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  1. justdoitlater

    Clan Brawl

    was shatter really in the map pool? didn`t play it at all. mountain range is extremly biased towards the southern spawn
  2. justdoitlater

    bots invasion

    not sure about this königsberg only battles in german cruisers except for 2 battles in a hashidate for some reason. also parked 200 m infront of my smokescreen just to sit still and shoot at enemys until gneisenau torps hit him.
  3. justdoitlater

    Shorten cap times Domination Random Battles

    Is it possible to make it dependent on the Numbers of carriers? 0 cv 60 sec 1 cv 50 sec 2 cv 35 sec
  4. justdoitlater

    OR you can just go play Tier II

    Do you want to div up for that and make it 2v2?
  5. justdoitlater

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    i want to join this lottery
  6. Hat es auch irgendwo die deutsche variante von dem video. ich hab die definitiv schon gesehen, kann aber auf YT nur die englische finden. (gibt es ne world of warplanes varianten von dem spot?)
  7. Hey Justdoitlater


    I am looking to add more quality players like yourself for the next season of clan battles. We can offer all the clan bonuses, Divisions, Operations and competitive Clan Battles.  If you are 18 years or older can use discord when online and are active 3 days a week and 2 nights of clan battles.


    Does it sound good?


    just send me a message if it interests you maybe we can have a chat and division :-)

  8. justdoitlater

    looking for somewhat active clan

    hello reader i am looking for an active clan that is seriously playing clan battles i own gearing and have montana and des-moines unlocked, though not in the harbour. i'd say my stats are good-ish but i guess you know how to look them up yourself. my online time are pretty inconsistent though ususlly in the late evening 18:00-21:00. i would be interested in some division driving, clan trainings, etc. but i do not want to take on any administrative roles. ts is fine but don`t expect me to talk that much language: english, german