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  1. Seraphice

    No subs in training rooms?

    Changes to the UI and training room will come in due time, and for some parts of it even sooner than later. Regarding premium ships in the training room, unfortunately, the only way to do this currently, is only if you own the premium ship and mirror the teams when you are readied up in a premium ship. While operations have not been a focal point since they were first introduced, we did recently reset operations rewards and we will be bringing back some of the old operations in 2022. Aside from operations we have introduced several other event modes that have included PvE and PvPvE such as Big Hunt / Key Battles and Halloween modes. ^.^
  2. Seraphice

    No subs in training rooms?

    I totally agree with you that it sucks not to be able to test them in training rooms, and I completely understand that you are not able to test their mechanics to the fullest extent. However we have to keep this limitation for now, as it is not possible on a technical level, because not all of our maps are fit for submarines, meaning we could run into some serious issues, and disabling subs on those maps specifically is unfortunately not an option right now. However when this is possible, or when they have been given an underwater model, we will definitely enable submarines in training rooms! For now, if you have any questions, I will try my best to get you answers for them ;) So TLDR; it is simply a technical limitation due to all the maps available in the training room, and it isn't as easy as just disabling subs on those maps unfortunately. Unfortunately for now, such testing will have to take place in Co-op :/ The training room does indeed have it's fair share of improvements that could be made, but especially since the last King of the Sea tournament there was work put in to make sure they are more stable. However it is true that the training room could be more than what it is now, but unfortunately it is not the highest of priorities as of right now. While we do internal QA and have things such as Supertest and Publictest, the amount of people that participate in such activities is still only an extremely small fraction of the playerbase, and they could never find as many bugs as the combined playerbase ever could. However our supertesters do amazing work in their bug-catching, and we are very grateful for it, but even the best sometimes miss something. As I explained before, this is only due to a technical limitation. We would encourage players to test them to their fullest extent in training rooms if it were possible, but unfortunately, it's not for now :(
  3. Hi. As other users have already correctly stated the ships will not be available for purchase with Community Tokens if you already own them. Quite the opposite. We are giving you direct choices for specific ships that you can purchase with this free resource. Besides that there are plenty of other options available that you can spend your community tokens on that are not containers. If you wish to spend them on supercontainers exclusively that is a thing you can do. However there are more things available for purchase for Community Tokens that are not (super)containers. In general Community tokens serve as a way to reward players for interacting in community events such as livestreams or recruiting and simply serve as a bonus resource you can earn for free.
  4. Commanders! Hello to all of you, my name is Seraphice, but some of you may know me as Sera. It is my pleasure to be the new Community Manager for all English speaking players here in the European section and be the spokesperson and point of contact for all of you. Taking on the responsibilities of providing you with information and entertainment alike. I have been a player in World of Warships for just over 2 years now and have been involved in many community related events, the main one being the King of the Sea tournament, for which I used to be a Coordinator for the EU section. I hope to be able to keep working on King of the Sea and many other community events, be it online or offline. It will be my pleasure to see you all on the high seas in battle, or here on the forums or other medias such as discord or reddit. Fair seas captains!
  5. The introduction of submarines is a very sensitive topic for many of you, hence why we are also handling their implementation carefully. This includes your feedback on submarines. We are indeed grateful to receive your feedback on this matter, as it is crucial in making sure their implementation goes well. The reason for sharing such a statement has nothing to do with the nature of the feedback given, be it positive or negative, as both are extremely important in determining the public opinion on them and highlighting potential issues or popular points of discussion regarding submarines.
  6. Seraphice

    Summer Clash Tournament

    Hi A guide on how to find the Wargaming ID's is on the signup page. A users Wargaming ID is not sensitive information, and although it will not be publicly available on the toornament website, any users Wargaming ID can easily be looked up in the URL of their profile, as explained in the sign up page. As for the email's, you can put any random email there, as this is just a contact email for tournament organisers. We will not be using any email to contact any participants, and we will be using the King of the Sea - WoWs discord instead, as mentioned in the article, ruleset, and anywhere else the tournament is promoted. Using a fake email like abc123@gmail.com should be no problem at all. This is simply a requirement from toornament that we unfortunately cannot disable. If you have any further questions regarding the sign up or tournament itself, do not hesitate to ask me.
  7. Seraphice

    Requesting expertise/opinion regarding FXP

    What. Smaland is literally the best use of 2M FXP in the game. Or rather, was, before she was unsurprisingly removed. As for what to spend your FXP on, Just get friesland (or Groningen basically). Just the strongest FXP ship you can get now. Maybe we will even see ragnar soon as a 2M FXP ship? wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Seraphice

    British Cruisers, are they worth it?

    ah. You mean "get extraordinarily lucky"? Mino really isnt supposed to bowtank BBs or anything that can overmatch it ever. Anyway, both Mino and Goliath are pretty strong ships, mino is stronger and more fun than Goliath, and the grind to mino is a lot more enjoyable.| Edit: Oh and playing them with radar instead of smoke is the only way to go
  9. Seraphice

    CVs are good for clan wars , stop the hate

    I don't know what's funnier, the serious replies to this troll or the fact that chikor is getting love from the community somehow
  10. Seraphice

    ST, ships balance changes

    because thats definitely the most glaring problem about kremlin, and this change will really change anything in Clan Wars.
  11. Seraphice


    i have no idea why you're talking about enterprise's demise, im not sure if you noticed, but doing 30k salvos with AP bombs isnt something that's easily disregarded, you have huge fighter squads which actually work, you have insane amounts of rocket planes with a lot of rockets to hunt down cruisers and DDs while still being effective enough against BBs if needed and your torps arent the worst among the board. Not to mention a really sizeable health pool for the planes. Sure kaga is just as strong right now and i would agree, but enterprise is still busted as ever. Also stop jerking off to the Ark royal, lower tier CVs is sealclub city because nothing has AA anyway.