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  1. Tricky_201

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to join the lottery please Thanks very much
  2. Tricky_201

    Thank you, Wargaming

    "Am i just stupid, feeding WG with my cash, to get nothing at all" apart from the premium ships you actually wanted??
  3. Tricky_201

    Ships you kept

    I'd not thought of doing that, thanks
  4. Tricky_201

    Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    OP Quick question, I don't use modpacks (trying to keep it as basic as possible) can I still delete the file and just ignore the instructions about Aslain? I read it as though I can, just wanted to double check as don't want to end up reinstalling Thanks
  5. So we only have until the 1st March to get it, will WG actually give us a confirmed date nearer the time?
  6. Tricky_201

    It's time to farm some free XP for the Mighty Mo!

    Oh, when does that end?
  7. Tricky_201

    It's time to farm some free XP for the Mighty Mo!

    Thanks for the replies, thought as much. Played a few games tonight and got around 20k but as you pointed out, I don't have the amount of flags and camo to keep it up. I'll keep plugging away and see what happens, not going to push it though Cheers
  8. Tricky_201

    It's time to farm some free XP for the Mighty Mo!

    Yeah some good info, thanks. Now a question to which I probably know the answer. What do you think my chances would be of getting the required XP based on :- I'm only an average at best player, I currently have just over 300k free xp, my highest tier is 7 and I only have a few?
  9. Tricky_201

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Wow, the generosity in here. Thank you all I would also like to join
  10. Tricky_201

    Revolution is my Name

    That’s the one, couldn’t remember what it was called
  11. Tricky_201

    Revolution is my Name

    It requires 1600 base Xp, when the game finishes look at the table of player positions this will show your base xp
  12. Tricky_201

    A little help to handle Gaede

    Very good question, I would also like to know the answer to this. I'm not good at DD's full stop but I'm having a horrible time with this
  13. Tricky_201

    Commander XP

    Cheers for the answers, I didn't" think there was a quicker way just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on something. Well I have a long way to go for a 19 point captain!!
  14. Tricky_201

    Commander XP

    I had a quick search but I couldn't find an answer to a couple of questions I have. Firstly, when on the commander screen you get a number in the bottom left hand corner, like free commander XP. I thought I'd read somewhere that this goes up when you play with your highest level, mine doesn't seem to have changed for a while, does it only increase when that commander levels up? Secondly, when upgrading a ship to the next tier I just move my commander from the previous ship, pay the 200,000 credits and then use flags and camo to get him to 100%. Are there any other ways of doing this without spending gold or using free commander XP? Actually thinking about it what does everyone else do, is a this one of the things people do actually spend gold on? Thanks very much