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  1. I could really use another one.. Would definitely open my wallet for a tirpitz if it happened to fall into my lap.
  2. hel_master


    I want islands to go "OOF!" when you crash into them.
  3. hel_master

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    Personally it really doesn't bother me.. I like the randomness and the variety.. Getting good enough to have a consistent 60% winrate is a goal of mine, and if there were some sort of MMR system in game it should in theory stagnate at 50% which seems pretty boring.. Fair enough for a game like Starcraft or League but Not so much this game.. I really don't think it would do anything for the toxicity.. Players are always going to whine and moan at their team whenever they die. (regardless of if said team is winning or losing) Having said that I wouldn't object to a skill based matchmaking system. I am just kinda happy with the way things are.. For now.
  4. hel_master

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    It is a ship with a stupidly low skill cap and a very high skill ceiling.. A good asashio player should be contesting points.. And it is damn hard for them to do it as well considering the competition. My win rate is pretty abysmal with it,, Something like 40% but it is one of my favorite ships.. Extremely frustrating when you get the near misses and extremely satisfying when you get instant 70k damage and permanent flooding..(Brutally annoying to play against) It is also a pretty damn good ship to make credits with. You can easily make over 600k on it without signals. (signals can be a bad idea if you are inexperienced like me, as games can be hit or miss)
  5. You have good taste in games. I am playing Rimworld, Don't starve and Dungeon Keeper 2 at the moment. Looking forward to giving Prison Architect a proper bash.
  6. hel_master

    Rigging Matchmaking - Allowed or not?

    I personally like when this happens as the games have more banter, players are usually more friendly, and most of the time clanmates end up against each other in divisions.. It helps knowing that they are probably going to be working as a team and have good communication. And its nice to have less manbabies/teenagers crying about the fact that they lost the game and moaning at their team in chat after they die.
  7. hel_master

    African-american pre-saturday

    So why in gods name would I get a black tirpitz (which is the laziest camo I have ever heard of with one of the worst sales pitches) When I could get the regular one AND use the badass halloween camo that I got from a crate.. Is this really making more money than say... Just selling a black skin for the ship? I have nothing against this idea, but I just don't see the point in it. I doubt many people will buy the same ship just to play it in a different color(I mean..Err.. Shade) and for an extra daily win bonus.. Also.. Naming it "B" at the end is completely ridiculous.. New players are going to think this is a remodel or a different version of the ship and every single player who encounters this for the first time is going to have to look it up... Eh... Fairy snuff
  8. hel_master

    FdG, the most frustrating ship out there

    Had 13m saved up.. Was going to get a FdG.. But I might just grind the lion up to conq instead and use the creds I get in the process to pay for that... FdG really doesn't look fun even when I see experienced players use it. And Kurwurst looks like a good ship but mainly if you have a team that can get behind you when you are pushing which seems like a slight gamble.. Conq seems pretty good in all situations.. Never had a tier X ship yet but am getting pretty close
  9. hel_master

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    Most of the UK dds.
  10. hel_master

    Short games!

    People actually play COOP instead of real battles? Actively I mean.. Sometimes I have a bot game to warm up but I can't imagine actually grinding those games.
  11. hel_master

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    Does reporting even do anything besides making you lose a few numbers of a useless value that only you can see?
  12. hel_master

    Torps are becomming stupid.

    As an Asashio player it pleases me to sometimes be a part of the problem
  13. hel_master

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    I owe you one!
  14. hel_master

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Silly question but is the beta closed right now? I kinda want a go