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  1. More like Romani ite domum cum doctrina et cultu.
  2. As you can see were an amazing place to be and where now at 9 Members and with strong progress towards the clan buildings if your interested in becoming number 10 in a very active clan let us know.
  3. sadly this Inuit has Peoples front of Judea leanings so we lay it on to keep him on the straight and narrow not because of his heritage as he spuriously claims Although he is a great guy really a pleasure to have around.
  4. On a lighter note this is only a foretaste of the humorous madness within if anyone dares. That and amazing Divisions
  5. Our clan is named from Monty Python’s Life of Brian as it embodies our camaraderie and quixotic sense of humour. If you would like some more information on this great movie I would check out IMDB as the name is not offensive whatsoever.
  6. The Judean People's Front ===================================================================== Who are we? ================================================================================================================================================================== Auspiciously contrasting the clan name, which most would refer to as “a group of organised Hebrew activists from Monty Pythons Life of Brian. Who set out on a mission to; urinate in town aqueducts; give false directions; and kill babies”, we ‘aspire’ to do quite the opposite with our community. Together, we are a group of capable players, willing to improve our abilities and capabilities, as well as helping each other improve as players and also as individuals. Thriving off of good teamwork, an established system of regulations in order to make sure players are happy and helpful, a team of great players who are willing to participate using their voices and in-game skills, and fantastic methodology, we are a new clan that have their bars set high for the future. It may be good to note that we do care greatly for a friendly and humorous atmosphere and are hoping to acquire players of fairly good skill, who would like to start by helping create a community of shippers, willing to prioritise others, over your competitive side. While we do hope to start playing in the clan wars next season, this is not our number one priority; this Is not to say, however, that we will not aim for the best possible competitive results. ================================================================================================================================================================== What is expected of our members? ===================================================================== - A genuine, sincere and mature approach to both gaming and historical discussion. - A fair sense of humour is appreciated - Motivation to join in with the community and participate in scenario and general clan activities - Regular engagement with other players on our discord server - A good knowledge of the English language What can we offer? ===================================================================== - A strong emphasis on Divisions, having fun and promoting a friendly, banter aided community! - Interclan Unique Fleet Engagements! (wip) - A bunch of active, wonderful players, willing to share their expertise and help one another improve to be the best they can! - Participation in clan wars! [Beginning next season (Season 4)] on non clan event days. - Topical Discussions around Naval History and History in general! - And of course, one of the strangest yet fantastic names for a clan! Application Requirements ===================================================================== - We ask for you to have at least unlocked a Tier 6 non-premium ship and to consider yourself at least a decent player in them. - At least a 50% overall win rate, with a minimum of 500 games played. Exceptions can be made, in regards to extreme circumstances. - Although not a requirement, players over the age of 18 are appreciated. This is purely based upon your aspect of maturity, however. - You must possess the willingness to learn, improve and teach/help other players within the community. - Access to discord and Voice Chat is a must, no exceptions. Players who refuse to use either of theese, or can not use it are very quickly rejected as part of the clan. Recruitment process In order to join JPF or for more information , please post here and we will kick things off from there!
  7. Idea for Indianapolis buff

    Hello all, After the recent proposed buff to Prinz Eugen and its Application to Abruzzi I thought that heal may be an appropriate buff to Indianapolis to improve its performance and make it more distinct From New Orleans when it comes down to t7. For those who are not aware Indianapolis sits mid table among the t7 cruisers ( link to stats page below) and has a similar dpm problem to Eugen and a similar survivability issue to Abruzzi being a rather squishy cruiser vulnerable to both light cruiser he shells from ships that can out dpm it and large calibre ap shells that can do major damage. Heal would counter this by rewarding good play countering the he problem from light cruisers while retaining the ships vulnerabilities to bb ap. This could also be an interesting buff more generally to improve the performance of others cas that has declined since the introduction of ifhe. https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3763255280,Indianapolis/
  8. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    please bring back the old divisoins tab and make emblems optoinal
  9. Insignia & Emblems

    Agreed these should be like Halloween and the arp cammos etc optional for those who want them but also have the option to disable them for those that do not.
  10. Displaying Emblems/Insignias after being sunk

    wish their was an option to disable not everyone wants a patch and as a purely visual feature it should be able to be turned of similar to Halloween cammos etc.
  11. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Banning premiums would solve the problem poor dd players can also impact just as much as a bad cv th a skill balanced mm for ranked would solve many of these issues
  12. Ingame Option to avoid CV batles

    i sense a we child who has had his favourite toy violated as he does not understand the meta or trying to work as a team or not overextending.
  13. Deep Water Torps for IJN CVs

    The same could be same of any class for example as a bb and my dds arnt the Brightest I run the risk of being turned into cannon fodder each class has it counter and you have to learn how to handle it. To me saying that the class that counters the one you like to play deserves not to exist posses little merit and suggests a stench of sour grapes, or the equivalent of a child throwing his toys out of the pram. I would suggest you should study the meta more studiously or maybe work closely with div partner playing a hard cv counter such as an aa cruiser.