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  1. teen_geisha16


    the kitakami in t8 (it is difficult) but with the concealment module plus the ability of the captain Range of detectability of the surface 9,072 (base 11,34 - 10% - 10%) and torps range 10.00 km, with smoke, looks good, fragile but fun (i dont speak english i use trad)
  2. teen_geisha16


    Well I would like to know if at some point he will come back, this cruiser for me so desired I've seen it in some old videos and I'd love to play it Join the power of the kitakami
  3. and of course returning the real carriers, that the rework is DISASTER
  4. I say no to the naval training center. it's the worst idea you've had
  5. teen_geisha16

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    102/5000 if you like enjoy for me they are too simple, without tactical game or anything that motivates me to play them
  6. teen_geisha16

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    Although the guide may be fine, do not worry so much, the cvs will disappear from the battles in a few days because almost no one used them, the first two days there were still people using them but you already notice the decline of players and soon almost nobody will play them
  7. teen_geisha16

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    the old cvs already work well, they have fixed something they did not need to touch
  8. teen_geisha16

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    109/5000 quick response, nothing, I do not like anything about the 8.0.0 and I find the cvs rework particularly detestable
  9. teen_geisha16

    british cv

    it will be difficult for British csv to do well, whose specialty is fleet protection, a concept that no longer exists thanks to the crap of the new cvs mechanics
  10. teen_geisha16

    Rework of CVs

    cv rework is a disaster not only for a cv but also for the rest of the classes that have been destitute 64/5000
  11. teen_geisha16

    save the aircraft carrier

    and finally they killed the cvs line R.I.P
  12. teen_geisha16

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I completely agree with you they have destroyed the line of cvs
  13. teen_geisha16

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    hosho with 100 airplanes cool jajjaajaajaaj sorry but is science fiction cvs you know perfectly that I prefer the current cvs and that I do not like the new ones, we have already talked about it 108/5000
  14. teen_geisha16

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    sorry i use tranlator and my response was not understandable, I have reconstructed my answer
  15. teen_geisha16

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    No, they have not reduced impact, they have only made them simpler 55/5000