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  1. The_Finnster

    Jean Bart: Armour Buff

    Do not tank. Move and flank.
  2. The_Finnster

    Russian CC Q&A with S_O

    Thanks for this.
  3. The_Finnster

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    I’m getting really tired of people spoiling childish rants by countering with solid, practical advice and actionable insights.
  4. The_Finnster

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Me too
  5. And it's coop only......good job, WG, good job.
  6. The_Finnster

    Optimal build and ship for John Doe is what again?

    Thanks all, des moi es will probably do it as I swap out ammo all the time in that
  7. Burning the coal and picked up the commander. Where are you putting him - and why
  8. The_Finnster

    CV's in New Ranked Sprint battles doesn't bode well

    CVs have a,ways been in Ranked and Ranked Sprint - irs clan battles they are excluded from
  9. The_Finnster

    Collector's Club Launch

    Nice surprise
  10. This is epic. Thanks (6850 steel for me......no grad for me)
  11. The_Finnster

    Stalin, Stalin Stalin (CB discussion)

    I don’t have a stalingrad and neither does anyone I know but I don’t begrudge any of the players who have earned it. Is it OP? Sure. Can it be countered? With some effort, yes. Does that require teamplay? Yes.
  12. The_Finnster

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Knowing WG, probably instagift of 7 Stalingrads
  13. The_Finnster

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Sure you’re actually in a CLAN battle and not a division for an operation? You can’t have non-clan in a clan v clan battle
  14. The_Finnster

    What to spend my 10th British Destroyer point on

    Concealment expert. Not even a discussion.
  15. The_Finnster

    Remove Standard Battle

    How about no