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  1. del543707806

    To the Cariers owners..

    The carier whiners, i got to say one thing only. The major difference ,between the [edited] carier gameplay and battleship , is that you cariers dont risk ANYTHING when attacking.. Except few planes.. The battleship almost cannot retreat from a push... The Cariers need even more nerf according to me. Tier 8 capable carier can one shot Misuri ,that has 118 AA rating( captain skill+ module) and i was accompanied by des moines.. So yeah. Cariers are insanely OP yet. They just want [edited]easy as crapgameplay, and thats why they whine.. PS= THe ,, creatures ,, u call people in this game do not play cariers, because they do not know how much is 1+1 in real life. Not because the cariers are weak..
  2. del543707806

    Constant disconnects?

    Disconect for 10-20 seconds from the game, or when pressing battle... Anyone?
  3. del543707806

    The current absolute crapgameplay..

    Everyone sits in the base untill 2 minutes left. Thats all. [edited]
  4. del543707806

    Even WG contradict with themselves..

    Just read the Yamato-s description.. Her AA was HIGHLY efficient, due carrying numerous AA artilery guns.. ( The worst AA in t10.) I guess in belarus, they can't translate descriptions..