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  1. Pagster123

    Premium Shop Updates!

    Hi all! Lately the Haida, Monaghan and Massachusetts were all released. However, I've just noticed that the "Ships" section has had a bunch of ships added to it: Roma (!) Gascogne Asashio Prinz Eugen Abruzzi Z-39 Ashitaka Indianapolis Aigle Arizona Huang He Anshan Murmansk Krasny Krym Varyag Smith Hopefully you all found this list useful. Wargaming, thank you! All you have to do now is not remove any and give us time to collect them!
  2. Pagster123

    Italian Battleship Proposal

    Tier 3: Cuniberti (Cuniberti's big-gun-battleship) Tier 4: Dante Alighieri Tier 5: Conte di Cavour (WWI config.) Tier 6: Andrea Doria (320mm Mark 34) (WWII config.) Tier 7: Ferrati (G series) Tier 8: Littorio Tier 9: Sardegna (UP-41) Tier 10: Cassone How does this sound guys? The Fransesco Caracciolo didn't make the cut but instead I put the Ferrati G series design in. 4x4 15 inch guns sounds a bit much for T7 but I'm not sure. Cassone's project is now the T10, and Sardegna got moved down to T9. Livorno was cut as it isn't enough for a T9, let alone a T7. The Andrea Doria also recieved a change, getting the 320mm Mark 34 gun turrets, bumping them up to 12.5 inches. Pisa was also cut as she wouldn't make it even at T2, so Cuniberti's big-gun-battleship was placed there instead. Conte di Cavour also remains in her WWI config, making her different from the Cesare. Finally, the only tier to not recieve a change was the Littorio! Let me know if this is good. I've taken the advice on board but if Caracciolo needs to be in there somewhere I will take that into account.
  3. Pagster123

    Italian BB Sneak Peak

    Thank you for the criticism. I will take this into account.
  4. Pagster123

    Italian Battleship Proposal

    Thank you for the kind words. Likely, but I felt like doing this anyway. :P Thank you for the criticism, this makes a lot of sense. I didn't put the Caracciolo at T7 as it was too Kongo-like and felt better for T4. However, I agree with the Pisa change and the criticisms you presented. Thank you!
  5. Pagster123

    Italian Battleship Proposal

    Hello all! I've put together a Fr05ty-style analysis for the suggestions of an Italian BB line. After my UK post and the fair criticisms I recieved, I have decided to do a lot more research into each ship to see if it is worth putting where I want it. However, if I still messed up, let me know! :) Quick summary: Flavour - High velocity AP and HE shells with poor fire chance but improved penetration. - Turtleback armour in lower through to upper tiers. - Outstanding concealment, only trumped by UK. - Good cruiser hunters but poor brawlers against other battleships. - Mediocre AA. - Poor secondaries. - Heavy AP shells for improved ballistics over other lines. - No gimmicks! - Slow dreadnoughts transitioning into fast battlecruisers. Tree: Tier 3: Pisa Tier 4: Dante Alighieri Tier 5: Conte di Cavour Tier 6: Andrea Doria Tier 7: Sicily (Project 770) Tier 8: Littorio Tier 9: Livorno Tier 10: Sardegna (UP-41) Tier 3: Pisa Fast facts: 9,832 tonnes 130m long 23 knot top speed 2x2 10 inch guns 4x2 7.5 inch guns 16x1 3 inch guns 3 450mm torpedoes 200mm belt protection 51mm deck protection Traits: - Odd but surprisingly useful main guns. - Citadel magnet. - No AA. - Passable secondaries. - Fast for Tier III. - Quite small for a battleship. The Pisa is a strange ship. At first, I wanted to choose the Regina Elena, before realising how crippling 2x1 12 inch guns would be. Instead, this ship, despite being a battleship with only 4 guns and 10 inch guns, would also incorporate a new feature: multi-calibre main guns. This would mean the ship's rifles would be the 2x2 10 inch guns as well as 4x2 7.5 inch guns. This presents a problem - they have different reloads. Well, I have come up with two different solutions: A) Have the smaller guns have the same reload as the larger ones but to compensate for this, increase their damage and some soft stats. B) Sort of like when you fire off different guns in different times, you can fire your smaller guns while the large ones are still reloading, for example. The Pisa should play like an overly sized cruiser. The 200mm belt means you could be citadelled by other ships of your tier with relative ease, so play to the strengths and use her to hunt cruisers and avoid battleships at all costs. She won't be anything special at her tier, a pretty "meh" ship like the Kawachi, but let's be honest - will many people really care? Tier 4: Dante Alighieri Fast facts: 19,886t 168m long 22 knot top speed 4x3 12 inch guns 12x1, 4x2 4.7 inch guns 3 450mm torpedoes 254mm belt protection 38mm deck protection Traits: - Nikolai PTSD-inducing gun layout. - Poor self-protection. - Laughable secondaries. - No AA. - Great guns at both long and short range. - Sleep-provoking manoeuvrability. - Battleship to the core. Unlike the Pisa, this ship would be one of the best at its tier. 4x3 12 inch guns at tier 4? Wow! While not that special calibre-wise, this ship could be a very strong asset to the collection of tier 4 battleships. While definitely no Wyoming with gun count, the guns would easily be this ships highlight. Although she is slower than Pisa by one knot, this is made up for (especially considering the jump in tier) by the increased belt of 254mm. One major advantage which flew out at me when I first saw this ship was the gun arrangement - a A-P-Q-X configuration, which might not sound special until you realise P and Q turret are both forward facing. This is the same as the Imperator Nikolai I. This gun arrangement means you can easily switch 9 rifles from port to starboard without having to undergo a near 360 degree rotation on one or two of your turrets. Dante Alighieri would be a smooth transition into the line's flavour of faster and more well-armed cruiser hunters - although, she is probably the most stereotypical battleship of all the ones on this list. She should play like any other tier 4 battleship - sailing around, blasting cruisers at the opportunity and tanking other battleships. Tier 5: Conte di Cavour Fast facts: 23,458t 176m long 21.5 knot top speed 2x2, 2x3 12 inch guns 18x1 4.7 inch guns 14x1 3 inch guns 3 450mm torpedoes 250mm belt protection 40mm deck protection Traits: - Poor secondaries stock, passable at fully-researched. - Mediocre but sometimes trolly armour. - Great, long-range accurate guns. - Perfect battleship/battlecruiser hybrid. - Uptiers well. - No AA stock, decent AA fully-researched. Conte di Cavour. The Giulio Cesare's forgotten sister. And to be perfectly honest, I can see why. Historically, Cesare was the much more famous ship, being victim to the longest hit ever made by another surface ship, HMS Warspite. But in game, I can imagine this ship would fare extremely similarly to her sister. The lack of armour protection but meaty guns call for a perfect battlecruiser. A turtleback too means sometimes an enemy may get some trolly bounces and overpens when in a close-quarters fight. Conte di Cavour would come first in her WWI hull, with the extra triple-barrelled turret in the middle. Although for the extra gun, she'd be slower, have worse secondaries and the firing angles on P turret would be awful. So, the fully researched Cavour could fare very well against higher-tiered opponents when played correctly. But just like the Cesare, get cocky and get punished. Tier 6: Andrea Doria Fast facts: 29,345t 176m long 26 knot top speed 2x2, 2x3 12 inch guns 4x3 5.3 inch guns 3 450mm torpedoes 250mm belt protection 98mm deck protection Traits: - Holy DECK ARMOUR! - Finally, a fast battleship. - Same old reliable guns from Cavour but just straight up better. - Good AA! - Passable secondaries. - Poor protection at T6. The Andrea Doria is a breath of fresh air. While initally very similiar to the Conte di Cavour down at T5 (and rightfully so, they are built upon the same hull), she has a few differences. For first, she has nice AA firepower. Although they are all 37mm and 20mm, the secondary 135mm also contribute to the flak. The Doria's AA is mostly defensive but when the planes get close, she'll nail them like swatting flies. However, not all is sun and rainbows. The Cesare and Cavour are good where they are because they cannot fight tier 8s. However, with the current state of tier 6 MM, you will be facing nasty tier 8 battleships. And with 250mm of belt armour, Doria makes the Mutsu blush. She will eat citadels for days. But, and a BIG but, she has amazing deck armour for her tier. If Doria can stay far away, then she will bait shots into her deck and not into her juicy citadel. Fortunately, the guns are ever so slightly improved with better shells and ballistics, but either way - 12 inch guns against tier 7/8 battleships frequently won't serve her well. She will be thoroughly "meh". Tier 7: Sicily Fast facts: 18,900t 170m~ 28 knot top speed 2x3 15 inch guns 6x2 4 inch guns 2x4 450mm torpedoes 330mm~ belt protection 100mm~ deck protection Traits: - Huge armour upgrade, some of the best even against tier 9s. - Quick! - Quite the agile machine. - Big gun upgrade. - Low gun count. - Decent AA. - Worst secondaries at it's tier. Our first paper ship! And this one was a difficult choice. I was originally going to go with Livorno, but I think a 2 turret system at tier 9 wouldn't work with 15 inch guns. No way. So, Sicily has a lot of estimated values due to its existence being quite.. discrete. A breath of fresh air, however! This ship would have absolutely superb concealment, on par with cruisers of the same tier. Her super good armour can allow for some interesting situations and also being able to tank properly, and her 15 inch guns pack a punch - they are the tier VIII guns just slapped at T7 with no nerfs. This is required due to her cripplingly low gun count - 6 rifles total. To combat this, they need to have good sigma, defeating the "throw enough poop at the wall" meta. Also, TORPEDOES! A 6km range seems fitting for these, with good firing angles to the front and poor at the rear (they will be placed just aft of the secondary battery). This ship should behave as a silent, cruiser hunter. She cannot tank battleships as she will lose out on DPM but can if an emergency calls for it. Tier 8: Littorio Fast facts: 40,724t 238m long 30 knot top speed 3x3 15 inch guns 4x3 6 inch guns 12 3.5 inch guns 280mm belt protection 150mm deck protection Traits: - Fantastic concealment. - Agile. - Good guns. - Trolly but often citadelled armour. - Meh AA. - Good secondaries. The Littorio. You know I had to do it to 'em. She just makes perfect sense at T8, and especially with Roma at VIII, it would be weird to put her anywhere else. Littorio would present very similiar play to Roma, but possibly give her some of her post-fit mods, such as increased AA defence, sort of like a Tirpitz x Bismarck relationship. She is not a brawler, but is a good cruiser hunter as well as doing some fair damage to other battleships when given the opportunity. One word: Littorio. She will be impressive. Tier 9: Livorno Fast facts: 26,500t 190m~ long 32 knot top speed 3x3 17 inch guns 4x3 6 inch guns 6x2 4 inch guns 300mm~ belt protection 180mm~ deck protection Traits: - A heavily armored battlecruiser/battleship hybrid. - Meh secondaries. - Meh AA. - HOLY ARMOUR! - HOLY SPEED! Livorno, the Missouri killer. Okay, that might be a little hyperbolic, but this ship is the perfect T9 battleship. Good armour, great deck, really quick, great concealment and great guns. What stops this thing from being OP? No turtleback, poor AA and poor secondaries. This should be played as a bit of both - a cruiser killer but also a battleship contender. She can do it, and she will be able to do it well. What makes her so concealed? Her size. Of course, this small size comes at the expense of her self-defence. But her armour can do that job good enough anyway, so who cares? (unless you're a carrier, but who sees those anyways?) Tier 10: Sardegna Fast facts: 45,700t 230m~ long 33 knot top speed 3x3 18 inch guns 4x3 6 inch guns 12x2 4 inch guns 350mm~ belt protection 190mm~ belt protection Traits: - Yamato PTSD. - Good secondaries. - Decent AA. - Balancer-of-BB guns. - Manoeuvrable. - Most sneaky of the tier 10 battleships. Sardegna.. A ship with an identity crisis. Is she a battlecruiser which hunts down cruisers and strays away from the main fight? Is she a battleship who camps at the back? Neither or both, depending on how you see it. Sardegna can perform a multitude of tasks and she can do them all well. How does she play? Well, we'd have to see in testing. In conclusion: Italian battleships are odd. They are not your usual battleships but not really battlecruisers either. They are their own class and playstyle in their own respective right. They don't try to do anything spectacularly but just get the job done and do it very well. Did you enjoy this? Want to give some advice/suggestions? Then let me know! And as always.. Happy sailing! Big thanks to the Shipbucket.com archive for making these ships. They are a huge help for research and showcasing stuff about them and I really appreciate their work.
  6. Pagster123

    Italian BB Sneak Peak

    This post will be coming around either tomorrow or the day after. I'm going to go into detail about each of these ships. NOTE: Caio Duilio is a suggested Tier VI BB premium which I will talk about eventually. Tier III: Pisa Tier IV: Dante Alighieri Tier V: Conti di Cavour Tier VI: Andrea Doria Tier VII: Sicily (placeholder name until I think of a better one, this is the ONLY image I could find of this elusive design): Tier VIII: Littorio Tier IX: Livorno Tier X: Sardegna (placeholder name until I think of a better one) FYI: This thing would have 18 inch guns. Or else it would be crap at tier X. Let me know if you like the names "Sicily" and "Sardegna" respectively or suggest new ones! And of course, tell me your suggestions. I'll be shortly following this up with a post going through each of these in quite some detail. Happy sailing!
  7. Pagster123

    UK Tech Tree Proposal

    Looks great. I should have put a lot more research into my choices. Thanks for the heads up and that sounds great!
  8. Pagster123

    Improving in WoWs

    Hi all. I wanted to ask a simple question: how can I approve in WoWs? If you look at my profile I have terrible stats and look like a wallet warrior, and in all fairness, I sort of was. I now just collect all ships, prem and non prem. If you look closer, my stats have been slowly going up but I've felt no improvement in myself. I feel like a pretty ineffective asset to the team. For me, I feel stagnant in my growth as a player. Nothing has really clicked or happened which has made me improve. I'm not going to say I've tried everything, because I haven't. But I do watch streamers like Flamu and Flambass and have picked up a couple tips and tricks from those people. Is there any good advice that any good players/people who have learnt useful tips could share? Many thanks in advance. Happy sailing!
  9. ahah this is great
  10. Pagster123

    UK Tech Tree Proposal

    Thank you! Very helpful feedback, thank you. Again I will take this into account, thanks a lot!
  11. Pagster123

    UK Tech Tree Proposal

    Designed a UK tech tree with slow BBs, fast BBs, carriers, cruisers (reworked slightly), destroyers and a carrier split. Dido at T9 is a particularly interesting thought as she is considered a light cruiser but could be a DD hunter under the current balances. Poor torpedoes and concealment but god tier guns - sort of like Aigle or the T7 and below US DDs. The CV split could also work nicely, presenting different playstyles of the main line. The BBs and BCs could also work well as the BCs would provide more speed and flexibility but less armour. The BB split could also present interesting play as you could choose between the more traditional dreadnoughts or you could go down the fast, concealed and AA BBs. The premiums are also nice I think as Vanguard, Arethusa, Exeter and Royal Oak make an experience. Let me all know what you think and what I could change. DISCLAIMER: This was just for fun.
  12. Pagster123

    Admiral Makarov Disapperance

    Big shame. Looks like she isn’t coming back. Thanks for the heads up though guys.
  13. Pagster123

    Premium Ship Ideas

    I know, we have enough premiums already (kek) but what premiums would you most like to see? We are still missing a japanese and UK t6 cruiser, as well as the UK T8.
  14. Pagster123

    Admiral Makarov Disapperance

    Where did the Makarov go? I took a break from WoWs in October-December last year, but I came back just before they purged all the premiums. It was a welcome sight to see a couple new ships, and the Makarov caught my eye. I never got one however, and it hasn't been on sale since, so what happened? Did it not sell well and so it was removed? Is it going to be sold again do you think?
  15. Pagster123

    US Cruiser Line Split Question

    Okay great! Will I get the New Orleans at T7 or will I have to grind that out?