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  1. Systergummi

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    But you cant have that There is no way of buffing these players and WR based MM will never work. So what is left to do? Carrying will probably be harder as it will be harder to destroy multiple ships. I still think that it would be more fun though. For us and for the people that usually die early in the games (jord pärena).
  2. Hi everybody. Im on a break from the game to wait out new meta changes and take up hobbies that have been neglected these past 3 years playing WOWS. I was not having fun playing anyway. The biggest reason for that was often the team. 3 minutes in it was often decided already. One side was down several ships and had no map controle. Potatoes are gonna potate... We all know this is true. Some players wont learn no matter what you do. They dont want to or cant for whatever reason. My question to you fine gentlemen and ladies is if the game would be more enjoyable if ships survived longer even when misplaying. Say a 50% damage reduction across the board (including flooding and fires) or 50% HP buff to all ships. I do realize that something as extreme as that would require a lot of rebalancing. Still I would like to put it out there. Would it make the game more enjoyable? Take care guys, I'll miss you.
  3. Systergummi

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    Yes Im being a drama queen. What I meen to say is that it will be very hard to play DDs in high tiers with all that 12km radar. This will not stop the 20km Shimas though. For my mental healths sake I will probably take a break and let it "blow over". But then again lower tiers should be fine, so I might play some there.
  4. Systergummi

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    Im sooooo looking forward to the meta when this goes live /s. 5x12km radar in every game will be glorious. BBs will love it though, so... 5xBB 5xCA/CL 1xCV 1x20km Shima Will be taking a siesta when it happens. Might play some t4-t5 though.
  5. Systergummi

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    I vent a lot, rage and even TK on occation. Still sitting on close to 400 Karma. Play well and be upset about relevant things I guess.
  6. Systergummi

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    I agree. And sometimes your manouvers make you an easy target. You have to chose between taking more damage from the CV or being shot.
  7. Systergummi

    PT, balance changes

    Well I get the feeling that the radar was the main issue. Even if they fix Gearings hull it still won't handle to well, but it will eat a whole lot less damage. It might happen ;) Also the 16.5 torps are starting to look spicy. I have been playing around with Legendary torp focused Gearing some and its not bad. Its a frustrating ship to face. The agility does however cause me to eat random torps from time to time aimed at whatever is behind me.
  8. Systergummi

    PT, balance changes

    It would also make it more enjoyable to play. Todays Gearing is a thicc little boi. In general I feel like agility buffs would make t10 DDs much more fun to play. Some/Most of them handle like cruisers others like battleships.
  9. Systergummi

    PT, balance changes

    A boat with YY hull and Gearing guns/torps. Now that is a ship I would enjoy.
  10. Systergummi

    ★AA exploit! Sector reinforcement sniping☆

    Thank you anyway. I doesnt seem that useful but then again it doesnt really cost you anything. Early game it would be useful as a lot of CVs will fly back and forth to spot. You can potentialy hit them several times with the "burst". Im still not touching the ManAA skill with a 10foot pole though.
  11. Systergummi

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    I do play on normaly and with some sucess I might add. As you described earlier Im also doing better after the REEE-work. Why that is might be debated though. And in regards to the CV-thread as Europizza already pointed out. That 500+ page monstrosity might be the reason why we dont see the complaints or suggestions for improvement. Just bury everything deep enough and we can pretend its fine.
  12. Systergummi

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    Yes we should. And have a look at our CCs (Flamu, Flambass etc.) they still are. IChase has gone the ironic route telling people how to exploit the mechanics in an effort to put focus on the lunacy. You are probably right that its no use. Atleast it helps me justify going to t4 once in a while to "club" CVs along with everything else.
  13. Systergummi

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    Her argumentation starts with CVs are ok because we dont see as much anti CV threads any more. That would imply that complaining about the current situation is still valid. If we dont we are stuck with what we have.
  14. Systergummi

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    The OP was about the balance between CV and DD. You are right in what you say about CVs getting exponentially stronger with the skill of the CV-player. As a DD you can do fairly well against potato CVs. Most of the time they ignore you and you can ignore them. But given equal skill the CV completely ruins the DDs game. You get to chose between getting destroyed or having very limited influence. And as an added bonus a potato CV can completely ruin the game of a super unicum DD-player by just focusing him/her all game. The constant spotting will do it even if the CV cant hit. The balance is better or worse depending on what CV and DD is involved. As well as what modules/captain-skills are taken. But in general the balance is completely f**ed. There is nothing else to it. Can it be fixed within the current rework? It could be a lot better: Only minimap spotting. Planes getting destroyed on the deck of a CV under fire. No sixth sense. Limited range of planes. Burningtime of CV normalised and no launching of planes while burning. Any one of those would make it better. And there are lots more to add. But you are not wrong in insinuating that the rework in it self is flawed. Personally I would like to see a slower version of CV play with higher alpha strikes but longer reload and fight times.