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  1. The_Finnster

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    The insufferable disregard for the players who have supported this game since inception from this man is beyond measure.
  2. The_Finnster

    PSA - 0.8.11 - Disconnect back to login screen fix

    still getting booted out after each match....thanks WG,
  3. The_Finnster

    Online players

    Press ESC, it shows up in top left
  4. The_Finnster

    Remind me: RB season ends again when exactly?

    Actionable insights.....thanks. Never scrolled down that far.....:(
  5. I've literally spent 14 seconds half-arsedly googling when the current season ends and can't find the answer. Since I've ground out two lines, I just want to know have I got time to do a third and have enough time to finish or whether I'll get stuck mid-branch and nothing to show until it starts up again? Cheers
  6. The_Finnster

    Hang on a minute...what happened to the gun/shell camera?

    Cheers, will give it a go after work
  7. The_Finnster

    Research points

    When does the current season end again?
  8. So the new patch removed the camera (button 2) which allowed you to follow your shells to help guide shots, aenhance immersion or when your dead simply watch other players’ shots so you troll them with Why You Firing HE? Learn to lead etc.... Instead they’ve removed the key binding and replaced them with sub controls. Cant find an option to remind and the functionality seems to have vanished?
  9. The_Finnster

    The Mighty Hood

    Yep, speed gets you onto a flank, angle up and kite and lob shells over your shoulder while abusing the bouncing belt. If you come under pressure, throttle out of there, heal up and reposition. It is a battle cruiser after all
  10. The_Finnster

    No minimap or HUD?

    Ctrl g it removed everything on HUD and leaves you with just the ships.
  11. ......with the introduction of Reseach Bureau/NTC? or did they ‘forget’
  12. Call it a different name, and, voila....everyone is happy, Comrade! Research Bureau Double Speak
  13. I love this game, am a wallet whale with poor impulse control. In other words, your perfect customer. But if you think for one feckin’ nanosecond I’m going to regrind all the lines three times over so I can play and be relevant you must be insane. It’s literally beyond stupid and that year’s premium time I bought? Yeah, when that’s gone - if not sooner - so, too, will be me - and my wallet. I must have read every thread on this forum for the last two years and I have NEVER seen a single request for this mechanic. Why? Because no-one - literally no one - wants it. You chanced your arm with the Giulio Cesar’s fiasco, but here you go again......driving away PAYING customers. Read that again - PAYING customers.
  14. The_Finnster

    The return of the DD’s. Well, the bad ones anyway

    A yueyang just tried to torp rush me in a daring......it ended as you’d expect. i mean how for the love of god do you get to T10 in a PA dd and not figure this crap out?
  15. The_Finnster

    Unable to get IFHE........

    You’re not taking it for the main battery....you’re taking it for the secondary pen. A full IFHE secondary build with a specked capt and modules is disgusting...and if the IFHE is not doing the damage the gazillion fires cause mayhem leaving your main battery to pound BBs. you don’t buy the massa to play it like an NC. You brawl when the time is right confident that you will bash your way in and out supported by a fast heal. I have plenty games in it as specified above - and it not only works, its fun.