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  1. The_Finnster


    Windows95 would like to know your location
  2. The_Finnster

    0 communication in ranked

    I served a chat ban since the start of ranked which only expired this afternoon- a day after I ranked out. Tbh, I think I played with more focus as I resisted the urge to rave in chat at the glue eaters. I still responded with quick commands though. I mean A simple F2 or F4 is better than nothing.
  3. The_Finnster

    AA Defense Expert + a salty CV

    Thanks, OP. My morning is 100% better already😅
  4. The_Finnster

    Asashio Captain Skills

    Dazzle is pointless
  5. The_Finnster

    Roma - finally a great ship!

    Great now I can overpen with all my shots instead of the random ones that accidentally hit
  6. Try using Alta Vista to search for the video.
  7. The_Finnster

    Rollback when ?

    The ‘tweaks’ will happen well after the free respec period when everyone is locked into their builds.
  8. The_Finnster

    Khaba with new captain rework

    Cannot be fecked to work it all out so if someone coul post the best meme build that would be great. also, WG, thanks for turning all my 19 pointers into non-elite XP earning puddings, you greedy feckers
  9. The_Finnster

    What do I need to do more to win?

    Are you supporting your team with a timely mid game push or farming damage? suicidal dds is a problem though but I’m blaming it on people just dusting off snowflakes and not really giving a crap
  10. The_Finnster

    Half price premium account.

    I’ve bought these offers in the past but this year? No thanks....subs, cvs and a captain skill rework whose only function is to gouge you into more grinding.
  11. The_Finnster


    I got 19 defend ribbons ina yo shiny 10 mins ago. Not that hard if there is a Bb camping in cap
  12. The_Finnster

    This game is not fun anymore

    Speaking of which: if a SE player, logs onto the EU server, does it affect the ping for the rest of us? I’m getting waaaayy more lag spikes since it happened and invariably when a dd smokes or a cv flies over head?
  13. The_Finnster

    Jerzy Ṡwirski

    He was locked behind a time-gated campaign so don’t expect him anytime soon.
  14. The_Finnster

    Can't update game can't see websites properly.

    I’ve had this same issue since Friday when they introduced the new items. Anything web or browser related - including their forums web pages in game web pages or anything transactional such as armoury were invisible. bizarrely the game would launch and play fine. then, this evening it started to work again. I’m based in Ireland and Vodafone broadband network went insane last week and swopping to Google’s DNS seemed to be the on,y way to get web access. Funnily enough, only wargaming assets were affected yet tHe rest of the web famines in tact. on the plus side - it killed any impulse I had to get Santa crates.....luckily
  15. The_Finnster

    Richelieu Build?