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  1. Peerlezz

    the "carry harder!" thread

    And here we go again. Nearly more basexp, than victory team top player
  2. Peerlezz

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    The KoTs stream was very nice part at 2019. Hope WG improve the already designed building ship part. Example to not be only behind pay wall at 2020. Merry Christmas for you too @Crysantos
  3. Peerlezz

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    What a BS way to bring that to game. Nice idea bad execution
  4. Peerlezz

    the "carry harder!" thread

    1st weekend game at this week.. and what a surprise. Not enough And a bit later.
  5. Peerlezz

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Supporting team, focusing caps & getting rid of those pesky airplanes. Not enough.
  6. Peerlezz

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Camos looks to be exactly sames from last year. So far nothing new. Super hard operations will reward from stars: 3, 4 & 5 each 1 (Halloween 2018 Premium container).
  7. Peerlezz

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Feels good