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  1. we welcome members regardless of their political views as long as your living and are not part of the the Peoples front of Judea.
  2. were still after you if you want to join the madness not cod allowed to fishy.
  3. Wee Vee gate

    Not to mention that if they just named the stock hull Maryland they could still sell it and retain the West Virginia name for later. It also really docent make sense considering that a t7 usa bb would be more welcome as it is not a duplicate premium competing with the equally famous Arizona.
  4. Wee Vee gate

    Hey all, For those who are not aware their seems to be quite a bit of rancour on NA at the moment regrading West Virginia's Inclusion as a T6 Premium Stock Colorado rather than being included as a T7 in her post pearl 1944 refit. Some are suggesting that the premium should be renamed as USS Maryland thereby keeping the west Virginia name free a future T7 US Premium potential along the Lines of Massachusetts What are People thoughts on this? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/170220-tier-vi-west-virginia-dev-blog/?page=8
  5. Now with completed clan base if you meet our requirements and want to join let us know :)
  6. thank you to each and every for being insane enough to join us if you would be mad to join us the please let us now.
  7. We are now participating in clan wars on a weekly basis and could do with a few more players to bump our numbers to increase our participation join into our divisions. if you are interested and meet our requirements then please either pm or post here. We are also rapidly coming close to all upgrades on our clan base .
  8. yes as we are fully integrated and welcome anyone who meets the requirements. On another note we can now happily announce that in our first clan battles session we beat Wg EU ( details below) and are after more members to join in ours successful clan battles team.
  9. We always need more rocks if you wish to tolerate our madness.
  10. Now up to 15 members leave a message here if interested or pm.
  11. Hey man i am happy to keep you in mind for future however until the requirements are obtained we cannot accept you as a member of the clan. Let me know when you have fulfilled the criteria and we can potentially take an application forward then.
  12. That would be fine our only requirement in regards to activity is that you are active over a period of 28 days( unless with prior notice) so as long as you meet all the other requirements that's grand. ive also sent you a pm with a link to our discord server.
  13. yep we are currently looking for anyone who meets our requirements and is interested where also looking at putting together a b team and need more reserves for our b team so please shout if your interested . :)
  14. With the announcement of a new season of clan wars in the forthcoming patch we are currently looking for players for our A and B teams. If you meet the clans criteria and are interested in what we can offer then shout here and we get the show on the road.