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  1. Do you think this state is because of the notorious specifics of this ship, or because it is being pulled soon? Did WG leave it too late, or should they have just left it in the armoury?
  2. 7 was my highest number so far. From my experience, team with the most Thunderers automatically loses as they typically average 40-60 k damage in their 20 battles to date.
  3. multitronic1


    And, does that work? I should try that next time...
  4. multitronic1


    I have to agree with OP, epicentre with the optional snowstorm sitting in the middle of the map is what hell must be like: dull and painful... You have to be a masochist to somehow remotely enjoy that. The only bright side is that the matches usually don't last that long for reasons stated in previous posts.
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    wows birthday cake

    Beautiful, they should put that one on the designer table port, much nicer than the ugly brown thing that's there atm...
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    What am I supposed to do?

    Thanks for the clarification about the CD! I think you have to differentiate regarding which range we are talking about: Below a certain range, Yama easily overmatches from any angle (I am fairly sure that is around and below 10 Km), I have felt that painfully in my Thunderer. But around say, 20-24 Km, I have hardly ever been citadelled by a Yama, when angled except for the occasional lucky shot. Perhaps all my opponents have so far been potatoes, and you experienced guys would easily wreck a Conqu from max range in your Yamas, or the accuracy just is not enough to land enough damage from that distance. Too many shells miss or bounce. If a British BB comes too close and cannot go into cover, it has misplayed and will die fairly quickly, in my experience.
  7. multitronic1

    What am I supposed to do?

    You are totally right about the Conqueror heal, of course. What I meant is rather a sustained barrage of HE spam, due to the high pen chance on the weak armour, you melt very quickly. You quoted the stats allready, nevertheless that plus the longer cooldwon phase do not make me want to sit in a torrent of Smolensk or Hindi HE, even in a Conqu. Same goes for other BBs with 32 mm armour as well, such as Republique.
  8. multitronic1

    What am I supposed to do?

    As someone who likes to play these nasty Brit BBs, here's my doubtful advice: Whatever u do, dont push into them! They have a disgusting stopping power against heavy ships like Yama and Kurfurst, as these are so broad and offer a large target, and angling does not help a bit. It takes just a few HE salvos to wreck a pushing Yamato, as u know, so stay back and wait if long range cruisers such as Moskva, Yoshino or Petro appear. The British BBs do not like HE spam at all, they take massive damage due to their weak armour. So be patient and pick your time wisely. If nothing presents itself, switch sides or move more to the centre, better place to be for a Yamato on most maps anyway.
  9. multitronic1

    ROFLstomp in Progress: What do you do?

    Thanks all for your ideas, much appreciated! Much of what you write actually gives me inspiration to fight on even if it looks like a loss, and to work on my attitude. You are right that you only harm yourself and your team by giving up and suiciding. I've seen quite a few games turned by a couple of good players, when this happens it is one of the nicer sides of this game. Also, I agree that the type of ship you are in should influence your strategy: If I'm in a tanky ship, I like to draw the enemy after me away from the caps, give my team some breathing space, opens up broadside angles, and overall to get stuff done. It works surprizingly often, and you can totally displace inexperienced enemies who tunnel vision and only go for the one kill. What are your experiences with the strategy of drawing the enemy out and away from your team? Do you go for map border, or try to stay central and relevant?
  10. Hi folks, picture the following hypothetical and wildly exotic scenario: 4-5 mins into the match, your side has lost all DDs, and some cruisers/BBs are not looking good. All attempts at team-communication ("get back / let's push together / requesting support") have no effect. How do you react? I imagine these options: 1) just go in with determined desperation and see how much damage you can salvage, probably dying quickly to torps or a wall of spam from Minos and Smolensks in their smoke or behind islands, thereby giving the enemy points and further weakening your team 2) stay back, vaguely hoping for the enemy team to become overconfident, rush in, and die (that of course actually happens fairly often, BUT you can end up doing nothing the whole match and the end result is the same as above, a probable loss) 3) that's already it, or am I overlooking something...? What do you do? I am curious, and hoping for inspiration.
  11. multitronic1

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    It partly depends on what BB, my repu and conqu melt super fast, so best to stay back, in kremlin and GK u can take more damage. I often do that at the start, draw fire away from teammates, then retreat to heal up. The trick is to know your ship, what it can handle. So, to answer your question, a conqu ist smart to stay back a bit more, a kremlin is not. Makes sense? :)
  12. multitronic1

    Bug Reports

    Don't know if this is the right forum, but link from WG site bug report leads to here... Below are confusing explanations for flags in the German version. First one talks about restored plane-hp for the India Delta flag, when that should be ship hp. Second one contains two identical descriptions for modification-flag for ramming. First should be +50 for the enemy, second -20 percent for own ship.
  13. multitronic1

    Sporadic rudder shifts and other glitches in the Matrix?

    Thanks to both of you! I thought that setting only warned with the yellow markings and did not actively interfere. I'll try turning it off.
  14. Hello! Been reading along for almost a year, now it's time for a first post. Is it just me and my fleet, or have you experienced the same? 1) So I'm happily sailing along and all of a sudden my rudder shifts about halfway to left or right, without any input from me. It comes with a clicking sound. Ship instantly turns and I have to correct it. Annoying, particularly around islands. Happens mostly in Belfast, but other cruisers and also BBs suffer from this. Frequency: occasionally, but mostly a couple of times per match. 2) In a division with two clanmmates via Teamspeak. We home in on a Japanese cruiser, my comrades call it Myoko, my screen clearly tells me it's an Aoba. We triple checked that we were talking about the same ship, and it was definitely labelled differently. So, is it just my game that's acting strangely? My internet is stable, no lags.