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  1. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    Dear Wargaming, my premium account ran out today

    RPF is useless, when will you nubs get this through your mind. Hardly anyone even runs it bc once you use it you realize it's trash.
  2. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    Weekend players

    my weekend. git gud
  3. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    josh is that you?
  4. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    RPF / RDF / RADIO LOCATION: The Ultimate Petition To The Devs

    This skill is fine and this thread will accomplish literally nothing like all tat came before it.
  5. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    or the Torps were launched blindly on the cap and Corvi ate one because he wasn't paying attention?
  6. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    So both of you have your stats hidden, which is perfectly fine, but I'm going to assume for now you aren't the greatest of players. I can understand why people would be scared of RPF, but if you look at it with a bit of common sense, it's not bad, all the skill does is waste 4 points and give you information at that price you could obtain simply by watching the minimap. I say this because there are great skills across the board for all ships now, and taking rpf is taking away another 4 point skill, or a 3+1, or 2 2 point skills, all for information that can be obtained by watching the minimap and paying attention to the flow of the battle.
  7. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    I see it as if you are trying to sneak up on me, the instant you try to engage me with torps or guns, even if you remain unspotted, I'm still going to have a good idea of where you are at
  8. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

  9. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    Notser is an idiot. Flamu hides with his harem of followers on reddit, potato's just keep potatoing, and 30% peeps are the fuel for high damage games.
  10. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    Corvi RPF isn't what got you killed, what killed you was the fact that you set a smoke screen on a cap you were trying to take giving away the fact you were there. Anyone, with or without RPF could have torped you, and for all you know, what if the DD/cruiser that torped you didn't have RDF. The Torps most likely weren't aimed well so they went off course or had the range to go behind the smoke, and you should have been more wary of incoming torps.
  11. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The relentless drive to try to make us play high tiers continues

    T10 is usually fun, you at least get 1 or 2 competent players to fight against which is nice.
  12. RDF is borderline useless. If you pay any attention at all to your minimap, you already know the general position if all enemy ships, and guess what? It doesn't take any commander points!!!
  13. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    RPF - The list of issues

    Maybe you're just not a good enough player to carry?
  14. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    The main issue with RPF is ....

    that people suck and don't want to admit the skill is borderline useless.
  15. Fog_Battleship_NCarolina

    AI Torp evade

    The only ship that has had its Torps nerfed is shima, everything else has gained faster torps, along with more of them. The general quality of DD players is going down, even though they are the easiest ships in the game to play.