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  1. GeneralKrizmuz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    5eur crates are evil as they are going to give you camo all day long if you already have a sufficient number of T8 premiums 3eur crates are probably the best value
  2. GeneralKrizmuz

    4th skill on German DDs

    So far I got the T-22 with BFT LS SI +4 skill points What now? The commander is ultimately supposed to be on Z-52 but should also feel comfortable on the way there AFT will be useless on the 150mm ships plus I feel AFT isn't that useful with mediocre ballistics and without potential stealthfire ability DE seems like an option, given the Z-52's decent 7% fire chance and it will be useful throughout all tiers But then again I rate SE as the best 4th skill for DDs and I'm running in on Gearing, Shima and Khaba. Maybe SE is the way to go? What is your build going to look like? I'm confused about KM DD playstyle in general, admittedly.
  3. GeneralKrizmuz

    Commander, Captain and Admiral Presents...[merged threads]

    Streamers get tweaked RNG in order to make the viewers see his success and buy more crates
  4. GeneralKrizmuz

    Einführung des deutschen Zerstörerzweigs

    Was habt ihr immer mit dem Stealthfire? Das ist eine für Zerstörer wenig zielführende Mechanik, die schlechtes Gameplay (im Sinne von idiotischem DD-Verhalten) fördert. Wenn ich eine Benson auf 11km stealthfeuern sehe, kriegt sie nen Report wegen bad play.
  5. GeneralKrizmuz

    sucht santa :)

    Das Problem am NA-Server ist auch, dass er in der europäischen Prime-time ausgestorben ist. Vergesst das nicht
  6. GeneralKrizmuz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Not if you're a buddy of mine. Poor (actually rich if I think into it) guy spent 150€ and his best gift was the Texas. No premium time, no ships, nothing. Just a wall of camos and flags one hundred and fifty
  7. GeneralKrizmuz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    There are two kinds of ppl. The ones who say this^ and the ones with 400 gamescom camos in their ports
  8. GeneralKrizmuz

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Because officials always mention that events are being organized decentralised. They might be lying, of course. Wouldn't be surprised
  9. GeneralKrizmuz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    I invested 25eur and got a Sims (doubloons because I already owned it), an Eugen, a Nikolai and 80 camos
  10. GeneralKrizmuz

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    First of all the translation into russian is really bad. They'll either not understand the text or laugh at it. Secondly Lesta St Petersburg got nothing to do with this. Paris office does.
  11. GeneralKrizmuz

    neuer dt. DD Baum mit Stats

    Wollen wir kollektiv über die lowtier-Überspringer lachen?
  12. GeneralKrizmuz

    Erste Hinweise auf den Spee-Feldzug

    Das geht leider nicht. Ging in War Thunder vor 3-4 Jahren mal, weil dort alle Regionen auf einem Server spielen, die Angebote aber bei den Russen im Portal trotzdem dreimal so gut waren. Nach einer Weile hat's Gaijin dann gemerkt und auf dem Russenportal dann geschwind alle westlichen Zahlungsmittel blockiert
  13. GeneralKrizmuz

    Split Topic: Gameplay > Secret Santa - What did you get ?

    implying I would give WG money after what they did
  14. GeneralKrizmuz

    Erste Hinweise auf den Spee-Feldzug

    LoL im Vergleich zu Gaijin sind WG pure, reine Engelkreaturen aber das ist ein anderes Thema.
  15. GeneralKrizmuz

    sucht santa :)

    Interessant, dass die Russen jeweils etwas weniger Inhalt in den Päckchen drin haben. 300 statt 400, 1000 statt 1250, 1500 statt 2000 Dublonen. 35 statt 40 Camos, 25 statt 40 Drachenflaggen. Das macht alles wieder gut, WG.