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  1. The_Finnster

    Naval battle Dutch cruisers?

    …er….the full line has yet tor be released….and ….er….that’s it
  2. Well, I uninstalled yesterday. Was suffering from sunken cost fallacy both in terms of time and money whaled on the game but finally bit the bullet. For me it was actually the decision to allow CVS in clan battles a few seasons ago. It killed our clans interest in CBs and we stopped playing and by extension over time people I enjoyed playing with drifted off as a result. now, the thing to realise is in the life cycle of a product, you ascribe a LTV to a customer, a life time value, which could be in time or cash and after that if they stay, then great but if they leave, shrug, because your marketing efforts are directed towards new customers not retaining old customers who have exceeded their LTV. For an MMO if could be 18 months or more or for F2P it could be a a few months premium a ship or two and some dubs to complete a collection or buy a skin or two. The point is, they do not have the interests of long term players at heart, they NEED churn to continue. This is why the WoWs battles are just not the same as say 2017/2018, when I joined and are radically different in terms of team play (there isn’t any)…because of the churn. How this will shape up long term is anyone’s guess but it will continue for as long as the bottom line is in profit or the EU finally bans gambling mechanics from games played by children.
  3. The_Finnster

    Why am I doing so well with IJN cruisers

    I love the atago, too, and the key to success for me is kiting at that 14-15km sweet spot and if things get too hot, simply stop firing, melt away using your concealment and reposition. Rinse and repeat. The amount of Atagos sailing around broadside so they can torp is insane. I drop torps when I’m being pursued and undetected or end game when the enemy is thinned out and you can finally move in close for caps and dd hunting etc.
  4. The_Finnster

    Welcome to "Ranked" MM

    Negative karma how? gib me now!!!!!
  5. The_Finnster


    Since when was WG game products about fun? This a gambling mechanic graphically designed as a game exploiting low impulse control, sunken cost fallacy and rewarding addicts with small dopamine hits in-game.
  6. The_Finnster

    nerf shipborne torps

    He wants your cake, too.
  7. The_Finnster

    Someone please explain....

    Are those for random only? I often encounter players with poor WR and a handful of games in T10 but when you dive into the stats they have 25,000 coop battles i
  8. The_Finnster

    Torpedoes really are broken

    Probably related to the remodelled underwater terrain for submarines since it happens near islands a lot but the Quality Assurance team are either asleep or dead
  9. The_Finnster

    Grand Battle. Like or Loathe?

    I actually have grown to like the bracketing mechanic on the super bbs. Funnily enough, it’s probably the most realistic thing in the game. (Even if it is dead eye in disguise)
  10. The_Finnster

    Is EU server down?

    Honest to god, it’s patch day, it happens every month and they flag it well in advance listing outage times in players timezones.
  11. The_Finnster

    Annoyed AF

    Very good concealment, zombie heal, HE spam. these three things should inform you of the play style to get the most from her. Get into a kiting position, spam HE, go dark when focussed and taking damage, resist the urge to fire back, heal up, reposition. Rinse and repeat. never dam con a single fire, don’t forget to use your AP on cruisers, and hopefully by mid or end game when things have calmed down you are ina better position for 1 v 1.
  12. The_Finnster


    No dockyard ship has been sold in the shop yet so I would not expect it to be sold in the shop either
  13. The_Finnster

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    Cannot be unseen
  14. The_Finnster


    Did you recently buy this account or are you genuinely clueless?
  15. The_Finnster


    So just had a couple of games. No additional rewards, none of your damage or torps etc count towards any of the missions and it appears to be nothing more than ranked with no reward. The only thing is divisions...... Cheers, thanks for that WG.