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  1. Aixin

    Bug GK

    I think it would be for the best...
  2. Aixin

    daily news from RANKED

    3 games Haku 0 wins. 150k average and 2.67 kills per game. All close af games. But luck is just not on my side.
  3. Yes. They might give every cv he and ap bombs to solve that matter. But the new type cannot be as good as the jpn or us equalivant Cuz the lines would lose their flavour:P
  4. I'll say what I always said. Ca aa must be like doubled (the hard dps) especially long-range. Bbs aa needs to be halved. Dd can stay like it is. Fighters that spawn to protect the cv must be removed. Weapons must hit bbs hard thus allowing full squadron attacks. That also gives the opportunity that shot down planes actually matters and aa would actually work to reduce dmg taken. Rockets need to be removed to safe dd's. Torps can be tweaked as dw torps to protect them. What I want to say is that it must be hard to kill a dd it must cost a high price to kill a CA. But it must be extremely easy to kill a bb. How do I come to that conclusion? It's simple. Bbs are by far the easiest class to play(I am bb Main I am allowed to say this.) they have the best aa right now and are the only ones which profited greatly from the cv rework but they shouldn't be the ones that getting their [edited]powdered.... Just my unimportant opinion.
  5. Aixin

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    Ifhe rework is stupid to begin with. Why not simply nerf ifhe and let the Amor u touched?
  6. DD aa can stay as it is as rockets should be removed. Skill should be rewarded. (good torpedo/ bomb drobs) therefore aa can not slaughter planes like short range Montana aa does^^. For cruisers aa strengt must be doubled (at least) for bbs halved.
  7. But then there wouldn't be people to play cvs. Best way would be to focus them on bbs. So that dd's and cas remain relatively untouched.
  8. Aixin

    ATM1 Carrier upgrade - a must?

    I use it on midway. But IJN torps arming distance is to high in my opionion so I use them without captain skill and upgrade.
  9. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    I want more cvs:)
  10. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    Fair enough:)
  11. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    Maybe the tier 10 one should get a bigger reserve to make it different from the T8 one. Also I would only give one torp per attack to the T4 to prevent seal clubbing like hosho. Also you should request money from WG for this :)
  12. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    Send this to wegee pls:)
  13. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    Gosh I just hope for German cv line. Just to see the faces of those Kremlin apologists.
  14. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    Still. He's right about that German cvs would be more than justified to wegee standards.
  15. Aixin

    Possible german cv line

    So then what's more justified. A line that consists out of the basis of T4 bbs? Or the line which has the basis in Form of a tier 8 ship. Then again it makes literally no difference.