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  1. On some maps, such as Shatter (where these screenshots were taken), the lighting gives the Blue Lagoon camouflage a very intense blue. The replacement textures dial that down to a more reasonable level. Download here
  2. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    It's like Wargaming wanted to give me the opportunity to release the Type 1 and 5 camouflages for Daring before the next big update, and that's why they made Update And that's that for the British destroyers. I really enjoyed working on them, because all the history and camouflage patterns and just general britishness provides a wealth of background that I could draw inspiration from.
  3. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    With Update 0.8.1, we're bringing Type 1 and Type 5 for Lightning and Jutland. Daring is almost finished, but I'd like to take a little more time to polish her camouflages, so that will come in the next update. And then, once I'm no longer being held hostage at work (I kid! Mostly...), the British carriers are waiting for us. I already got to take a look at them, and the models are just amazing. You remember when you were a child and you visited a naval museum and couldn't stop looking at all the cool ship models because they were so beautiful and full of small details and there was so much to discover? Like that.
  4. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    You know how this works by now: The game has been patched to version, so you can move the mod from your res_mods/ folder to res_mods/ yourself, or you can download and install Update
  5. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    The next hotfix for the game has been deployed. You can either download Update for the mod, or you can DIY it by moving the mod files from res_mods/ to res_mods/ Meanwhile, work on the camouflages for Lightning and Jutland is coming along nicely. I'm planning to include them in the next full update.
  6. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    The mod has been updated to Version for the hotfix. Alternatively, you can move all your mods from res_mods/ to res_mods/ if you don't want to download again. The only change is the name of the folder.
  7. There are two gamescom camos, the old one in grey with red stripes, and the new one from 2018, which does indeed have circles (probably taking inspiration from the gamescom logo). You can see it in the small "Before" picture in my post here. That camouflage uses texture Ship_dazzle_tile_camo_Gamescom_41.dds.
  8. These are the only viable camouflage colours that you can get out of the Lunar Warrior colour palette, so let's do a kind of littoral camouflage. Download here
  9. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    Interesting. I had that as well. When I used the Windows 7 Editor to edit the XML file, all camouflages were invisible (i.e. the XML file could not be parsed by the game). I then tried the same using wordpad, and then the modded XML file worked just fine. TextEdit on the Mac also seems to have no issues. If you have been using Windows Editor until now, try using a different application (I think WordPad is included in Windows for free).
  10. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    Let's move up the tech tree with Type 1/5 for Icarus and Jervis, which have been added to the mod with Update 0.8.0. Both Type 5s are special camouflages with funnel bands, pennant numbers and little extras that you may find when taking a close look at your ships. As an aside, I love how the lighting in the Operation Dynamo map makes screenshots look like oil paintings in a naval museum.
  11. If you made it through the Prinz Eitel Friedrich missions, and then through the Mighty Prinz campaign, you got some permanent camouflages for tier VI ships. And if you didn't, you still get to look at the camouflages on other players' ships. This mod changes the dark blue snowflake design to a classic fake hull and bow wave. Download here
  12. In between work, Christmas, 200% first win stars combined with free premium time, doing the Prinz Eitel Friedrich missions, the Leningrad camouflage contest, and that other mod that I work on, I finally managed to finish the Storm Wind camouflage. Note that this texture is also used for the turrets of several premium ship permanent camouflages (e.g. Duke of York, Roma). These will look a little different, but not so much that they would drastically change the character. Download here
  13. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    Those folders contain ship textures, so they only work if you want to mod ship models or model swap camouflages (such as the special Bismarck camouflages). Yamato's and Musashi's permanent camouflages are regular camouflages, which means their textures can be found in content/gameplay/common/camouflage/textures. However - if you look up Yamato's camouflage in the camouflages.xml, it looks like this: As you can see, the guns use IJN_tile_camo_01.dds as texture. You could unpack this file and change it so that it consists only of the colour corresponding to the green that you want. But be warned that this texture is used by all Type 1 camouflages and for a whole lot of other permanent camouflages. So you would change all these as well, with potentially unwanted results. In order to only change Yamato's guns, you would have to edit the camouflages.xml so that the camo uses a different texture for the guns. If you take a look at Musashi's permanent camouflage, you can see that Wargaming did just that: Black_gun_camo_01.dds is a texture file that is just solid black, which lets the guns have the colour specified for black in the colour scheme. If you are lucky and the Yamato colour scheme has the colour you want to use for the guns specified for black, you can just copy this line over to Yamato's camouflage. If it is specified for a different camouflage, you have to look for the fitting texture (e.g. R_gun_camo_01.dds is solid red, so use that if the colour you want is specified for red, G_gun_camo_01.dds is solid green and B_gun_camo_01.dds is solid blue - if I'm not mistaken, I don't have the files with me right now) and use that instead.
  14. TheKingOfUm

    [] Unique Camouflage

    I found a bug in the mod that caused problems with Royal Navy destroyer Jervis. Please download again and reinstall. (The original links have been updated as well.) Sorry for the inconvenience. Don't edit XML files with a hangover, guys.
  15. It's a busy time of the year, but I couldn't pass this contest up, could I?