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  1. Speaking of decimal digits .... I don't really think they add anything on numbers that normally run to the hundreds/thousands, such as XP, damage, credits, etc. I would much rather those were rounded to whole numbers and a comma inserted for thousand separation ... instead of 32107.0 I would prefer 32,107
  2. I actually prefer two decimal digits on win rate - that's what the game itself uses. I am afraid I've found another bug, I wanted to do a Quick Report on a largish number of files - but not all of them. I selected the files I wanted and asked for the report, no problem. Then I asked for it to be sorted on XP and this happened: Traceback (most recent call last): File "mxstat.py", line 2270, in OnReportColumnClick File "mxstat.py", line 2318, in update_list_ctrl_report File "report.py", line 178, in query File "report.py", line 188, in __lt__ File "report.py", line 210, in _cmp TypeError: unorderable types: str() < float()
  3. There seems to be a bug in the new release - when I ask for a "quick report" I get this: Traceback (most recent call last): File "mxstat.py", line 1306, in OnTabChange File "mxstat.py", line 2276, in OnReportUpdate File "mxstat.py", line 2318, in update_list_ctrl_report File "report.py", line 162, in query TypeError: int() argument must be a string, a bytes-like object or a number, not 'NoneType' ... and the program exits
  4. Hi Maxim Now that I have learnt to "screen scrape" the Quick Report (and find it very useful) can I suggest you offer the column "Premium ship"? It is actually even more useful here than on the "raw" table but apparently isn't offered (unless I have overlooked it!). Leifur
  5. Bug reports

    In addition to the key problems reported above I can add that reassigning keys for left-handed play simply does not do anything. Copying the preferences.xml from a functioning instance with keys reassigned (in case this was simply a case of the file getting overwritten) did not help at all (it had no effect). For a southpaw like myself the game is unplayable.
  6. I just realised what that button does - and came here to confirm that I had made a bit of a fool of myself. Still, as you say, the function of that button isn't as clear as it could be - would it be possible to add a clarification if you hover over it? Thanks!
  7. You may have fixed it already - but for a while anyway, if you had mxstat active in the background it would grab focus after each battle to do the replay analysis (I've stopped running it under those circumstances so don't know if fixed!). Actually the reason for this post is totally different :-) I think the Quick Report is probably more valuable than the detailed "Battles" report - and it is quite difficult to actually distil from the detailed table. I would therefore be extremely happy if I could generate an Excel sheet with the overview data to play with and study. I can think of two ways - have the Excel export function refer to whichever table is being displayed or, more simply, allow uses to "screen-scrape" the overview. You are already half way there, I can highlight all the data (using the mouse and arrow keys) - all that remains is to enable the Windows "Copy" function (this assumes the data would be copied in a format that could be pasted into a blank Excel sheet). At the moment, if I go Ctrl-Insert or press the mouse right-button nothing happens.
  8. You haven't been reading your Bible have you son? :-) There's no rhyme or reason to this - just reasons :-)
  9. It just gets better and better! I guess when people don't have anything important to complain about they start focusing on details .... :-) In the database world there are two schools of thought when it comes to variable names/column headers - verbose and terse. Verbose is "Torpedo Hits", terse is "TH". I prefer the latter - it allows me to see a lot more columns on my screen. I KNOW what "TH" means :-) Could you make "terse" an option? Cheers, ABDA
  10. I just happened to notice that the program slightly under-reports damage - instead of the 61.252 reported by the game I was credited with 59.495. Very strange ...
  11. Hi Maxim Many changes for the better - but a small problem :-) Apparently the program has a problem with people choosing an operation other than the default one at any time (just a theory, mind you) - on Oct. 4th a few of us played Killer Whale (correctly classified as a "Scenarios" battle) but then played Newport and Aegis a few times - those were listed as "Unknown:7" in the Battle Type column but correctly tagged as "PVE" in the Mode column.
  12. A couple of things. I just discovered the quick report - fantastic! I was a bit surprised by a couple of things, however. First - I can't find a way to export those data to Excel - I first thought the Export button would refer to the summary I was displaying in the main window but no, it just generated the usual battle report (without displaying it). I then tried to select and copy from the main window - selecting worked but I don't think I can copy the selection (right mouse button doesn't do anything). The other thing is actually related - I was trying to do my own summaries (export battles, use Excel to do averages) and intended to update them every now and then by appending new data. Since I am only interested in certain columns I was looking for a way to select which columns are shown (and exported) in the "all" view - but you can't. Something similar to the "columns" function in the summary (and sticky) but applying to the default battle list would be great. Finally - the selection of dates for the summary is great. It seems leaving both unchecked causes all log files to be included - which is great but not obvious. Thanks for the program Maxim!
  13. Program is great - but here are a couple of niggling details :-) 1 I think the Excel file should get the ".xlsx" type automatically - what else would people want? 2 Even better, the date of the export should be prepended (maybe a checkbox for that preference?) in case people want to preserve older files. - as in "2017-09-24 something.xlsx" There is a little error in the credits accounting - but you probobably can't help that - the cost of improved consumables (22,500 per) is NOT subtracted. You probably don't have access to the info - and people may of course be using gold ... And finally a question - do you have access to the placement within the team, i.e. where on the scoreboard you were? That would be great to have.
  14. Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: Structured forum topics for different game modes So, currently we have the forum structured by language (good) and various apspects of the game (gameplay, current update, etc.). I would like to ask that the 'gameplay' section replaced by multiple sub-fora, perhaps along these lines: PvP: Random Battles PvP: Ranked Battles PvP: Clan Battles PvE: CoOp Battles PvE: Operations