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  1. KMSDortmund

    Finally!! The truth about this broken BB

    you guys have some serious problems if you unsubscribe just because you don't agree on a ship with the content creator, I don't always agree with Flamu or others... so what ? well it doesn't concern me, so do whatever you want... but I'm a bit perplexed
  2. KMSDortmund

    Finally!! The truth about this broken BB

    The only thing that I see in this thread is that most of the people commenting here only see russian bias or CVs' sins and are absolutely incapable of acknowledging the "OP/bad for the game" nature of certain ships... why that ? my only conclusion is that because those ships aren't russian or aren't CVs... so to them it is ok. Concerning the matter in question, I tend to agree with Sea Lord... Thunderer might be not an OP ship, but in my opinion it sure is a despicable ship, the concept of HE that powerful is a wrong path in the evolution of this game. As CptBarney said, to me it is 80% of the british BB line that should undergo a radical change... I'm glad I'm not seeing these despicable ships that often
  3. KMSDortmund

    Asymmetric battles should be T 5/6 vs T 9/10

    may be no higher than Tier IX, Tier X might be too much
  4. KMSDortmund

    Question Re Narai in Operations.

    That is an achievement in itself, be proud of your team
  5. KMSDortmund

    Narai's back - Thank you WG!

    that is true, the more we get the better with tier variety... not all tier 6
  6. KMSDortmund

    Question Re Narai in Operations.

    I think because the operation is fun and it is the only non tier 6 ops
  7. KMSDortmund

    German DD Line Split :)

    I'm not a DD player, but I just wanted to say nice work and I like the idea because it brings a different gameplay to our german captains PS: I recently bought Z-39, I have a lot to learn that is for sure
  8. That is why I just make invisible to me all this bullsh*t, ruin my immersion
  9. KMSDortmund

    Cuirassé Brandenburg

    le camo me semble top, espérons bien que ce navire sera à la hauteur
  10. KMSDortmund

    Ingame harrassment?

    hahaha I could say the same with HE spammers
  11. I would say it is a good improvement for german BBs that have 105mm secondaries because it allows them to pen 32mm, and taking into account that there are more 105s than 150s and that 105s have higher rate of fire than 150s... you understand that this is a huge increase in damage output. However there a 2 major drawbacks: 1) You trade increase in penetration with decrease in fire chance, and this is arguably bad against BBs. 2) You have to give up fire prevention ! oh boy this is bad, you will burn so much lucifer will pray for you. So in my opinion it is an highly specialized way of fighting which requires discipline, good team and like everything in life... a bit of luck, and you could say having a good team is expression of that luck
  12. hahaha exactly, when you succeed you feel like " everybody is gangsta 'till Pommern enters the area"
  13. I agree 100% you have to keep your sword hidden for the first part of the battle... take your time to analyze the battlefield and choose your push. Islands are your brothers. IMO as the main battery is a joke in itself, I went for full secondary build like Flamu... and by that I mean IFHE ( because of the 105mm, and yes you loose fire chance... but I get a lot more damage so fu*ck it). I must say it is a tough build to play, but in the right conditions muahahahaha I'm melting everything afloat. To be honest, easier said than done I give you that... not every battle will go well with this ship... I think she is the extremization of all things that are good and bad about german battleships, no compromise.
  14. which surname do you want ?
  15. we should name you stats man