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  1. EpicGoldenCat

    Dutch cruisers

    guns are weak 25mm plating is weak air strike is hard to land properly and doesnt deal enough damage to make guns worse because of the gimmick which is weak no torps is weak gun dispersion is weak dutch cruisers are weak
  2. EpicGoldenCat

    Suggestion for European Cruiser Line

    yes i can read this https://prnt.sc/18k6fwb nice formatting
  3. EpicGoldenCat

    Karma system replacement

    Nah I just think that wows devs are way smarter and more experienced than you in terms of game developing and thus would propably realize that they actually can block this type of abuse
  4. EpicGoldenCat

    Karma system replacement

    Yeah well someone who is capable of developing a game like World of Warships propably has enough IQ to think about it and then block it through how the game works
  5. EpicGoldenCat

    Karma system replacement

    I still hope someone like @YabbaCoe will read it and pass the idea to the devs
  6. EpicGoldenCat

    Karma system replacement

    The report / compliment system should be replaced. All compliments doesn't give you anything and reports doesn't work either, except for the chat abuse one. Currently when you receive a report your karma decreases, and when you receive a compliment your karma increases obviously, but this could be replaced with a different system. There could be another tab in the Armory, which would be "Karma Shop" thing. Like when you get let's say 100 compliments, you could purchase some coal with it. Or maybe exchange the points for few days of premium or economic signals. I also would remove the report feature and leave only the chat abuse report feature, as other report reasons are fully useless and literally doesn't do anything. Also after reporting someone for chat abuse, the compliment amount should not decrease, as the report feature is higly abused. It should only make the bots check the chat logs of said player as it does right now. Of course ban divmates / clanmates from giving themselves +1 (a note for people who are having issues with understanding that game devs can predict such a thing)
  7. EpicGoldenCat

    Is PT worth it anymore?

    never was
  8. So I just got my cunningham and I want to make a survivability build on him, which would be grease the gears on the 2nd point, BoS and AR on the 3 point skills, and then superintendent, CE and FP for the 4 point skills. The only issue is that I don't know what should i take for the first point. I think that there are many useful 1 point skills for british BBs which are PM, DE, Emergency Repair Specialist, and gUn FeEdEr (nice new skill name btw) and I dont know which one to get.
  9. EpicGoldenCat

    Torpedoes really are broken

    code monkeys broken something up again
  10. EpicGoldenCat

    Nerf HE BOMBS

  11. EpicGoldenCat

    Legendary Dutch captain?

    Ok then I meant legendary captain.
  12. EpicGoldenCat

    Legendary Dutch captain?

    Seems like this one gets only enhanced captain skills and no talents?
  13. EpicGoldenCat

    Legendary Dutch captain?

    So there are new dutch cruisers coming to the game soon. Are we going to get a legendary captain for coal like Lütjens / Swirski etc, or maybe a campaign one like Halsey / Yamamoto? The new branch of the cruisers looks pretty solid and I would like to spend my coal on a captain for those. I think that we really should get a captain for the dutch navy considering the fact that every nation in the game right now has one (except for the pan asian, but they still have the 35k coal captain available in the armory).
  14. EpicGoldenCat

    Pressing D but not turning?

    happens sometimes superior wg game developing
  15. EpicGoldenCat

    Attack plane nerf

    1. It is harder to land a bomb hit than a rocket hit on a destroyer with a midway. 2. Have fun trying to kill dd with a bomb when in Hakuryu 3. Have fun trying to kill dd with a bomb when in richtofen