse 1 GregoryDudeBro 1 Klopirat 1 leapampin 1 _GODAW_DO_ 1 Janiksenkapala 1 Aidan_thereal 1 Wuolfe81 1 Kosmonopo 1 Thorce 1 TwixInTheMix 2 GorillaStark 1 AltanticAssasin 2 _Nightmare420_ 1 bkuzu1 1 RuneSlayers 1 PolishBoB 3 calbayrak9 1 General_LeeOBE 3 DeAtHsTaLkEr_1966 1 Legion852 1 GD_Gobi 1 Marte_JCA 1 TFOKatarn 3 LordH_of_Ecclesbourne 1 Szeg007 1 Staines_upon_Thames 1 kick2016_cock 1 _MrPig_ 2 Nevidni 1 mbachizimba713 1 Little_67 2 Losmi96 1 GuardianDevil1 1 LukkaiCH 2 Kishell 2 XendarIT 1 denduc666 6 faros78 1 Gyula34_marksman 1 malarky37 1 Unholy_Pozer 1 Commander_Tomalak 1 Saltface 1 Sea_w0lf 1 AdmiralM4tze 1 Rolling_Potatoo 1 ShingKeese 1 SGGN 1 Andis_sniper 1 ProfWhoopWhoop 1 Wasaby666 1 Phill_McCrackin 1 Admiral_YiSun_Sin 1 RoadFoxx 2 Cemka2000 1 IB_UA 1 Chester_Malo 1 Pumathe 1 Realjuan 1 ptitbouh 2 LowSpeedHighDrag 2 M3talbr3aker 1 Katsunori 1 Re4cher 1 Xel_Tylar 1 erythraeum 1 Dirty_Gerty 1 tomekm_2 1 Tyramarka 1 1eyedW00Tleg 1 GOGETEMTIGER 1 Pallipto 1 And then lastly we have our random draw winners! For the eco pack of 7x Tier 2 boosters we have the following winners: AdmiralM4tze RoNeVe Corax_Indominus Von_Ron_1 john_katop OverpenMyCensored OohMrRigsby And for our signal pack winners we have: sandora85 TAVEIRA82 mbachizimba713 erythraeum BladeWeaver andrgr TFOKatarn Congratulations. You can expect your prizes by the end of the week! Fair seas captain! ~Sera
  12. Seraphice

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    please be aware that unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Fair seas!
  13. Seraphice

    Update 0.11.8 - Reworked Operations

    It does not change the composition of the enemy, but rather the statistics (such as hit points) of the enemies you face. So that also explains why suddenly the damage might be increased significantly. Fair seas!
  14. unfortunately there were some technical issues with this, but it will be restarted next month. If as a result you missed this, you'll still receive it later!
  15. Seraphice

    Problem with autorization

    that shouldnt be the case. if the problem continues to exist, I would recommend contacting our customer support here: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/