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  1. TheKingOfUm

    [Tool]Official WOWS_Unpacker

    Did you by chance download an earlier version of the unpacker in the past? I have had it happen to me that the file on the web server was updated, but, since it had the same name as the old version, my browser did not actually download the new file. Instead it served the old one from its cache. The only hint of this happening was a suspiciously high download speed. I fixed it by completely emptying the browser cache and downloading again.
  2. The Humble Bundle camouflage used to be very rare, and I expect that is not going to change. But recently ten of them were handed out with a code, and I intend to use them one day, preferably without my ship looking like a gift-wrapped present. So here's a quick replacement texture. Download here
  3. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    The game got a little update, and so does this mod: Update contains a new Type 5 for Buffalo, completing the addition of the new US cruisers to the mod.
  4. Congratulations to Pecztery1337, well done! (And thank you to everyone who voted for my entry )
  5. The mods that are posted in the mod section of this forum are all legal, as they are checked by Wargaming. Likewise, you can check out the overseas mod forums on worldofwarships.com, worldofwarships.asia and worldofwarships.ru (using Google Translate, in case you don't speak Russian). Alternatively, you can use a Modpack. Those listed here https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/698-modpacks/ are legal as well.
  6. When I tried working with the 3D models ( https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/93996-07110en-thekingofum’s-camouflages-new-victorious-camouflage/?do=findComment&comment=2445442 ), I couldn't get the WoT Editor to work. It would load primitives from the game but never display anything. There is a way to get the files into Blender, but no real way to export them back to BigWorld primitives. The only thing that did work was actually editing the unpacked primitives files with a hex editor. Now, what I did was just remove polygons. That is fairly easy, as you can just set all the vertices to zero and the polygons essentially become invisible. In order to actually create new shapes, you would have to reverse engineer the primitives format, which sounds like a really unenjoyable way of spending your free time to me. So yes, you can load 3D models into the game simply by using the res_mods folder, but creating these 3D models is where the real challenge lies. Depending on what you want to do, you may want to check out the ModAPI ContentSDK way of modding ships, which allows some modifications that simple mods do not, such as glowing: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/140775-tutorial-how-to-use-modssdk-for-ship-skins-creation/
  7. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    With Update 0.7.11, I have added Type 1/2/5 for Worcester and Type 2 for Buffalo. The Type 5 for Worcester is based on a camouflage pattern that was designed by the US Navy but never implemented, because it turned out too complicated to paint. The Type 5 for Buffalo is almost ready, so that one will be in the next update for sure, together with the low-tier British destroyers.
  8. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    Looking good! The yellow turret camo is technically a skin, which is why its textures are in a different place than the normal camouflages. To find the textures for those, you need to unpack the file camouflages.xml, open it in a text editor and search for the ship name. You'll find this entry: It defines the permanent camouflage (which I think is the Type18 you're looking for - don't know for sure because i don't have Bismarck in port myself). The section "Textures" gives you the texture files used for the different ship parts and where to look for them with the unpacker. The gun textures are in a different place, as they are part of a skin. If you use the unpacker and go to content/gameplay/germany, you'll find several folders called ship, gun, aircraft and so on. The gun folder has subfolders for AA, secondary and main guns. You'll need to go into the folder main and open the folder textures in it, and then look for the texture for the yellow turrets. I don't know the name, and sadly I also don't know a way of finding out the name. Easiest way of finding the file is just exporting everything and then opening all the files, I think. Since you will also want to edit the secondaries, you need to repeat the same thing with the folder secondary. If you want to edit even more parts, you have to dig through the other folders. Just be aware that many textures are shared among ships, for example the aircraft used by the yellow turret Bismarck is probably the same as the one used by the regular Bismarck, so if you mod that texture, you change it for both ships.
  9. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    I don't do requests, sorry. I have the two camouflage mods that are my main focus, and as long as there are still so many camouflages to do, I want to concentrate on those. I already have less time for that than I would like, so I don't want to take on additional projects at the moment. I hope you understand. However - you could give it a try yourself. Get the WoWS Unpacker https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/61322-toolofficial-wows_unpacker/ , unpack the textures that you want to combine, get a graphics tool that can edit DDS files (like GIMP), copy the stripes from the Type 18 over to the other texture, if necessary adjust the colours, and save as a mod. You could use this mod https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/81383-allskinmod-hunt-for-bismarck-campaign-camoskin-fix/ as a guideline, as it should deal with the same texture files that you want to change. If you have specific questions on how to do mods, I'll gladly answer those, as I think that furthering the modding community is a worthwhile endeavour. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" and all that.
  10. Huh. I kinda liked the rework when I got to test it. I was (and still am) looking forward to trying the finished product. But why do you invest all those resources into the rework, only to remove one third of the ships affected by it? I'd love to hear the real reason behind this. And don't tell me it's because of a "more dramatic increase in effectiveness". If you subscribe to that logic, you could just remove tiers V to IX completely and go from Langley straight to Midway. Even more dramatic increase! I'm worried that climbing the ladder two steps at a time is going to be really rough, especially for new players. If it's a temporary measure to allow for better matchmaking in the early period of the rework being on the live server and later the full tree will be back, fine. But if it's going to stay like that... hm.
  11. Honestly, I thought that the schedule was very optimistic when I first saw it. They have to collect all the designs from the different sources select their favourites, maybe in a committee with several people maybe have somebody higher up in St. Petersburg sign off that all designs would be okay in the game check that the camouflages do not contain some hidden insult against anybody (is a black-white-red design just a black design with the Polish colours, or is it actually a design in the colours of the German empire which is going to get the whole Polish community up in arms?) check with the developers if all designs would be suitable for implementation from a technical point of view probably have the legal department check if the designs contain no intellectual property rights violations And probably a bunch of other things. That's a lot of stuff that a lot of different people have to do for them, and this contest may not be the highest priority for these people, so they may not be doing it immediately. I can understand why they wanted to have the voting as soon as possible, to keep the buzz going, but I can also understand why it is taking some time.
  12. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    The game has received another mini update, you can just manually move the mod files to res_mods/ - or download this update.
  13. I wanted to reference the ship and her history, but still keep the look somewhat realistic:
  14. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    For update, you can either download the new version of the mod, or you can just manually move the files from res_mods/ to res_mods/, because that's all that changed.
  15. A new consumable camouflage that you can get once per day for an almost-but-not-quite Kraken, and that you can also farm in Coop? Yes please! The pattern doesn't look bad, so I'm just changing the colours. Download here