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  1. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    both, you can "knock out" the crew indeed but it is still nice to see men actually operating those vehicles, and no violence stuff is involved there too
  2. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    Ok, as you are consistently showing that you are far from smart enough to participate in any form of internet discussion I'll spell it out.... slowly for you....... I just gave you an example that wargambling could technically add sailors to the game, without showing any actual death, good example of that is war thunder, and that was the whole point of this thread. I just said that I want to see models of sailors on the pixel boats in wows, not hollywood death scenes each time I get hit by the enemy. I know critical thinking can be hard at times, but at least try to read what I wrote and make a good answer to that, or if you cant - please stop wasting your time and take the stick out of your butt
  3. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    anyone with at least an average IQ would know that adding sailors onto ships wouldn't mean more violence or anything bad in general, for example there are soldiers in war thunder and I never saw a soldier from wt burning alive / being decapitated by a shell what you said makes no sense, again
  4. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    if i recall correctly there are actual people in war thunder and they work pretty well on ships too
  5. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    i have no idea how you can see attention seeking here, isn't it like you tried to be a smartass but ended up being just smartass but without the "smart" part?
  6. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    are you sure you have enough iq to operate a computer properly?
  7. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    and i would love to
  8. EpicGoldenCat

    No sailors kekw

    Good job wargambling, you failed to add sailors to the game that exists for 6 years, are weapons using some kind of USS Zumwalt technology that allows them to automatically detect and shoot hostile planes / ships or what?
  9. EpicGoldenCat

    This game need new maps

    We MIGHT get one 2023, just be patient
  10. EpicGoldenCat

    Gaining steel.

    So I am playing this game since 2017 and I don't have even one steel ship yet. I never focused on earning steel, never bothered about obtaining those boats. I would like to start farming it, but I have no idea what are good ways of grinding this resource. What is the best way of getting steel and how fast will I get a good amount of it to actually get stuff like austin / stalin? I know I can play clan battles but the thing is I don't have a clan that does that
  11. EpicGoldenCat


    So WarGambling is now selling the USS Missouri. Does the ship still have the Trump Credit Multiplier or did they lowered it and then started to sell the ship to troll everyone?
  12. EpicGoldenCat

    Missouri event and economics

  13. EpicGoldenCat

    Petropavlovsk captain?

    Can somebody help me with building Petropavlovsk captain? I was unable to find any post-rework skill builds and I have no idea what to use
  14. EpicGoldenCat

    Dutch cruisers

    guns are weak 25mm plating is weak air strike is hard to land properly and doesnt deal enough damage to make guns worse because of the gimmick which is weak no torps is weak gun dispersion is weak dutch cruisers are weak
  15. EpicGoldenCat

    Suggestion for European Cruiser Line

    yes i can read this https://prnt.sc/18k6fwb nice formatting